Burundi: Rwanda multiple initiatives in the pursuit of good neighbourly relations with Burundi are still without concrete results.

Burundi: Rwanda multiple initiatives in the pursuit of good neighbourly relations with Burundi are still without concrete results.
The result which the Burundian and Rwandan people expect different talks between the leaders at all levels of the two countries is the reopening of the border to resume trade between the two brotherly peoples. This is not the speech of good intentions; these are not mutual visits of different authorities either; still less trade criminals apprehended from one side to the other; but easy mobility of citizens between the two countries.
Here we speak of Rwanda initiatives as if Burundi does nothing or as if Burundi does not need this good relationship. It is not at all to take a stand for one country or another; it’s trying to tell the truth as it is, without missing. Everyone should know that the border between Burundi and Rwanda is closed by Burundi. The CNDD-FDD power has covered its borders with DRC and Tanzania; borders had been closed following the covid19 pandemic. But the border with Rwanda remained closed. The latter had long been closed due to the bad relations that existed between the two countries. Until just covid19, Burundian and Rwandan citizens could travel in vehicles of their country to the border and down to take other buses on the other side of the border. All this was stopped. Today, only the air border is open. And few people are able to afford a plane ticket. So, Rwanda always said that the border is open for citizens of Burundi, but the Burundi maintains this closed border.
Despite the warming of relations between the two countries noticed in several meetings at all levels (meetings between military authorities, meeting between the border administrative authorities, meeting between Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Trade criminals apprehended both sides etc …), no act concrete from the Gitega power. The Kigali government has even sent his prime minister 1juillet 2021 to support Burundi in their celebration of Independence Day. A visit that President Ndayishimiye highly appreciated in his speech for the occasion. And the rest? still closed border. All these positive gestures from Kigali mean nothing to the CNDD-FDD power that has always evoked an impossible condition: he asks the Rwandan authorities to give him the responsible of the 2015 attempt coup that would be its territory.
We have repeatedly said, this is only a pretext; the main cause lies elsewhere. This is an unfounded fear. The Evariste Ndayishimiye power still think those might disrupt the security of Burundi come from Rwanda. Dumber still is to imagine that they would enter by vehicles. That’s what drives this power to deprive Burundi opportunities for exchanges with their brothers and sisters in Rwanda. As for the return of the Burundian government coup, is to ask the impossible as they are now under the responsibility of UNHCR and pose no threat to Burundi and Rwanda will not allow to violate international laws that govern. Then why the CNDD-FDD to ask those who are only in Rwanda when we know they are scattered around the world? This pretext does not hold water.
This Monday, November 8, 2021, Rwanda once again posed a positive gesture for the good deal with its southern neighbour. The Bugesera administrative authorities submitted to the Busoni communal authority in Kirundo Province of Boats belonging to Burundian fishermen seized in Rwandan waters after exceeding the border. This gesture is added to many others who were posed by the power of Kigali to see if Gitega could let the citizens of the two countries circulate freely in the two respective countries. After the meeting between the governors of Muyinga and Kirundo with the Rwandan authorities of the East and South Provinces, rumours circulated that the border will be reopened on November 15, 2021. People did not invent this date. Either, it can be a wish, either the two parties would have temporarily advanced this date during their meeting. It remains to be seen if this date could be respected by the Burundian part that maintains this closed border.
URN Hitamwoneza never believes in the goodwill of the CNDDFDD power. This date, even was itself announced by the representatives of the Government of Gitega, it was very unable to be respected because we have always seen that even the decisions taken by Evariste Ndayishimiye are often implicated or contrived himself after a certain moment. Burundians and the international community should know that the Burundian problem is not Rwanda as the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye seems to want to make it understood to the Burundian people; Its problem is inside the CNDDFDD system. The authority of the Head of State is questioned by a military clique that settled it in its chair after sketching the May 2020 elections; The military clique is composed by large bandits that are richer than the country after looting all its resources; These people kill who they want in total impunity. Burundians will no longer support the kidnappings made in the open by state services; And we find corpses of these people removed in the rivers or on the hills, far from their places of origin and in unrecognizable state. Then the administration is eager to bury them to avoid any effort of their identification. Everything is planned and executed by the CNDDFDD killing machine. Burundians and the international community should combine and coordinate their efforts to put out of state to harm this criminal power; To dismiss it and bring to justice all those who are responsible for the different crimes committed in Burundi. It is in this way that Burundi can think of gathering all his sons and daughters, without exclusion, under the same objective of so desired social development.

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