Burundi: The power of Evariste Ndayishimiye looks more deadly than that of his predecessor, former Pierre Nkurunziza

Burundi: The power of Evariste Ndayishimiye looks more deadly than that of his predecessor, former Pierre Nkurunziza
This statement came out of the numbers given by the Human Rights Organization, Iteka League, which gave to Radio Inkinzo FM, in its emission  » ico utari uzi  » (what you did not know) , the balance sheet of human rights violations throughout the time that Evariste Ndayishimiye has just sitting on the presidential chair. A catastrophic record that should weigh heavily on his shoulders if he was a free man and in his actions. But, he is stuck in a criminal system and he is among those who designed it and built, will tell us the Apostle Bernard Ntungwanayo, coordinator of the Urnhitamwoneza organization who has given himself as a mission to combat ideology and the Genocidal practices in Burundi and the Great Lakes region.
According to Anchère Nikoyagize, President of the ITEKA League, 87 cases of enforced disappearances have been enumerated: 13 cases between July and September 2020; 22 cases between October and December 2020; 05 cases between January and March 2021; 12cas between April and June 2021; 23 cases between July and September 2021; 10 cases for the month of October 2021 and 01 case already identified during the first week of November 2021.
Since President Ndayishimiye is orders in Burundi, Iteka League has already counted 791 people killed; among them, 384 corpses found here and there. Among these corpses found, more than 100 corpses were discovered in the only province of Cibitoke. The balance sheet of this organization also speaks of 149 cases of gender-based violence; 114 Cases of torture and 1166 cases of arbitrary arrests
The victims are mostly constituted by those that the power considers to be his opponents, that is to say certain members of the CNL, the MSD, and young Tutsis, especially from the town hall of Bujumbura and the municipality of Mugamba. To those, the Iteka League adds some CNDFDD members who are killed just to hide some crimes they committed
The executioners are mainly certain agents of the National Intelligence Service (SNR), certain agents of the intelligence services of the army and the police, certain members of the administration and especially certain members of the Imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD
Their procedure is to remove them, kill them and throw them away from their place of origin, and the local administration is responsible for burying them as quickly as possible without being identified. Anchère Nikoyagize which confirms that this assessment given by his organization is well below the reality on ground because his staff works under very harsh conditions and fails to completely cover the entire territory, adds that the criminals found another way to hide the corpses. They bind the corpse with large stones, or put it in a bag with these stones and throw it into the water of a river, so that the corpse cannot come out of the water without being completely decomposed.
Speaking of many corpses found in the province of Cibitoke compared to other provinces, Anchere Nikoyagize is astonishing first that many officers with the rank of General, with important positions in the country, including the famous Ndakugarika, and who suspected of having committed many crimes, come from this province. Border with the DRC and Rwanda, Apostle Bernard Ntungwanayo finds that this province is a forced passage of the FDRL / FLN negative forces that come from the DRC to disturb the security of Rwanda to the north. All those who can give information on the passage of these negative forces or on their supply mode (a certain logistics comes from the stores of the FDNB: National Defence Force of Burundi) are systematically eliminated.
Despite this alarming assessment of the power of Ndayishimiye, Anchere Nikoyagize, remains optimistic that he will one day come off the ropes that bind him arms and legs, to implement the good speeches he has continued to pronounce during the last few months. For him, his only declarations of good intentions have marked positive results in particular in terms of repatriation of refugees. He does not go in silence however or he does not know that more than 100 repatriate families from Tanzania have already joined Malawi, that others still fled the country to the DRC; That hundreds of Burundians who had been voluntarily repatriated from Rwanda have once again returned to this country after realizing that they were sought by the Evariste Ndayishimiye powre who invites them shortly to returning a peace found.
Apostle Bernard Ntungwanayo does not mince words by affirming with full conviction that what happens in Burundi; These cases of killings, forced disappearances, torture, arbitrary arrests and imprisonment are part of a global plan of genocide of Tutsis that the CNDDFDD has begun to implement since 1993, then members of the Frodebu, and who continues until ‘nowadays. It plans to complete it, in collaboration with the FDRL / FLN, ending the Tutsis, not just Burundi, but from the entire sub region. Apostle Bernard adds a size accuracy: all the Hutus who are killed today, and they are numerous, are because they constitute an obstacle to the CNDDFDD for the implementation of its genocidal project.
As for those who are blinded by the declarations of good intentions of Evariste Ndayishimiye, URN Hitamwoneza states that it is not different from the others, that everyone works in a CNDDFDD system built by a group of generals and influential members of the Party and no one can deviate. The declarations of Evariste Ndayishimiye are only a diversion for the not notified. The evidence is that his statements are never followed by concrete facts.
Rather, this organization asks all Burundians, because they are all unhappy, members of the CNDFDD or not, Hutus or Tutsi, to get up as a single man to chase from the power this military clique that designed and who is doing execute their genocidal plan using some young Imbonerakure and certain security services officers. This is how we can put hands on them and translate them before the competent jurisdictions to be judged on committed crimes. We could later choose illuminated leaders, unifying, who will be able to lead us to peace for all, stability and social development so long desired

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