Burundi: The Arusha Agreement is a public danger for the sub region

Burundi: The Arusha Agreement is a public danger for the sub region
This statement comes from the experienced politician Charles Mukasi. It was during one of the emissions  » ico utari uzi  » (which you did not know) of the online radio (https://zeno.fm/radio-inkinzo/) inkinzo fm. For him, we have two antagonistic agreements, that of Lusaka and Arusha’s. The first has not been signed by Burundi and Tanzania, the second endorsed that racism and genocide are the main guides of the policy that should lead Burundi and that its defenders remain unpunished; Which is not done anywhere else in the world.
And Deogratias Niyonzima to add that these so-called agreements have never been compromised between the different political actors who were in Arusha. Nobody signed inequality agreements between Burundians. The 40% places for Tutsi compared to 60% for Hutu in Parliament and the government and 50% -50% in defence and security forces have not found consensus among all political actors in Arusha. They have been forced to sign with reservations (which have never been discussed) late at night, a document prepared by Jean Minani, representative of the Frodebu and the other satellite parties and Pierre Buyoya and his entourage (which represented the power of Bujumbura). Unfortunately, the two parties believed to represent Hutus and Tutsis while none of the two groups gave them this mandate.
For Degoratias Niyonzima who attended all these talks, two ideas were advanced: the Frodebu and its satellite parties asked for the return to democracy, after the assassination of Melchior Ndadaye by a group of military. The other party asked rather than the genocide committed by FRODEBU members be punished. Anyone involved in one way or another in the 1993 Tutsis genocide should not participate in the future institutions that should be put in place after these negotiations.
Fortunate was to note that President Buyoya’s team and that of the Mandela Foundation have done everything for these negotiations to lead to a text of agreement totally boring the impunity of crimes and putting on the political scene the Frodebu who had committed the 1993 tutsi genocide, when it should normally be presented to the International Criminal Tribunal. That’s what they called  » the peace process ».
Charles Mukasi finds rather that the different negotiations that took place: that of San Egidio, from Mwanza, of Arusha, had only the goal of destroying the national army (accused of being mono ethnic Tutsi and having decapitated democracy) to bring the Hutus into. A way to give legitimacy to the genocidaires of the FRODEBU-CNDDFDD (the members of the Frodebu committed the genocide of Tutsis of 1993, then joined the rebellion to continue this genocide pretending to defend democracy within the CNDFDD)
This politician believes that justice is the best way to arrive at lasting peace. Burundi needs an international tribunal to judge all the guilty without exception and exclude them from the political scene. It is only in this way that we will be able to uproot the ideology of racism and genocide so that Burundians live equal before the law, that there is no Burundian with 40% or 60% rights as the Arusha Agreement that was misused « Arusha for Peace and Reconciliation Agreement in Burundi. His name says it well: it is an agreement of Arusha, and not an agreement between Burundians. That may be the reason why the CNDDFDD in power did not want to apply it after former President Pierre Buyoya offered them the power over a golden dish by refusing to sign the Lusaka and privileging agreements of the impunity of crimes with the Arusha agreements. Unfortunately, CNDFDD’s military clique to power has made it hurt;  » It’s the horse you fat that you bite you  »; we say.
Degoratias Niyonzima believes that despite the sufferings that Burundians have endured and they endure again, we must keep hope because sooner or later, the truth will eventually triumph over the lie, the good will end up overcoming evil.

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