Burundi: The fire of the central prison of Gitega remains a mystery

Burundi: The fire of the central prison of Gitega remains a mystery
An accident or a crime? The history will tell us. On the morning of December 7, 2021, a violent fire ravaged the central prison of Gitega doing a lot of material and humans damage. The media were not allowed to enter, even the public media, told us the sources on site. At the arrival of the Vice President of the Republic, Prosper Bazombanza, he announced, without having made no investigation, that the origin of the fire is a short circuit caused by anarchic connections and that 38 prisoners are dead and 69 other wounded.
The rest of the events was strange: the calcined corpses were put in black bags and embedded in vehicles to bury them in common pits at night. These are the witnesses who have seen these trucks that have said. No identification of victims has been made; No member of the families of the missing has been called to recover the rest of the bodies of the victims to bury them with dignity. Six people were imprisoned for having dared to go to ask the corpses of theirs to bury them with dignity. What did the authorities hide behind this fire? Mystery!
The information that happened from everywhere after the fire spoke of many deaths in terms of hundreds. In a prison that had a capacity of only 400 people, there were 1539 prisoners. In addition, when the fire broke out, the information coming from the prison reports that the police, instead of thinking about saving human lives, they were doing everything for anyone to go out to escape. It is said, according to some sources, that there are at least two rooms each containing more than 100 people where almost no one could get out, exempted some elements that could have climbed the walls. The information disseminated by the Iteka League on December 16, 2021 was talking about 345 prisoners who died in this fire and more than 100 wounded.
The fact of rushing to talk about the numbers of the victims, bury them in a hiding at night without having drawn up the dead and warn their families hide the true source of the fire. Electrical facilities specialists are clear that the short circuit would not have caused as much damage. What makes to think on a state crime; it could be the work of CNDDFDD power, which would not hesitate to fire prisons as it did for the Bujumbura central market and many others in the country. Acat Burundi also questions this theory of Vice President Prosper Bazombanza and requests that independent investigations be carried out because according to this organization, there is information that affirms that the beginning of the fire has been an explosion heard in the Interior of the prison.
Information from Gitega also say that some immbonerakure that were imprisoned in this prison would have been displaced to other prisons a few days before the fire; that other prisoners, whose number has not been specified would have escaped. Also, remember that two days before, more than 1000 files had been stolen by the night at the residence court of Gitega; Nobody has given the results of the police investigations until today.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that all these elements are sufficient to conclude that it is the only military clique in power in Burundi who is able, in this country, to plan and execute all this assembly in order to get rid of the maximum prisoners who weigh heavily on his shoulders. The international community and the Burundian people should know that they have in front of them a band of criminals that cares only about their personal interests. We must all unite our strengths to stop all the most effective strategies possible to hunt power this handful of men and women from the CNDDFDD system that take hostage the Burundian people and who continue to lower families for the sole purpose of to stay in power and continue to fill their pockets. The only place they deserve is the prison to answer for crimes they committed.

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