Burundi: When Innocent Alfred Muselemu, Alexis Ndayikengurukiye and Joseph Mathias Niyonzima will be arrest and sentenced for murder of Augustin Matata and other crimes already committed?

Burundi: When Innocent Alfred Muselemu, Alexis Ndayikengurukiye and Joseph Mathias Niyonzima will be arrest and sentenced for murder of Augustin Matata and other crimes already committed?
All Burundians and Burundi’s friends who are thirsty for peace for our country are waiting that day. They are not the only ones unfortunately; Many of them have been used as machines to kill by the CNDDFDD system today in power.
Augustin Matata is published in all the newspapers and his name circulates on all social networks today because he was lucky that many others who have been kidnapped and conducted to the National Information Service, SNR, do not have had. This is really a rare case that a person arrested and tortured in his own way by the SNR agents is conducted in a sanitary structure to be treat. The custom is to eliminate him right away and throw the corpse in a place where it can never be found. The tactic is to bind the corpse with a large stone and throw it at the bottom of the water, in a lake or river so that it goes up out of the water at least after complete decomposition.
We are convinced that there has been great pressure from somewhere, we do not yet know where, for Augustin Matata to be led to the hospital in such a state. Its management has worn a blow to the national service of information that did not want it to be visited by person because he knew he had been seriously tortured. Only CNIDH would have had permission to see him and did not dare to talk about his condition. This committee which is supposed to be independent, but who obeys the orders of CNDDFDD power, did not tell to the public about the state of Matata , if not to release a statement mentioning that there were two people who were arrested and tortured by the SNR, without even clarifying their names. It was indeed Augustin Matata and another who is not yet known, but who suffered the same treatment as he was brought into this service to accuse him of firearms. In what state would this man be? Would it still be alive? Nobody knows.
In the CNIDH Communiqué, they stated that those responsible for these acts of torture were sanctioned. Possible, but not all. Information that starts to circulate say that the great criminal Gérard Ndayisenga, head of the NRS in the provinces of Muyinga, Karuzi, Mwaro etc … would already be in Bujumbura Mpimba Central Prison; He would be involved in this record of Augustin Matata. If it is verified that it is imprisoned for this file, it would prove that our hypothesis that there would have been a great pressure of a very strong institution that was exercised on the CNDDFDD system until it yields and leads to Augustin Matata Hospital is true.
If so, then, this gesture has just proved to the world, at least for those who still doubted, that all these corpses that are picked up here and there in the country is the work of the CNDDFDD system that uses its squadrons of the death, who are the members of the SNR, some members of the police and the army and some members of the Imbonerakure militia
If Gérard Ndayisenga is already in the prison, he would be an emissary goat and we are convinced that he will not spend a lot of time. They will find all the schemes to release him so that he does not reveal all the strategies used by the CNDDFDD system to kill people. Do not be surprised to hear that he has been transferred to another prison and escaped. Or, justice, instrument of power, will make a simulate of judgment to free him or he will be amnestied by Evariste Ndayishimiye .
Augustin Matata was arrested in Buringa, Bubanza on November 16, 2021, and leads to the SNR by Alexis Ndayikengurukiye alias Nkoroka and Joseph Mathias Niyonzima alias Kazungu (both of whom were known for many crimes they have committed ), under the orders of Alfred Innocent Muselemu, in charge of internal intelligence within the SNR, not the least of the criminals of this system. Augustin Matata was led to the hospital on December 4, 2021 and died on December 15, 2021
If then Gérard Ndayisenga would have been arrested and imprisoned, why are these high-cited people still free? Do not they have any responsibility in the death of Augustin Matata and many other innocents? When will it happen? When the arrest of Lieutenant-Colonel Aron Ndayishimiye who took off in broad daylight and leads Elie Ndayishimiye into the Rukoko Reserve (nobody has revised him; his corpse would have been buried on a military position in Rukoko)? The list is very long; we could not quote them all. But, which is certain is that all these criminals are known. And, they unfortunately continue to commit crimes in total impunity.
URN Hitamwoneza would first like to associate with Augustin Matata’s family and many other families already bereaved by the CNDDFDD system, in hard times they cross and bring their moral support. Let’s stay strong; These criminals will eventually meet their actions early or later. We would also like to win a wink to the Burundian population and especially the international community. Do not be held by this imprisonment of Gérard Ndayisenga to say that President Ndayishimiye is a good man, that he begins to punish the leaders of crimes. False and archives. The CNDDFDD system is thus constructed, Evariste Ndayishimiye will not change anything. If you have to punish, Ndayishimiye itself should come to the lead because this service that commits such acts is under its control. The SNR leader never worried because he receives orders from President Ndayishimiye and these orders are transmitted to Innocent Alfred Muselemu and others. It is therefore well-organized state crimes organized by the CNDDFDD system to stay in power after paid a lot of Burundian blood. Only lasting solution to Burundian problems: chase of power this cnddfdd system and lead to the independent jurisdictions all those responsible for the various crimes committed in Burundi. Let’s get up as a single man to stop the strategies to find this remedy as quickly as possible.

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