Burundi: The Great Lakes sub region still remains under the threat of a large-scale genocide

Burundi: The Great Lakes sub region still remains under the threat of a large-scale genocide
At the moment the world celebrated, on December 10, 2021, the 73rd anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; In Burundi, the military clique to power undertook, on the face of the whole world, to pursue relentlessly, the violations of human rights in total impunity. It is Albert Shingiro, Minister in charge of external relations and the cooperation that implicitly announced it by declaring before the accredited ambassadors in Bujumbura that Burundi would never accept that the Special Rapporteur of Human Rights sent by the United Nations puts its foot in Burundi. He explicitly wanted to say that Burundi does not need observers; That he wants to continue killing, to torture, to remove and imprison who he wants without any constraint as he does today.
We said it and we are entitled to repeat it, that the international community in general and some particular states and organizations often make poor reading of the human rights situation in Burundi. Most of them are content with the good intentions of President Evariste Ndayishimiye and dare to say that it is on the right path to positively change things in Burundi; Yet they are in vain the realization of his words.
However, human rights organizations continue to draw up and make available to the opinion of the catastrophic balance of Evariste Ndayishimiye power in respect of human rights. For example, ACAT Burundi has just shown that since June 18, 2020, since the accession to the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye, until 4 December 2021, 828 people were killed, including 399 corpses discovered here and there in the country; 94 were missing; 157 were raped; 124 were tortured, 19 extrajudicial executions and 1186 arbitrary imprisonments. This is the macabre balance sheet in terms of violation of human rights in Burundi under the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye. Many observers continue to say that Evariste Ndayishimiye kills more than his predecessor, former Pierre Nkurunziza.
Indeed, it is not an individual who kills; it is the CNDDFDD system that has a genocide project in its program. The one who will follow Evariste Ndayishimiye will do the same.
It is the same system that continues to fire prisons to perish Tutsis and Hutus of the opposition he has unfairly imprisoned because he has not had a favourable opportunity to eliminate them. The proof is the smile on Ndirakobuca Gervais alias Ndakugarika’s lips, the Super Minister of the Interior, Security and Community Development at the time of parents cried their burned children in Gitega Prison; Then thrown at night by the same power in common pits away from any look instead of giving these bodies remains to their families for a funeral. And no one dares to raise the little finger to denounce a serious violation of the rights of Burundians.
It is the same system, represented by some officers whose names will be revealed soon, who have negotiated training centres of the Imbonerakure militia in the DRC and who have signed self-help and collaboration agreements with genocidal extremist groups such as FDLR / FLN that committed the irreparable in neighbouring Rwanda, as well as other Congolese extremist groups that swallow in eastern DRC.
When Hutus racist and extremist organizations cease to hunt Tutsis in the sub region? The death of a Congolese officer of Banyamulenge origin is an eloquent example. It is shocking to hear that a Congolese army officer has descended from a vehicle, alongside others, by a group of people, and that he is killed alone, without even attempt to defence by His friends, for the mere fact that he is original Tutsi Banyamulenge. It reminds the tactics of the CNDDFDD when it was still the rebellion. Instead of tackling the security forces, the criminals of this movement stretched ambushes on the roads, stopped transport vehicles and went down these vehicles of Tutsis to kill them
It will also be remembered from the vehicle, in November 2021, food for displaced Banyamulenge which was burned in the Bibogobogo area in the DRC by a group of extremists who also killed 4 people on board and a biker who was behind the vehicle. All this in order to kill these Tutsis Banyamulenge, moved by groups May May associated with some members of the Imbonerakure Militia of the CNDDFDD and Interahamwe FDLR who burned their homes and looted their cows. That no one forgets, to close this register, that the genocidal power of Gitega has categorically refused, in October 2021, that the same Banyamulenge, chased by criminals May May, put their feet on the Burundian territory to take refuge. It is implicitly saying that it is complicit with those who mistreat them in the eastern mountains of the DRC
Urnhitamwoneza will never cease to remind Burundians and the international community that the CNDFDD system, trained at the base by FRODEBU members who committed the genocide of Tutsis in 1993, will never leave Burundians in peace without a genocide at large scale he has in his plan does not realize. That is why it rallies to other racist and extremist organizations such as the FDLR/ FLN, May May and others. No need to remember that the staff of these genocidal extremist groups is in Burundi. We allow ourselves to the countries seeking to build relations with the criminal power of Gitega, which to give any support to this power is synonymous with associating the criminals and that they must prepare to assume all the consequences which will come from the implementation of the genocide in preparation. For Burundians to know that hunting power the CNDDFDD military clique is the only cure for cancer that gnaws through Burundi and Burundians. Everyone must give his contribution to get there. Together, we can save our country.

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