Burundi: The desertion of the members of the Immbonerakure militia sent to the kibira begins to make victims in their ranks

Burundi: The desertion of the members of the Immbonerakure militia sent to the kibira begins to make victims in their ranks
This assertion comes from an analysis made and supported by field information, after an outstanding trial that took place on November 12, 2021 at the Kayanza High Court. A certain Ahmed Kassim, 21 years old, originally from Buyenzi in Mukaza commune, Bujumbura Mairie, would have scored a sentence of perpetuity after the population and the police put their hands on him on November 10, 2021 in Matango’s municipality, province Kayanza. Ahmed Kassim was part of a group of 4 so-called rebellious that came out of the kibira, not for the fight or for the refuelling, but just to look for a passage to return home. Imagine that at the exit of Kibira, they asked the population the name of the place where they were; They had completely lost the compass because the kibira is so vast that we cannot even situate the four cardinal corners. Feeling the threat of the police and the population, one of the 4 rebels disappointing a pomegranate which he launched, wounding a policeman and the head of Zone Ruganza. Three among them (Simba, Amisi and Mwarabu) were killed, Kassim was captured alive.
What surprises, but at the same time which enchants more of a Burundian or observer notified, it is the fact that Kassim was presented before the courts when we used to see that all so-called rebellious arrested, if he is not executed on the spot, he is driven in unknown dungs just for a sketchy interrogation and execute him after. Kassim would be accused only of an armed band participation, an illegal port of weapons and disturbance of public order.
This proves sufficient that these people were part of a group of members of the Imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD who were sent to the kibira seeking the rebels and are tired of their poor living conditions and who prefer death while trying to inflight to join their homes.
It is always this group of imbonerakure which made contact with an element of the military of the FDNB in patrol in the kibira, on the Boukeye side, on November 7, 2021. During this armed confrontation, a soldier of the FDNB was killed, 03 others and a civilian were injured. We just say that it is a group of unidentified rebels.
It is the same band of Imbonerakure criminals who killed, dated October 10, 2021, Lieutenant-Colonel Jean Marie Nkurunziza SS1400 of the registration, commander of the reinforcement battalion of the 110th brigade and his AT (transmission agent), cc FIDEL NDAYITWAYEKO. These imbonerakure, which probably had received specific information on the displacement of this Colonel from the former Burundian armed forces (former FAB), told him an ambush in the kibira and shot him at his end. The bullets also touched his transmission agent (also ex fab). A well mounted blow to eliminate this military chef. And, there has never been any investigations for any prosecution
URN Hitamwoneza once again asks Burundians to remain vigilant to denounce all these criminal acts regularly committed by members of the Imbonerakure militia and their bosses. Today, they are in total impunity because they have the strength of the means of the state. Tomorrow, everything will change and they will all meet before the courts. To members of the police, we advise you to overcome fear and enforce you. Imbonerakure must be avoided take over you. Have your professionalism and prevent this Militia from the CNDDFDD to do your work in your place to end up putting you, one way or another, in the same bag as those they abusively call their enemies. We all Burundians, in our differences, will have to do everything to get rid of this power that has an armed militia instead of trusting its defence and security bodies. Let’s unite our efforts to save the country of this criminal and genocidal power to equip it with a unifying and informed leadership capable of leading to a lasting peace, stability and social development.

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