Burundi: When Joe Biden makes a false reading of human rights situation in Burundi

Burundi: When Joe Biden makes a false reading of human rights situation in Burundi
Joe Biden, President of the United States of America, 19 November 2021, has cancelled the sanctions imposed by his country for Burundi and some Burundian leaders since 2015. This decision arrived at the time the secretary general of the CNDDFDD, Reverien Ndikuriyo, had just declared publicly, on November 16, 2021 in Mpanda commune, Bubanza province, at the opening of the Week dedicated to the CNDDFDD Combatant, that his militia Imbonerakure quickly kills anyone suspected of wanting to disrupt the security of the country. In other words, he has accepted publicly, and with pride, that the different corpses found here and there in the country are the work of the Imbonerakure militia under his responsibility. And that does not just release Ndikuriyo, but all the CNDDFDD power system since 2005.
It is then amazing and surprising to see as proof of the US decision that the situation has evolved in Burundi. We give some illustrative cases to demonstrate the opposite.
The corpse of Nibigira Claude, a member of the CNL, was found on November 09, 2021 in a valley in Buterere, a few kilometres from the economic capital Bujumbura. He had been removed a few days before by the members of the Imbonerakure militia. The family had the chance to see his corpse and bury him with dignity before the administrators do not bury him before his identification as he is usually anywhere in the country when a corpse is discovered. On June 30, 2021, a young man named Baserukiye Bernardin was shot by the police at home in Kivumu, commune Mugamba, Province Bururi on behalf of the Commissioner Communal Arakaza Moise Alias Nyegenyega. This young person had just been released by presidential grace. There are only two illustrative examples, one concerning the Imbonerakure militia and the other members of the police, among the many cases of extrajudicial executions. For enforced disappearances, we can mention the case of Elie Ngomirakiza, this representative of the CNL in the municipality of Mutimbuzi, which has been removed in the open day on the road Bubanza by Lieutenant Colonel Aron Ndayishimiye and leads aboard his vehicle military in the Nature Reserve of the Rukoko whose corpse has never seen even.
The different human rights organizations in Burundi continue to release reports that the United States are aware. For example, Acat Burundi’s report released in July 2021 speaks of 17 killed and corpses found, 13 missing, 37 arbitrary arrests. That of 2 September 2021 speaks of 24 people killed, 02 people missing and 30 arbitrary arrests during the month of August 2021; SOS Torture, in its report No. 279 from 10 to 17 April 2021 gives a figure of 11 people killed; 08 injured; 03 Arrest and arbitrary detentions; O1 Case of minor rape. The only ITEKA league has been inventoried since the arrival of Evariste Ndayishimiye, 791 people killed including 384 corpses found, 149 rape, 114 tortured and 1166 cases of arbitrary arrests. In early November 2021, in its report ‘behind the grids: recrudescence of cases of torture and disappearance’ ‘, the Human Rights Initiative in Burundi, IDHB, has described an alarming situation of human rights violations since April 2021. It shows that despite the good speeches of Evariste NdayShimiye, cases of arbitrary arrests, forced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, torture, multiply in Burundi. Let’s finish this letter from 43 national and international human rights organizations, transmitted on August 18, 2021, to the UN Human Rights Council to alert on human rights violations in Burundi and ask for the extension of the mandate of the UN Human Rights Observation team in Burundi. These organizations emphasized that more than 170 people have been killed since May 2021; Many arbitrary arrests and imprisonments and more than 100 enforced disappearances. Yet the Office of the UN Special Envoy in Burundi closed 31mai 2021.
Mr. The President Joe Biden, we believe that saying that the situation in Burundi has improved, that the transfer of power after the 2020 election was calm, say that President Ndayishimiye is making remarkable reforms and Deciding to cancel the sanctions imposed on the country and the leaders who were accused of serious human rights violations means neither less nor more make a bad decision on the basis of a bad analysis of the situation. Even a child of primary school who is interested in what is happening in Burundi can find a thousand arguments to demonstrate that there has never been improvement in all the country’s life sectors since the arrival at Power of Evariste Ndayishimiye. The only change he has marked is to travel outside the country. Positive or negative? The answer is to be qualified. Some believe that the meagre resources of the country are spent in these multiple non-productive displacements. Others think that at least the international community feels that there is a certain opening over former Pierre Nkurunziza. But more than once, this president said nonsense who dirty the image of the country. Nobody is unaware that the elections were cheated by the military clique in power and that the terror it has imposed on the people who voted for change justifies what you call the transfer of power in peace. The reforms of Evariste Ndayishimiye are still at the level of the words. Unless the president Biden appreciates the good statements of intentions that do not materialize by actions.
URN Hitamwoneza that does not doubt at any moment of the research and analysis of the situation of the Americans, is astonished and regrets the decision of President Joe Biden. This is undoubtedly a political decision taken for the interest of the United States of America, but which has very dangerous repercussions on the Burundian people. The decree of Joe Biden was signed on November 18, 2021, and November 19, 2021, all the Imbonerakure and the great criminals of the CNDDFDD were celebrating; and especially that they were in their so-called ‘’fighter week’’ started on November 16, 2021. The CNDDFDD leaders directly sent a secret message to their Imbonerakure militia, the Intelligence Service, SNR and the Services of the Army and police who are in charge of the work to remove and execute those they call  » enemies of the country  » (probably political opponents) to tell them that it is a total victory that the US has recognized implicitly that there are no serious violations of human rights in Burundi. The decision of the President Biden is therefore a kind of encouragement of the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye to continue killing who he wants and when he wants in total impunity.
We allow ourselves to ask a few questions to the Americans and to their President Joe Biden. When a single American is killed by a terrorist or by a state service member, all the services of the country are alert until the criminal is arrested. Do the Burundians who are killed every day by state services and who are thrown into the tied rivers have no value in your eyes? Your information services know that what rights organizations and some media report write each day is a reality. How many Burundians do you want to see dying before taking seriously what human rights organizations write every day? Mr. President Joe Biden, are you ready to take responsibility for the crimes that will soon be committed by the CNDDFDD Imbonerakure militia supported by the US taxpayer’s money that you want to give to CNDDFDD’s criminal power?
Americans have always been guarantor of respect for human rights in the world, including fighting terrorism. Do not the Burundians’ rights concern you? Yes, it is a small country, very poor, the poorest in the world. But, the universal declaration tells us that all men are equal before the law. It is unjust to publicly deliver Burundians to CNDDFDD criminals. Wise Salomon said that  » practicing justice made the greatness of a nation, injustice shames peoples  » (Proverb 14: 34)

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