Burundi: The province of Cibitoke transformed into a real Burundian slaughterhouse by the men of Evariste Ndayishimiye

Burundi: The province of Cibitoke transformed into a real Burundian slaughterhouse by the men of Evariste Ndayishimiye
It’s a sad reality; No day is happening without discovering one or more corpses in the province of Cibitoke. The end of October 2021 was marked by killings of another magnitude: 05 corpses discovered in the province in two days. On October 31, 2021, 04 corpses were discovered in Mparambo2, in Rugombo commune. These were three men and a woman. Two among the three men were tied and linked together by a rope. All have not been identified; The administration quickly ordered their burial. On November 1, 2021, another corpse was found in the same municipality. A man visibly killed by machete. He too has not been identified and the communal administrator has directly buried it. Not only that there is no desire to identify these people killed, but also that it is difficult to do because the corpses are often disfigured or are already at the decomposition stage.
This lack of willingness to identify them is a proof that does not deceive that these people are killed by state services. And the administration knows the criminals well because the fact of burying the corpses without identification as quickly as possible is a kind of coverage to criminals; why not somehow a certain complicity. It is a true crime organized at the highest level of the state or bonded by the high authorities, until Evariste Ndayishimiye
When the President of the Republic declares on the international media that there are no enforced disappearances in Burundi, it is not because he does not know it; It is a way to cover these crimes because the criminals are all under his orders. If the corpses were identified, it would be discovered that it is the people who are regularly arrested by the SNR, the intelligence services of the army and the police, some military and police sent by their chiefs or dinosaurs of the party; not to mention the members of the Imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD. These people removed are held in unknown prisons for several days, or even months, and are killed afterwards and thrown away from their home environment. This is the tactics of the CNDDFDD military clique on power. And Evariste Ndayishimiye knows all this manoeuvre. It has been seen more than once up and shout against the functioning of the services in charge of justice, accused or wrongly accused, corruption. Even if it does nothing to remedy this situation or at least punish the culprits to discourage this attitude, at least he dares to denounce them in the big day and the naivest believe that he has a good will to change that state of made. It has been heard several times screaming against the economic corruptions and malpractices that have become a method of government within the CNDDFDD system since its arrival (where the country is still the poorest in the world). Never, we did not hear Evariste Ndayishimiye denouncing the cases of killings observed in Burundi while corpses are picked up every day in rivers, in beverages or bushes or on the hills. This is because he knows well those who kill these people and he knows why they are removed and killed after. These are Tutsis or Hutus members of the CNL all considered as the enemies of the country because they dare to raise your finger to denounce what is wrong in the country. This means, in the eyes of the military clique, combat the power of the CNDDFDD. And these people deserve neither less nor more than death; And an atrocious death. This is the democracy of the CNDDFDD.
The choice of the province Cibitoke has not been done at random. Believes more strategies than anyone, the members of the CNDFDD criminal laboratory thought they could deceive the opinion by making believe that those who are regularly killed are rebels from the neighbouring DRC, which cross the Rusizi river and who are arrested and killed when they arrive on Burundian soil in the province of Cibitoke. They do not know that in the case of international humanitarian law, even an enemy in contact, when he stops shooting at you and he folds, it is forbidden to shoot him from behind. Stop people, tag them and kill them after, whatever the error (or crime committed), is a crime that is severely punished
URN Hitamwoneza again reminds President Evariste Ndayishimiye that he is the first person responsible for these crimes committed by his men in total impunity. Everyone knows that these blood crimes are organized within the CNDDFDD laboratory to stay in power. The military clique that plans them is known; the performers are known; Evariste Ndayishimiye is regularly informed of everything that is done to know how to hide it by its enticing declarations or to deny it if it is necessary because he is not ashamed to lie or to contradict. Tell the truth would come back for him to go against the will of the military clique that settled it in the presidential chair after the May 2020 elections cheat; What would be a betrayal of the CNDDFDD system and that could cost him life. Fortunately, he does not have that courage to do it. But, whatever it’s; He and all those who kill innocent with impunity by taking them for opponents will have to answer their actions tomorrow.

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