Burundi: The Arusha Agreement is a racist agreement that has never been a consensus of Burundians

Burundi: The Arusha Agreement is a racist agreement that has never been a consensus of Burundians
This statement is not from Urnhitawoneza; Rather, it comes from two eminent politicians: Charles Mukasi and Alphonse Rugambarara. The latter has even participated in the different negotiations that resulted in this agreement. These ideas were captured in the emission  » ico utari uzi  » (what you did not know) of the  » Online radio  » inkinzo FM  » (https://zeno.fm/radio-inkinzo/ )
Alphonse Rugambarara states that the agreement in itself is not bad; He used to solve problems of the moment, he was not read well and applied in his spirit and in his letter. He states, however, that the document they have signed to Arusha has not been consensus for participants. The text to be signed has been presented too late in the night while they did not read it. He had been written by the teams of former President Pierre Buyoya and Jean Minani. The two were supposed to represent Tutsis and Hutus who had not mandated them.
According to Alphonse Rugambarara, they had time to read the text to sign and agreed to sign on a few reserves to discuss the return to Bujumbura; What has never been done. He stressed that the reservations were released by both parties; G7 and G10.
A racist agreement, will say Charles Mukasi who considers that the text, not only that it is contrary to the Charter of the National Unity which has been initiated by the former president Pierre Buyoya and who failed, as it himself has wiped unnamed failure by giving the power to the CNDDFDD on a golden plate; The agreement is racist because it divides Burundians into ethnic groups and gives them different rights and duties. Sharing power or positions of responsibility between 40% -60% or 50% against 50% between Hutus and Tutsis in institutions is only racism; Charles Mukasi insists in his remarks. The result of any work done in this direction will always be negative because the principle of right person in the right place is totally put aside.
This experienced politician who does not chew his words by spading the pure truth even if it may angry some, go farther by declaring that the Arusha agreement was a manoeuvre to give power to criminals. That is to say, on the one hand, putting on the political scene the Frodebu whose members had committed the genocide of Tutsis in 1993 (here there was agreement of impunity because auto amnesty between the Frodebu who committed the genocide of the Tutsis and the assassins of President Melchior Ndadaye) and on the other hand allow the CNDDFDD to return triumphantly while it did not conquer any portion of the territory; The only battles he won throughout his fight was to kill the children in schools, old men and old women in their sleep at home, displaced defenceless in sites and passengers in transport bus, after having Selected Tutsis to kill. Here, it should always be remembered that the CNDDFDD only continued the genocide of Tutsis that had been started by the members of the Frodebu in 1993 (see NU Report S/ 1996/682 of August 22, 1996). Not having managed to exterminate all the Tutsis as planned, it was the same 1993 genocidaires who took the path of the rebellion be saying to restore and defend democracy as the goal was to continue and complement this genocide. These are the different acts they posed on the ground that attest. Until today, while they have power in hand, only the ideology of genocide circulates in their veins. It is for this reason that they associate with other racist and genocidal organizations such as the FDLR/ FLN who committed the genocide of Rwandan Tutsis in 1993 and continue to try to disrupt the safety of peaceful citizens in Rwanda; The CNDDFDD system also associates with babembe, May May, criminal groups operating in Congolese territory, to chase the Congolese Tutsi Banyamulenge. Among these genocidal groups are members of the Imbonerakure militia sent by the CNDDFDD system to say to seek and combat rebel groups that would be in the DRC and who would intend to attack Burundi. The tactic to tender ambushes on transport vehicles and bring up Tutsis to kill them (which has just been used by the Babembe Groups in the Tanganyika sector in Fizi territory on December 9, 2021 and who killed Major Rugererewa Kaminzobe Joseph, a member of Banyamulenge of DRC army), is the same who was used by the CNDDFDD during the period of the rebellion. Everyone remembers that the military clique on power refused that the Banyamulenges chased by these criminals take refuge in Burundi in October 2021
Urnhitamwoneza is on the side of all those who are convinced that any peace process that will be based on impunity will never happen to lasting peace in Burundi. All these criminals should be judged and punished in accordance with the law instead of considering them as reliable partners with whom the future of the country must be constructed. It is this impunity that Burundi still remains in a cycle of endless violence because it is the same criminals that have remained political actors considered in Burundian society and continued their ideology of genocide until today. As long as those criminals will not yet be arrested and judged, Burundi and the sub region will remain in trouble. To each of giving his contribution to get them in the place that suits them.

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