Burundi: URN Hitamwoneza draws up a largely positive record after 5 years of fighting against genocide

Burundi: URN Hitamwoneza draws up a largely positive record after 5 years of fighting against genocide
JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE ! Happy Birthday to URN (Union for the Rebirth of the Nation = Union pour la renaissance de la Nation). These are the wishes that friends and acquaintances address, on December 9, 2021, to the Organization Urnhitamwoneza and its leaders and members, at the moment when they blow the 5 candles at the very animated song  » happy birthday  ».
URN today welcomes the not crossed in its mission to combat genocide and ideology, in Burundi in particular and in the Great Lakes region in general. It would be lying to say that the fight has been won; The fight against the genocide and its ideology is a continuous fight, it is difficult to extract and completely empty this poison of the blood from those who have had it in the breast of their mothers. Some battles were still won with the few ways at his disposal.
Urn has taken up the first days to take up all the names of the victims and executioners of the Genocide of Tutsis by the members of the Frodebu in 1993, after the assassination by a group of military, of President Melchior Ndadaye. The organization was able to obtain reports of investigations made by several human rights organizations of the time (which no longer exist), completed them and enriched by its own investigations to make it a great document in which we find complete identifications of 90% of the victims of this genocide, hill by hill, and their executioners. We are preparing to broadcast them on our ‘’INKINZO FM’’ radio from the beginning of the year that begins. We have been waiting, in vain, that justice does its job to stop these criminals. At least we want to bring them to the knowledge of the opinion so that they do not continue to be passed for saints while they are wolves always ready to devour children of the country.
We would not have dared to speak of Genocide of Tutsis 1993 by the Frodebu without having Report S / 1996/682 of August 22, 1996 made by a United Nations team, only competent to qualify it as such. We then have done our best, by our articles, our emissions and declarations, to awaken Burundians and the international community to read and establish this report which has been put into oblivion by the powers that have followed one another to promote the impunity that is the basis of all the misfortunes that Burundi knows until today.
How? If all the criminals who have killed people in order to exterminate Tutsis or Hutus since independence until today had been regularly dismissed from Burundian society, it would have had, for example, planners and performers of the Tutsis massacre in 1972, he would not have had blind repression of the Micombero power on the Hutus; If all those who had some responsibility in what happened in 1972 had been severely punished, he may not have had 73, 88, 90, and especially 1993; If all those who had some responsibility in the assassination of President Melchior Ndadaye and in the genocide of Tutsis who followed had been put outside the Burundian society by justice, he may not have had CNDDFDD and all the misfortunes he has caused and continues to cause the Burundian people today.
Our vision being to build a sustainable and development society for all, we remain convinced that there is no peace without justice, no peace without knowing the truth of the facts of history and present facts deliberately hidden by criminal powers for their interests. It is for this reason that our organization urnhitamwoneza has an online radio (https://zeno.fm/radio-inkinzo/), which, in its program  » Ico Utari uzi ‘‘(what you didn’t know) gives the Word to all actors in the political life of Burundi, historians, witnesses, researchers etc … to tell us the truth that many do not dare to say about the historical and present facts of our society. It is a work that faces many obstacles because the truth is injured a lot of actors in Burundi’s politics in the past because some have played some role, others have relatives or friends directly involved in the different Crises that shook our country. These do everything that is to their power so that the truth drops in broad daylight. They will try to silence Urn Hitamwoneza by all means. They are very delicate; They were able to hide the truth of their time; but everything will be at the scope of the opinions today.
We start from December 9, 2021, another year of the organization’s existence with a determination to pursue our mission tirelessly. We will continue research, to witnesses, victims and executioners of the 1993 genocide until the most inventory. The famous CVR of Pierre Claver Ndayicariye and his boss Evariste Ndayishimiye who continues to dig up their remains that they are bones of Hutus from 1972, will show us one day when these Tutsis were buried. We will also continue to denounce by all our means of communication the pursuit of the genocide of Tutsis and the Hutus of the opposition that is done by the CNDFDD in power, in collaboration with the organizations of the same ideology as the FDLR / FLN which start disrupting the neighbouring Rwanda under the complicity of the CNDDFDD power system. The international community must know the true face of this criminal power of Gitega and that it reserves a consequent treatment in their bilateral and multilateral relations. We will not spare all these hidden employees of the CNDDFDD, from the inside and from the outside, who are passed for opponents while they have the mission to stifle in the egg any effort of true opponents aiming for to be removed from this power this handful of CNDFDD men and women who takes hostage all the Burundian people who wanted to live together in peace. Our determination goes so far as to seek, from this moment, to establish a list of all the victims and their executioners, if possible, of crimes that the CNDDFDD system has committed since it is in power in 2005 until now. It is a very difficult job because many people kidnapped by some members of the Imbonerakure militia, the SNR, the police and the army, were killed, their bodies thrown into the rivers, related to large stones, for that they do not go back to the surface before their total decomposition; Others have been quickly buried by the administration without identification. But, we will approach theirs to know their identifications. We will finally continue, through the emission  » Ico utari Uzi ‘of radio inkinzo FM, to enrich you in the knowledge of the truth ever so called the historical and present facts that have marked our society.
We would like to thank all the political actors and those of civil society, all the wise, real Bashingantahe, who give us, without chewing the words, the truth about the past of our dear nation to share with all our listeners. Our thanks also go to all our readers and auditors who continue to encourage us in this work so much for the future of this young generation and those who will follow.
We say to all, happy birthday. He is also yours.

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