Burundi: That it is very regrettable to see Burundi regress instead of moving forward in almost all areas

Burundi: That it is very regrettable to see Burundi regress instead of moving forward in almost all areas
The bitter observation is made by looking at a video of a military parade on the occasion of one of the 1st of July holidays during the power of Jean Baptiste Bagaza. Colonel Jean Baptiste Bagaza is only 30 years old when, on November 1, 1976, he deposited Captain Michel Michel, President of the 1st Republic. The ethnic, clan and regional identity breaks materialized by the rumours of coup of 1969 and 1971, the blind repression triggered on 29 April 1972, etc. motivate the young colonel freshly returned from his military training in Belgium to take the power. This story is drawn from one of the Iwacu newspaper articles that made a long interview with him during his lifetime; His social and economic engineering will have marked his reign. However, it comes into open conflict with the Catholic Church, which will be at the origin of its dismissal by one of its peers on 3 September 1987.
Our analysis is not to boast its merits; But no one can deny that all that Burundi today has serious infrastructures, large corporations and businesses, large projects that have lasted; All are the works of Jean Baptiste Bagaza. The power of Pierre Buyoya who replaced him only sorry national unity; a singing unit, but which has never been effective in the hearts of many Burundian. Certainly, the Burundians lived in harmony between Hutus and Tutsis, because there was a strong power that made everyone respect the rights of everyone without exclusion. But it never discourages Hutus extremists who used for all means to sow divisions within society with the intention of exterminating Tutsis or at least hunt them from the country to the image of what had passed to Rwanda since 1959; What they qualified as a hutue social revolution. The arrival of the CNDDFDD power has only strengthened these divisions and plan to complete the genocide of Tutsis that some of its members did not succeed as they wanted in 1993 and the years that followed. They also destroyed all that Bagaza had built because their first goal was to get rich at all costs and as quickly as possible. They ruined then all the parastatal societies still held on the power of Jean Baptiste Bagaza
Returning to the bitter observation made on the video of the military parade, our great surprise was that after 45 years, the military parade of this moment was much better than that of today. The reasons are multiple:
The 1976 soldier was proud of what he was, of his mission of defence of territorial integrity, defending the Burundian people as a whole and the institutions of the Republic. He did not think in the first place to the money like today, he had not been at the school of the ideology of genocide of a part of the population like that of the CNDFDD of today, who knows that a Tutsi or a Hutu of the CNL are to kill, to torture or to hunt the country; so his first enemy.
The 1976 soldier knew he was the only guarantor of the Security of the Republic and he was ready to give his life to defend it. He worked day and night, without thinking about getting rich. He had a meagre salary, but knew how to live with this money. He was appreciated and respected from everyone because he was proud of society. Not only that today’s one is not respected, it is not even proud of what he is because its mission has been entrusted to the Imbonerakure militia, some members of the Rwandan genocidaires, FDLR by the CNDDFDD power. Organs not recognized by the Constitution and have no respect for these soldiers they have replaced because they are ordered at the highest level of the country’s management. It is then this lack of pride, self-esteem, which make the CNDDFDD member cannot make a desired energy parade and elegantly. This disorder in their management also causes a disorder in their heads and it becomes difficult or even impossible to align yourself at the time of the parade. Without a flawless alignment, a military parade cannot succeed.
At the feast of the armed forces or during the commemoration of national independence, the Burundians were used to attending not only the military parade, but also to the parachuting of the military of Camp Para, not to mention the parade of military and civilian gear.
During the celebration of Independence of Burundi on July 1, 2021, a paratrooper’s team that made the parachuting demonstration in front of the stadium consisted of the old retirees of the former national army before the integration of CNDFDD criminals within the army to form the FDNB (National Defence Force of Burundi). How explained that since 2005, Burundi or the FDNB has failed to train, on the ground, or outside the country, parachutists capable of demonstrating during the largest parties in the country? The lack of vision of leaders, the lack of concentration for the affairs of the State, to focus their energies on private affairs that procure them wealth (General Prime Niyongabo, Chief of General staff of army thinks to extract money from Peacekeeping missions and trade from SKOL beer and other business that can provide a lot of money)
The Organs of Stalin, BM21 (40 guns) that President Bagaza had bought in Russia, the armoured ones, heavy weapons, the gear of combat genius combat and engineering, the various helicopters that were demonstrations in the sky above the stadium, as many ceremonies that the current generation did not see and may not see if the CNDDFDD power is not dismissed
Urnhitamwoneza still calls Burundians to do a conscience review to notice that Burundi further goes back but recedes from the arrival of CNDDFDD power. Burundi has become the poorest country in the world when it is full of important potential for its development. This is due to the lack of visionary leaders who care about the welfare of the people and his country. The one who takes hostage Burundi thinks only of his own interests and eliminate all those who dare to raise the finger to denounce these crimes. The time has come to stop strategies to drive them out of power to save what remains to save in Burundi, otherwise, the country is likely to disappear on the world map if this CNDDFDD power would continue for a few years. Let’s get up as a single man, like Burundian and not like Hutu or Tutsi, to free our country before it’s too late.

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