Burundi: What is hiding behind the suspension of mining contracts by the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye?

Burundi: What is hiding behind the suspension of mining contracts by the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye?
For some time, President Evariste Ndayishimiye has taken the option of fighting with his last energy, by the words, cases of corruption and economic malfeasance who gang in Burundi since the arrival of his party, the CNDFDD.
In some cases, where his words have been accompanied by concrete acts, for example the dismissal of certain executives responsible for mismanagement of the public thing, the continuation was catastrophic. Instead of punishing and asking them to repair the wrongs caused by the state or individuals, President Evariste Ndayishimiye has only moved from one position to another, sometimes more important than the formerly busy. The cases of the directors of the Regideso and the OTRACO are eye-popping. When a President openly accuses, publicly before the media and the people a leader of the state of corruption or mismanagement of a company and that it is publicly limited and that after a certain moment the same leader is promoted by a Presidential Decree to another more important position, we wonder what game the president is playing.
For those who know the functioning of the CNDDFDD system, the response is direct: all state’s societies pay unrecognized money (not controlled by the company’s accounting services) to the CNDFDD Party. It is for this reason that they fail to generate profits. Add to that the managers placed by the CNDDFDD also benefit from this opportunity to build villas or buy luxury vehicles and tap very beautiful girls and women with the money of the Burundian taxpayer. The rest of the money is allocated to paying some plethoric personnel sent to these companies just to give jobs to the members of the CNDDFDD, but who do not produce anything. That’s why parastatal societies fall into bankruptcy. It is then normal for these publicly limited frameworks to be promoted because they have only done what is dictated by the presidential party. Evariste Ndayishimiye does not have the courage and strength to change this situation.
We notice and we appreciate that he joined the word in the mining field. In his speech of July 1, 2021, President Evariste Ndayishimiye promised to the Burundian people that all the mining contracts that were poorly made and whose profits are only in the hands of the individuals will all be suspended. So, something done. A letter from Minister Ibrahim Uwizeye in charge of energy and mines, signed on July 13, 2021, suspended the mining contracts of companies: Tanganyika Mining Burundi operational in Mabayi in Cibitoke since October 2017 and African Mining Burundi operational in Butihinda in the province of Muyinga since August 2018. Add to this list the rare earth extraction of Gakara in Bujumbura Rural which was suspended by a letter from the Minister on June 24, 2021. Allain Guillaume Bunyoni, Prime Minister of the Government of Burundi went to explain before Senators, the different violations of the conventions between the extractor society and the Government of Burundi. The judgment of these contracts is a positive act appreciated by many Burundians because they had been signed in the interest of some Burundians and the companies concerned and Burundi remained the poorest of the world despite the operation of its basement.
Why the suspension of these contracts today after so many years of exploitation? The question deserves a careful analysis. Better late than never, will we say. And those who have negotiated and signed these contracts should be criminally prosecuted. This will not be done because they are influential people of the CNDDFDD. Nobody will say that Evariste Ndayshimiye, Secretary General of the CNDFDD then and Allain Guillaume Bunyoni, in charge at the time of security issues, were not aware of the destination of revenues released by these companies. Part of this money was paid to the CNDFDD Party, another Party were given to certain large fish of the CNDDFDD, beginning with the President of the Republic and another was shared by the officials of the extractor society and these CNDFDD leaders who negotiated and concluded the contracts. That the public treasury remains empty, it is not their problem; The bottom line is that their pockets are filled
Information from the CNDDFDD sources is that these CNDDFDD leaders who have negotiated these contracts were close to the former president, former Pierre Nkurunziza. And a big part of the cake was paid on his accounts and the others shared the rest. Evariste Ndayishimiye, is today in the inability to govern a state whose crates are almost empty and seeks where to find money at all costs. It also seeks an opportunity to replace these negotiators from these mining contracts close to Pierre Nkurunziza by his own men. These are the main reasons that motivate Evariste Ndayishimiye in these acts that the opinion falsely qualifies with the clear will of the new power of Evariste Ndayishimiye to fight against corruption and economic malpractices in Burundi. Smart he is, Allain Guillaume Bunyoni (Umunyoni means a great malignant thief ever caught) will position himself in this new approach by making his responsibility forgotten in everything that happened the previous years. But, we know, nobody will be pursued in these files because the CNDDFDD system is based on this principle of impunity. You have the right to dissipate the treasures of the State provided that it is known by the CNDDFDD system and that a part is paid on the party accounts.
Urn hitamwoneza is still taking advantage of this opportunity to awaken the consciousness of Burundians so that they are attentive to what is said by the CNDDFDD military clique to power compared to what is realized in acts. These without vision leaders focus solely on what gives them personal profits and do not care about the interest of all the people in general. The country will never step forward as long as this military clique is in power. To all of us Burundians, in our differences, to unite our energies to the dismissal of this power in order to bring them to justice to meet committed crimes. It is in this way that we can choose other leaders able to gather the Burundians and guide them towards a common goal, that of peace for all and social development.

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