Burundi: When the 1993 Tutsis genocide in Burundi by Frodebu power is perceived in many ways by political actors.

Burundi: When the 1993 Tutsis genocide in Burundi by Frodebu power is perceived in many ways by political actors.
We are talking without hesitation of Tutsis genocide by the members of the Frodebu in 1993 because a United Nations Commission has described it as such in its 1996 S / 1996/682 report. Everyone can consult it. We do this precision because we know that the power of Gitega is disorienting the opinion by calling the 1972 « genocide of Hutus  » events while it has no legitimacy to qualify them as genocide.
In an audio publication number 98 of the ‘’Tuva he Tuja he Barundi’’ program (from when we come and where we go Burundians ) of Urnhitamwoneza, the reactions of politicians like Fréderic Bamvuginyumvira, former vice-president of Burundi and a member of the Frodebu party, current president of the coalition of opposition politicians in exile CFOR-ARUSHA; Charles Mukasi ; Evariste Ndayishimiye, current President of the Republic and Apostle Bernard Ntungwanayo, coordinator of the Organization Urnhitamwoneza, call us and push us to share it in French because the program is broadcast only in the national language, the Kirundi
Mr. Fréderic Bamvuginyumvira is still on the defensive. And it is quite normal that he cannot publicly affirm that his party the Frodebu has planned and executed the genocide of Tutsis in 1993. But, we are sure he knows it in his interior; There can be no role, serious investigations will show it to us, but he knows that the genocide has been prepared by his party, and the UN report proves it black on white
As also confirmed by President Evariste Ndayishimiye in his statement, no genocide is possible only if he is planned and executed by a government / power. Mr. Bamvuginyumvira, as some members of the Frodebu, who attempt to hide the truth of the facts, say that the genocide has been executed at the moment when the Frodebu power had already been dismissed and replaced by a military power. An argument that does not hold the road at the moment when the genocide started the same night of the coup. Machetes, gas cans, chainsaws, all equipment for the execution of this genocide had been distributed in advance by the intelligence services that were under the direct control of President Ndadaye. This is where Fréderic Bamvuginyumvira is not understood when he tries to whiten Melchior Ndadaye saying that he is not among those who planned the genocide
Charles Mukasi remains confident that Ndadaye was aware of the plan. He leaves his own say the very evening of the coup, Ndadaye told the putschists soldiers before his death:  » Think at least to your families who have remained inside the country  ». He knew what was planned if anything happened to him or other influential members of the Frodebu. And everyone saw it, the reaction was spontaneous. There are corners where they started burning the houses of Tutsis, stopping and lining them even before Ndadaye be murdered.
Charles Mukasi will go far as Ironizing that  » if Ndadaye taught the Burundian unity and peace during his campaign, either he is bad master, either his students understood the opposite  ». This seasoned politician affirms without hesitation, a lot of evidence in support that it is the Frodebu genocidaire organization that has planned everything and implemented. We will have time to transcribe a whole series of evidence given by Charles Mukasi to support his claims. It recalls that the whole of the Frodebu administration and even some parliamentarians were all active to mobilize the Hutus of the party to kill all Tutsis without distinction considering them as members of the Uprona, his rival and losing the elections of 1993. Charles Mukasi told to Bamvuginyumvira and all the members of the Frodebu who have planned and executed the genocide of Tutsis in 1993, that the Arusha agreements behind which they were hiding so as not to answer before the courts will never protect them (self-amnesty between putschists and genocidaires is finished); that sooner or later, everyone will have to answer his actions.
President Ndayishimiye does not want to hear from genocide because according to him, accuse someone or a group of genocidal people is getting genocide. We will have to remind him that when we talk about genocide of Tutsis made by the Frodebu (many of his members later became CNDDFDD) in 1993, we quote the report of UN Commission we mentioned. Rather, the President asks the CVR who is, according to his way, doing a research work on the remains of the 1972 victims’ bodies. The present Ndayishimiye adds, in his statement, an important element. The CVR is eager to dig up these bones to prevent those who know the common pits where the corpses have been thrown away before showing them. He specifies that  » the CVR must dig up all the bones, both Hutus and Tutsis, they are all Burundians  ». This precision is of size and that’s what the CVR is wherever it passes. Unfortunately, this Stone Claver Ndayicariye commission indicates that it is the bones of the Hutus only killed in 1972, justifying that by the fact that these are witnesses who show him where these Hutus were buried. But, he still knows that he does not have technical means to know who owns such or such bone, and during what period the person was killed.
The Apostle Bernard Ntungwanayo does not go by four paths: the CNDDFDD plan, sending the CVR to dig up these bones, is to disappear all the evidence of the genocide they committed in 1993. Indeed, after assassinating the maximum of Tutsis that they could, the members of the Frodebu who were afraid of the probable prosecutions, fled to neighbouring countries, others joined the rebellion, all ended up together to fight they have falsely called  » Combat for the return to democracy  ». The rebellion called first CNDD, then CNDDFDD only continued to chase Tutsis survivors wherever they were, others were removed from transport vehicles on the roads by separating them from Hutu to kill them alone. That’s what they called ‘’the defence of democracy’’. Apostle Bernard Ntungwanayo claims with conviction that the CNDDFDD has become a genocidal organization because since this time of the rebellion until its accession in power, it continued to put acts of genocide. He goes further by asserting that Burundi has become a general staff of all genocidaires in the sub region and that regional genocide is in preparation. He said to all these bilateral and multilateral partners of the Evariste Ndayishimiye’s power who are preparing to provide funds for the functioning of his government, they think twice before unblocking these funds. This means for the Apostle Bernard, neither less nor more, to support a genocide in preparation. He said he will give them the details in a writing so that they take this decision knowing in advance that they will have to assume their responsibility in support of the genocide in Burundi and the sub region.

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