Burundi: As long as the CNDDFDD system will be on power, Burundi will remain on the bottom of the world in all areas

Burundi: As long as the CNDDFDD system will be on power, Burundi will remain on the bottom of the world in all areas
This observation comes from a very simple fact that complements so many others who are regularly identified by independent organs who observe with a critical eye what is done by the power of Gitega. This is a report from the World Bank that has just shown that Burundi is the last country in East Africa, in Africa in general and around the world to have vaccinated very few citizens from the Pandemic of COVID19. On a reverse pyramid that shows the percentage of vaccinated in relation to the population of each country, it is found that Rwanda is at the head with 73%, followed by Botwsana with 61% and the Comoros with 60%, while Burundi is at low scale with 0%. It is preceded by the DRC with 0%, itself preceded by Chad with 2%, South Sudan with 2%; Tanzania and Burkina Faso with 3%; Cameroon, Sudan, Niger with 4%; Mali and Nigeria with 5% etc …. This is a classification at Africa level. At the global level, Israel is found with 95.1%, then comes the United Arab Emirates with 60.9%; United Kingdom with 31.4% and the United States of America with 23.2%. The last of this ranking done in March 2021 is China with 3.6%, then comes, up, Brazil with 3.9% and France with 7.2% etc.
Let’s go back to Burundi where even if the new variant of Covid19,  » Omicron  », is not yet discovered, nothing says there is not yet. It has been recently detected in Uganda and it is known that there is regular traffic between the two countries.
The new health minister in Burundi announced yesterday on the media that there is an increase in COVID contamination cases without being able to give the exact numbers. In the Bujumbura city or in other urban centres, there is an increase in the numbers of people tested positive at COVID19. The situation seems to worry the authorities so much that the Inspector General of the Police, Fréderic Budomo, released a circular asking the police to redouble energy by requiring the implementation of the barriers against COVID19. His letter insists on karaoke’s and nightclubs as if they are the only places that promote the spread of the virus compared to others. Yet in churches, markets, parties, public transport that includes a lot of people, no particular instruction has been given.
In addition, the Mayor of the city of Bujumbura has just released a memo reminiscent of the main barriers to observe. However, as the Minister of Health has seen in his tour in different public places in the economic capital Bujumbura, these measures have never been respected and will never be because there is no determination of the authorities to enforce the measures taken in this area. The great obstacle is first that they do not respect these measures. We saw Prime Minister Allain Guillaume Bunyoni in the Church of Rock this Sunday, December 12, 2021 without mask, in an immense audience without any protection against Covid 19. Everyone pretended as if this pandemic does not exist in Burundi. How do you want if the authority does not give an example, the people can realize the dangerousness of this scourge? What does it take to make the military clique in power that the leader is always an example? If they dare to say things to which they do not believe themselves (because do not want to put into works these measures), that they cease to deceive the opinion just to have aid from the international community. Everywhere else in the world, authorities have been observed to set an example by being vaccinated against Covid19, a way of mobilizing all the people to take the vaccine. In Burundi, forced to take the vaccines offered free by international organizations, the members of the military clique in power have said:  » bring the vaccine, we will show you where to deposit it, will take who will want  ». What kind of arrogance! This is the own CNDFDD chefs without vision.
URN Hitamwoneza would like to grasp this opportunity to win a wink to the Burundian population. This is not the first time you find that you do not have leaders. You have not even chosen them; They imposed themselves with physical strength. Do not wait anything from them. It’s up to you to take your destiny in hand. COVID19 is a global pandemic that makes mutations regularly and propagates quickly. Always be vigilant by observing all barrier measurements. In these Christmas and end-of-year holiday periods, always wear your masks everywhere; Avoid large gatherings; Get yourself with disinfectants and etc. That everyone observes in his own way these measures without waiting for the requirements of the CNDDFDD click who cares only of his personal interests. This is why our country is last of the world in all areas. We are waiting for a favourable opportunity to get rid of this CNDFDD system and its military clique to power that has only ruined our country since they are business. It is in this way that we will finally be able to review a united Burundi where there is a lasting peace for all and where the long-desired social development becomes a reality. To everyone to play to get there

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