Burundi: Why does the Burundi economy still remain on the bottom of the world scale?

Burundi: Why does the Burundi economy still remain on the bottom of the world scale?
The answer is in two words: bad governance. We ask ourselves the question already knowing the answer. But, it is very unfortunate to see that at the time of October 31, 2021 the G20 summit, held in Rome in Italy from 30 to 31 October 2021, Burundi still ranks first the poorest of the planet; In other words, the last of the rich countries of the world. Yet, there is no lack of resources: neither human nor natural. Described by international organizations like IMF as a country with green hills, breath-taking savanna landscapes, innumerable lakes and rivers, not to mention important mining resources, Burundi remains one of the countries with its hungry population.
In this situation, Burundi is cited among other countries such as Chad, Timor, Madagascar, Central African Republic, the Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Some reports will even say that Burundi is currently at the head of these countries whose level of famine is alarming. But the IMF reports show that almost 16% of the only population lives in food insecurity, that is, people do not eat their hunger and that the quality of their diet is mediocre. In concrete terms, it would concern 2 of 12 million people, can we read in these reports.
In any case, it is abnormal that Burundi is found first poor country in the world with so many resources. The bad governance that has been given at first as one of the main causes is explained here on only two aspects: Human Resources Management and Natural Resources Management by CNDDFDD Power
Upon their arrival, the leaders of this movement / party have always sought to use before serving the country and the people. The idea was to raise more riches as quickly as possible because they did not have a clear society project, no vision for the future of Burundi; They did not even think they could pass as many years to power. It is also for this reason that they immediately thought of setting up an Imbonerakure militia in a country with sufficient defence and security bodies.
This bait for wealth has caused publication to be managed by incompetent (especially where there was money to manage); People have been placed in positions not by merit, but belonging to the CNDFDD party. The non-members have been gradually spread. In companies, parastatal enterprises, the staff has been multiplied by two or more; A staff who do not produce but who consumes (you had to find places for members of the CNDDFDD)
This calamity management has even arrived at the level of staff sent to African or international organizations in which Burundi participates. And these incompetent executives, sent for their only belonging to the ruling party, were regularly hunted, depriving Burundi places in these organizations. Yet Burundi did not miss qualified and accepted staff around the world.
In the second position, it is quite understandable that when you hire a staff who only thinks to fill their pockets; From the President of the Republic to Plankton, the management of natural resources must suffer enormously. The few resources that can exist is not shared between all the Burundians, but goes in the crates of the managers, and the child of Burundian Lambda is obliged to sit down in the dust or on a stone in a room Class not well covered, undergoing the unfortunate and catastrophic consequences of atmospheric bad weather.
Yet some CNDFDD leaders in power are richer than the country. The best known case is Prime Minister Allain Guillaume Bunyoni who does not even know how to control his wealth. Others missed where to place this dirty money and built villas as well in urban centres up to their native hills. Come Manirakiza, a long time in charge of mines, has exceeded the limits of the acceptable by building villas at the hill and even went to build a building in floors it has endowed with the government. With the stolen money in the state, he built an office for the state. And he is called the first patriot and received a certificate of merit by the President of the Republic. We must not be naive and believe that this president did not know the origin of this money. What is certain is that he also received an important part of the cake. Today, President Ndayishimiye Evariste plays the clever by pouring crocodile tears for the loss of taxpayer’s money unlocked for the Mpanda dam that has not been built. And yet, the first responsible was the same Minister Come Manirakiza who kept reporting on the media that the work for his construction was advancing very well. With this dishonesty, with this impunity, with the promotion of mediocrity that has become the method of government of the CNDFDD military clique to power, Burundi will remain the world’s largest country in the world.
URN Hitamwoneza once again asks Burundians not to be blinded by the statements and speeches of the current President Evariste Ndayishimiye who believes in hive and claim to want to change the method of government of the CNDDFDD. He knows that he is not able, he does not even have the legitimacy because they are the ones who put it in that place after the cheat of the elections of May 2020 who dictate what to do. It is for this reason that he condemns the public and in front of the public certain leaders of mismanagement of the public thing until to kick him out, and after a few days, he gives them new promotions. And he continues the same speeches and same facts and gestures without shame. Ridicule does not kill. Let’s be more strategic and finding rather effective means of hunting it from this stolen position as well as the whole military clique that has regularly started the Burundians in total impunity since 2005 to translate them from competent jurisdictions to respond to all crimes (blood and economic crimes) committed.

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