Burundi: Give us back our territories of the Bugufi and Buha

Burundi: Give us back our territories of the Bugufi and Buha
On October 24, 2021, President Evariste Ndayishimiye returned from a three-day work visit to Tanzania. Officially,  » The visit was part of the strengthening of bilateral cooperation and fraternal ties that unite Burundian and Tanzanian peoples  ».
We read in some media that Tanzania has granted Burundi, during the visit of President Ndayishimiye, 10 hectares for the construction of a dry port,  » to reduce the costs associated with the warehousing of goods  ». And President Evariste Ndayishimiye told national television when he returned from Tanzania:  » I come home with the Plan of the Port to Erect in this site and the Tanzanian authorities will soon send us the definitive attribution documents  »
It is on the basis of this visit and this conclusion of the negotiations between President Ndayishimiye and the Tanzanian authorities that we still want to remind Burundians and the international community that the Bugufi and Buha belong to Burundi because the Convention. Orts-Milner, signed on May 30, 1919 between Belgium and England had that Burundi be amputated from the two territories in return for concessions in the ports of Dar es Salam and Kigoma. The « The Cape To Cairo Railway ‘has not been constructed; Burundi does not receive any advantage of the ports of Dar es Salaam and Kigoma. Why then the Bugufi and Buha regions should remain attached to Tanzania when everyone knows very well that there are territories that were an integral part of Burundi? Why should President Evariste Ndayishimiye go together to build a port in Tanzania instead of claiming the exploitation of part of the port of Dar es Salaam and that of Kigoma following the Orts-Milner conventions if he is incapable to seek the total discount of the regions of Bugufi and Buha in Burundi and restore the borders left by the monarchy? We believe that all these manoeuvres that the CNDDFDD power undertakes with the Tanzanian authorities simply aim to forget this file (recovery of the Bugufi and Buha) so important for the real Burundian patriots.
In a letter addressed to the President of the United Nations Commission by Mwambutsa, the Urundi Mwami dated July 25, 1948, he claims the return of the Bugufi region to the Urundi Kingdom.  » At any time, it made an integral part of my country. It was only after the German occupation and the arrival of the Belgians, in 1923, that a delimitation commission stated the boundaries between the Tanganyika Territory; Limits that certainly had error, to retrench Bugufi from the Burundi  »  », he writes in this letter. He explains that during this delimitation, he was only 11 years old, that he could not claim his return. And as proof, Kinyamazinga, head of this province Bugufi always made the court at home. He has never been consulted to know what nationality its territory (its province) belonged. He continued to recognize Mwambutsa as his sovereign, « he adds in his letter.
Let us add as an illustrative fact of the Mwami as Kinyamazinga, Chief Bugufi, received the last cow from Mwami Mwambutsa in 1921 at the sorghum sowing party (Umuganuro). This means that he recognized him as his only direct chief.
The Bugufi region is located north east of Urundi. It was separated from the usuwi by the Ruvubu River. It was founded by King Ntare II (around 1830 to 1860) and first chiefly named Mpehe who was watching the King.
The Buha covers South and South East Current Burundi with the Port of Kigoma, which was built and equipped by Burundi until electricity fuelling it. Even repairs in case of failure were up to a certain period made by Burundi. Belgium administered the Port of Kigoma until 1962, Burundi would have benefited from these benefits until 1969, considering it as « a favour of Nyerere ». The historian Aloys Batungwanayo believes that this was due to the ignorance of Burundians who knew / do not know the Convention and not just traders but even among the authorities of the country.
Other sources indicate that it is not a matter of ignorance, but the different authorities did not want to claim that part of the territory for their own interests. If the Bugufi and Buha are part of Tanzanian territory, expenses from Belbases should fuel the Burundian state budget for as many years. But Tanzania has always manipulated Hutu Burundian powers, that of CNDDFDD has reached the top of the hill. Nothing indicates that this movement, when it was still the rebellion did not sell this territory to Tanzania which provided them back, weapons and all the necessary medical care. And it is not free that former President Pierre Nkurunziza be won supervised the installation work of the boundary bounds between Burundi and Tanzania; An act qualified high betrayal by lawyers. Of this only gesture, the CNDDFDD sold part of Burundian territory to Tanzania.
URN Hitamwoneza agrees to wear the torch of this war for the recovery of our two territories of the Bugufi and Buha. That the CNDDFDD sold this part of Burundi, which it exchanged it with benefits received from Tanzania, nothing will prevent us from bringing the question very high until the rendering of the Burundo-Tanzanian border in its original place before colonization.
We then ask all the Burundians who love this beautiful country to get up as a single man to lead this war. It is difficult, because affects a lot of interests of people and countries, but we have to win it because we are in the right.

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