Burundi: Burundian justice will never be independent as long as the CNDDFDD will still be on power in Burundi

Burundi: Burundian justice will never be independent as long as the CNDDFDD will still be on power in Burundi
This statement is a clear conclusion in a broadcast debate by Radio inkinzo FM Urnhitamwoneza organization (listening to the radio online 24h over 24h by following the link https://zeno.fm/radio-inkinzo/); In his emission  » ico utari uzi  » (what you did not know). The guests were Charles Mukasi and Degoratias Niyonzima.
According to Charles Mukasi, justice and CNDFDD is like day and night; The CNDFDD exists today because there is no justice in Burundi. For him, who says justice says respect of human rights. At the moment when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a motor principle that  » human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and must act on each other in a spirit of fraternity of equality  », the military clique of the CNDDFDD in power violates all aspects of human rights starting with the right to the life. This right has been violated since a Burundian racist extremist group started planning and executing the genocide of Tutsis and Hutus who do not agree with their ideology. In 1993, Frodebu members, currently members of the CNDDFDD had planned to eliminate all Tutsis, but did not succeed their project as they wanted, reason to pursue it today with the means of the state. The corpses that are picked up here and there in the country are the witnesses of this fragrant violation of the fundamental right of man, the right to life. Arbitrary arrests and imprisonments, torture, enforced disappearances, are all acts that show non-respect of human rights by the military clique of the CNDDFDD in power. Add to that the violations of civil and political freedoms, violations of rights of expression and opinion, violation of rights to education, food, fair justice, health care etc..
Degoratias Niyonzima who was arrested and tortured by the squadrons of the death of the CNDDFDD and who went miraculously from the claws of these criminals, asserts that this military clique which takes hostage Burundi only seeks pretexts to continue the genocide of Tutsis and Hutus who dare to oppose what she is doing. He asks the national and international opinion not to believe the declarations of good intentions of Evariste Ndayishimiye because this man says one thing and makes his opposite. For Degoratias Niyonzima, President Ndayishimiye sings total peace found in Burundi wherever he passes and sends men under his responsibility (Imbonerakure, SNR, some intelligence agents of the army and the police), remove and kill Tutsis and hutus unjustly qualified with enemies in the country. And Evariste Ndayishimiye is not ashamed to declare on the media that there are no enforced disappearances in Burundi
Charles Mukasi believes that the accusations of corruption and mismanagement of the public thing that the President Ndayishimiye Evarist carries to the place of certain executives of the State would be a disguised way to want to drive out the executives set up in place by former President Pierre Nkurunziza to place his own men. It fails to understand however, how President Ndayishimiye condemns and publicly limits some executives of their positions and calls them the next day in other more important positions (eg OTRACO and REGIDESO). Also surprising to see Come Manirakiza, former Minister of Energy and Mines, build a building in a floors and give it to the government, at the moment when the same government that pays him is not able to build a building of this value. And he was decorated first patriot by President Evariste Ndayishimiye. Then, he begins to shout that the Mpanda dam was poorly constructed, that there was corruption. However, Come Manirakiza would be the first manager, not to mention other files on the extraction of mines in Burundi. This is what Degoratias Niyonzima calls  » a comedy  » that is being played by Evariste Ndayishimiye.
For this politician, the President of Burundi is illegally installed in his presidential chair because it comes from the elections whose results were presented on draft, and then confirmed by a corrupt constitutional court (because NEVA said that Burundian justice is totally corrupt). Evariste NDAYISHIMIYE is therefore an illegal and illegitimate president. It may be for this reason that it orders (by its words) and that nothing is performed properly. For Charles Mukasi, he presents obvious external signs of public incompetence and Burundi has become like a stubborn state, a stateless state. Instead of continuing pouring crocodile tears in front of people, it is better to resign. Before getting there, he asks him to release all unjustly imprisoned prisoners like Christa Kaneza. Should remain in prison the only genocidal.
The two politicians believe that nothing is eternal in the world; That all Burundians had to continue to denounce crimes committed by this power. One day, everyone will rise as a single man to say no to this military clique in power. This is what Urnhitamwoneza continues to make the Burundian people understand that as long as this military clique is still on power in Burundi, no justice, never peace or development. We must therefore imagine all the strategies to get it out of this power and bring its members to the competent jurisdictions to be judged for the crimes committed.


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