Burundi: CNDFDD’s military click to be very disappointed by the renewal of economic sanctions by the EU

Burundi: CNDFDD’s military click to be very disappointed by the renewal of economic sanctions by the EU
The decision fell like a love at first sight on the criminal power of Gitega who had fed a lot of hope that these sanctions would finally be lifted at the latest before the end of this year 2021. It is to their surprise that they have taken the bad news of maintaining on Burundi economic sanctions by EU (European Union).
His hope was founded on the one hand on the assurance he had already received from the countries of the European Union, and on sanctions already lifted by the United States of America on the other.
Indeed, after the hearing that President Evariste Ndayishimiye had granted the representative of the EU in Burundi, Claude Bochu, the Presidency of Republic stated that Claude Bochu has announced the decision to revoke section 96 suspending financial cooperation with Burundi. The lifting of sanctions against Burundi and some personalities involved in the serious violations of human rights by the US gave more strength to the power of Gitega which began to believe that he has just gained a very important battle. The squadrons of the death of Criminal power of Gitega have celebrated, believing that the international community would put in the oblivion all the crimes they committed. The announcement of the renewal measure of the European penalties has discouraged all the criminals of Gitega and their supporters because they hoped to be able to return currencies that they lack in a shouting way. As a sign of discontent, the power of Gitega would have returned at the beginning of next year a session of the political dialogue with the Europeans planned in November 2021, according to the RFI.
Maintaining economic sanctions against the power of Gitega is not enough; Other more draconian measures should be considered for criminals to leave power and be presented in court so that they are judged and sentenced. Otherwise, there is no way to expect respect for human rights in Burundi as long as the CNDDFDD system is still in power. Everyone begins to realize it: with the arrival of Evariste Ndayishimiye who has started directly to flood the opinion of the attractive speeches, the naivest thought he was going to change things. It is in this context that even the EU and the other partners began to consider the lifting of sanctions or the resumption of cooperation with Burundi. But, this hope has spent the time of the dew because it has been noted with regret that the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye kills more than the former Pierre Nkurunziza did it. The power that always comes from this system would do the same.
The reason is simple: there is a group of people within the system that has a lot of blood on their hands and have a lot of money, who know that if things changed in Burundi, their place would be directly in prison, and a prison for life. The death penalty abolished in Burundi is practiced every day by the same criminals in power over innocent Burundians, wrongly accused of wanting to oust on this power. People are kidnapped in public day by some SNR or police or army agents; Their corpses are found some time after in the rivers or in the tides, faces disfigured or unrecognizable and the administration is eager to bury them without any attempt to identify. This is a well-established plan by the military clique in power and well executed by the death squadrons set up and maintained in order to exterminate all those who dare to raise a little finger to say what is wrong in the country.
URN Hitamwoneza once again applies to the Burundian people to always document these cases of extrajudicial executions and if possible well targeting the first leads because sooner or later, these people will be put before the courts and will respond from their actions. Today, they feel strong, tomorrow they will no longer be and the end of their life will be very unhappy. The good will end up overcoming evil.

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