Burundi: Neither the bodies nor the spirits of criminals never rest in peace

Burundi: Neither the bodies nor the spirits of criminals never rest in peace
It is not for lack of respect to the dead one allows this language that can shock; It is to show how unnecessary and sense of believing itself powerful and killing, torturing, trailing and forcing to the exile of the innocent believers that we will remain powerful or apart from this life on earth, we will continue to reign.
We do not accuse anyone either, we are content with his own public testimonials. This is the President Pierre Nkurunziza whose grave built in Gitega was completely destroyed on November 18, 2021. From his lifetime, he said he killed a child who always returned to him in dreams. It may be he who prevented him from sleeping, but he may have killed much more than the only child. Although he would not have killed others with his own hands, all these innocent (students encountered in the dormitories, children, old and old killed in their sleep in the sites of the displaced or at home, these people removed in Transport vehicles etc ..), killed during the CNDDFDD rebellion weighed and may still weigh on its shoulders. Their spirits continue to shout and accuse him where they are. Has he asked God forgive before his death? Would he have been forgiven? We cannot say it. Thomas Corneille said  » who saves a criminal takes care of his crime  ». Christians know that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. He agreed to die for us. Even though he would have asked God forgiveness, it would be difficult for him to take care of his crimes at the time we know that he did not ask for forgiveness to the bereaved families; The latter did not forgive Pierre Nkurunziza and all these criminals who were lying to the opinion they are fighting for the return to democracy as they had planned only the genocide of Tutsis. They forgot that we do not lie to God, he who is everywhere and who sees everything, until the thoughts of our hearts.
Let’s go back to the destruction of the monument built at the last residence of former President Pierre Nkurunziza. The question we arise is knowing what is the basis of this destruction. Officially, it was destroyed by a torrential rain that fell on the city of Gitega. But, the other buildings around have not been affected. Why did this rain damage the only last residence of former president and supreme guide for patriotism? The first hypothesis would be the anger of the altogether against his own crimes committed by his lifetime, wanting to stay in power, but also against the different crimes that his successor and the CNDDFDD system continued to commit, Bible in the hand. They never cease to lie to the opinion they have put God forward, they organize prayer crusades in different provinces; What is very serious, some go up with women and girls to commit adultery. We can deceive men, but we never deceive God. The second hypothesis, this time technical, is that concrete irons, cement and other materials used for the construction of this monument have been insufficient or poor quality. Money unlocked to build hard would have been diverted and they would have built with inadequate material. It is the CNDDFDD system to give markets to incapable or corrupt, provided they are only members of this party; And this remains unpunished. Which allows itself to steal the construction equipment of a simple monument cannot stop to steal the construction equipment of an electric dam or a school. The President Ndayishimiye said that corruption and economic malpractice gangrene all the cnddfdd system; that judicial services are more than others.
URN Hitamwoneza remains convinced that everything has time, everything has a beginning and an end. Even though the CNDDFDD system keeps singing that it will remain in power until Jesus’ return to earth, the mysterious death of their supreme guide of patriotism (some say he would have been poisoned by Evariste Ndayishimiye who wanted to exercise freely his Power, others say that he died of coronavirus), the mysterious destruction of his grave, so many signs that do not deceive the next fall of this criminal system. Members of the military clique and the death squads used to bend the families of Tutsis and the Hutus of the opposition, must prepare morally for the prison to answer the crimes they committed if they are lucky to escape popular anger and that of God. Time will tell us.

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