Burundi: Why the NU rapport S/ 1996/682 of August 22, 1996 has not been implemented?

Burundi: Why the NU rapport S/ 1996/682 of August 22, 1996 has not been implemented?
Aldo Ayelo said, « We cannot talk about genocide because the negotiations would stop before starting  »; And he added: « We imposed the embargo in Burundi to convince Tutsis to accept the negotiations  ». Monseigneur Simon Ntamwana said:  » The international community must do something strong enough to force Tutsis to negotiate  ». Sylvestre Nibantunganya said to President Yoweri Museveni, in an interview:  » The FDD rebels went to make attacks in the province of Bururi where there are many Tutsis, to convince Tutsis and forcing them to negotiate  ». In his press conference in Switzerland, Adrien Sibomana said:  » We must not criticize the Frodebu, it is necessary to help it get out of his situation  ».
These sentences come from the mouth of a seasoned politician, Charles Mukasi, who remembers very well of what the different authorities of the time of the years followed the genocide of Tutsis in 1993. We have captured it in the program ‘’ICO utari uzi’ ‘(what you did not know) from the online radio inkinzo FM (https://zeno.fm/radio-inkinzo/) of the urnhitamwoneza organization. The United Nations Report S / 1996/682 of August 22, 1996 confirms that this genocide of Tutsis in 1993 has been planned and executed by FRODEBU power.
This report could not in any way be implemented by the same power, but what seems incomprehensible for some is to see the power of former President Pierre Buyoya put in the drawers this report; Some documents would have even been lowly torn and burned. And all this for the interest of what has been called  » peace process  » (Umugambi w’Amahoro). What peace process? Who resulted in what? Where is peace in Burundi? Everyone can give his answer
But know that, according to Charles Mukasi, who was the same political party than President Pierre Buyoya, this one had refused to take the opposition lead after his failure to the presidential elections of 1993. He said in a meeting of the executive committee, in which Charles Mukasi took part :  » I am not from those who are asked to fight the Frodebu  ». Thus, many people, members of the Uprona, have been imprisoned for just title the Frodebu a genocidal party. The public media also had the order not to call it as well
Yet Degoratias Niyonzima will show black on white in this show how the Frodebu committed the genocide of Tutsis in 1993. All the administration of the Government of Frodebu, from the base at the summit, was mobilized and mobilized the hutue population to exterminate all Tutsis for that, they said, the Hutus who will be born later could ask what a Tutsi of Burundi looked like. Genocidaires, having not managed 100% their project, turned into a fighting force, FDD, saying to defend democracy. Their goal was simply to complete the genocide started in 1993 and this project is still in vogue until today.
Former President Buyoya and his entourage have not only buried this United Nations report, they also refused to sign the Lusaka Agreement which asked for the destruction of all negative forces in the region and organizations of the same ideology; All this to put in the oblivion of the genocide of Tutsis and legitimize the Frodebu whose members should rather be convicted for this crime. The latter were rather put on the political scene and even negotiated, a side the representatives of Buyoya power, the triumphal return in the institutions of the rebel groups which did not conquered any square meters of the territory if it is only killing innocent in their sleep, in schools, the sites of displaced or on the roads. And it’s called  » peace process  ». It was concluded by a racist agreement (inequality of the rights of Burundians), an impunity agreement (one were accused of killing President Ndadaye and the others had committed genocide = autoamnisty). This was called  » Arusha Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Burundi, will tell us Charles Mukasi
The two politicians captured in the emission  » ico utari uzi  » (what you did not know), do not chew the words by concluding that the best peace process, the most profitable and the most efficient, it is the justice. For them, the International Criminal Tribunal should do its investigations and condemn all those who had committed diverse crimes and destroy all racist and genocidal organizations so that only those who had clean hands could lead the country and bring it to a real consensual democracy (not the democracy of the machete).

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