Burundi: The Belgian Colonizer would be at the origin of the ideology of the genocide of the Tutsis of the sub region and Hutus extremists have taught and implemented it

Burundi: The Belgian Colonizer would be at the origin of the ideology of the genocide of the Tutsis of the sub region and Hutus extremists have taught and implemented it
This is a statement and a sad reality released by many stakeholders in the ‘’Ico Utari Uzi’’ program (what you did not know) from the ‘’Inkinzo FM radio’’ of the URN hitamwoneza organization, which set itself the goal of fighting against the ideology of genocide and all crimes against humanity in the Great Lakes sub region in general and in Burundi in particular. URN hitamwoneza had dedicated the week of 20 to 27 October 2021, to all the victims of the genocide of Tutsis Burundians perpetrated by extremist Hutu of the Frodebu in 1993 after the assassination of President Melchior Ndadaye by a group of military (see UN report S / 1996/682 of August 22, 1996).
The URN Hitamwoneza organization that has just put its radio’’ Ikinzo FM’’ online, broadcast during all week analyses, reflections, ideas and testimonials on the genocide of Tutsis of 1993 by Frodebu hutus , and the crimes that have followed until today. Everyone is of the opinion that the CNDDFDD was born from the Frodebu and kept the ideology of genocide that many extremist Hutu inherit this party. In addition, after the genocide of Tutsis of 1993, it is the same criminals who joined the rebellion saying to restore democracy, but the reality is that they wanted to complete the genocide of Tutsis they had not been successful to execute as they had planned. The ambushes on the roads to kill the Tutsis aboard the vehicles by separating them from Hutus; Night attacks of families of Tutsis in their households; attacks on the Tutsi’s camps of displaced; Attacks on schools to look for Tutsi students; So many gestures show that the main objective was to complete the genocide started in 1993. And now those who are responsible for all these crimes are today in power in Burundi; and they continue to commit such genocidal acts that have always been in their plans.
All those who gave their analyses about the origin of the ideology of genocide in the sub region were unanimous: Belgian colonization initiated this ideology with their policy to « divide to reign » and groups and organizations of the Hutus extremists have always relayed this ideology and have implemented it, both in Burundi, Rwanda and East of the DRC. Belgian colonization would have started to highlight Tutsis, making them understand that they are more elegant, smarter than Hutus and they are the only ones able to lead. Afterwards, the settlers turned around to tell the Hutu that they are more numerous, and they cannot agree to be dominated by a Tutsis minority. And the solution was to exterminate them to manage to lead because, until today, Hutus extremists have always taught that Hutus cannot access power and lose it until there is only one Tutsi in our countries. The assassination of President Melchior Ndadaye, first Hutu President elected in 1993, fell as a confirmation of this hypothesis. That’s why all Hutu extremists have risen to try to exterminate Tutsis to get an obstacle to their dominance. Hutu transition powers were very fragile and insecurity continued to be spoken of it across the country. From there was another idea of the same Hutus extremists to say that a power cannot persist without a clean army. The CNDDFDD came with this vision and set up an armed militia, the Imbonerakure. In the first years of CNDDFDD power, its leaders had not yet confidence in an integrated army and police knowing that they were still dominated by members of the former National Army (Ex FAB) and included members of the FNL; Both (ex Fab and FNL) jump enemies of the CNDDFDD. Today they managed to spread small the two forces of defence and security bodies, it is incomprehensible that they continue to recruit, train and arm Imbonerakure militia. The only justification for these acts is that they prepare a large-scale genocide for Tutsis of Burundi and the Hutus of the opposition, but also the sub region, in collaboration with genocidal organizations such as FDLR / FLN.
URN Hitamwoneza has always warned Burundians and the international community about the preparations for this genocide and the latter continue. We once again ask them not to be blinded by the multiplication of bilateral meetings between different delegations of Burundi and Rwanda. These meetings are only used to hide reality because President Evariste Ndayishimiye and the military clique that commands him will never come off from the FDRL / FLN. They signed self-help agreements to impose hut rule in the sub region after eliminating the maximum of Tutsis and they are not ready to violate today. Such meetings, rebates on both sides of fighters who disrupt the security of a country and falling back to the territory of the other, are only superficial actions to show the opinion that everything is fine, while the bottom of the problem is not addressed. Why Burundi has maintained closed the only border with Rwanda when he opened everywhere (Tanzania and DRC)? Why does Burundi do not accept the organization of joint operations with Rwanda to go to search and hunt FDLR / FLN genocidaires in Kibira (Burundi side)? What are these meetings for these meetings that do not find solutions to these major problems? WAIT AND SEE. Maybe they will get there. In any case it is not for tomorrow.
Instead, we must find a direct and lasting solution that is within our reach: hunting power this genocidal military clique that now supports the negative and genocidal forces of the region. We must then stop effective strategies to try to minimize damage because they are like ferocious animals; attempting to drive them out of this power is equivalent to giving them the opportunity to implement the large-scale genocide they planned. We invite all those who are concerned about a good future for all Burundians and for the inhabitants of this sub-region, to keep in mind that we must succeed in this bet and to think of the most effective strategies possible. United, we will get there.

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