Burundi: That the CVR has the prerogative or not, it has just completed a mission entrusted to it by the CNDDFDD system

Burundi: That the CVR has the prerogative or not, it has just completed a mission entrusted to it by the CNDDFDD system
This mission was nothing other than to declare that the events of 1972 are described as  » genocide committed for the Hutu ethnic group in 1972  ». This, December 20, 2021, just declared Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, President of the CVR (Truth and Reconciliation Commission), in front of the two rooms together (National Assembly and Senate). We say successful mission to the president. But, the question that remains asked is whether you had the prerogatives. For you, the important thing is that you have made the will of the CNDDFDD system; You will be thanked if you have not already been. But the story will remember that you have been an instrument, a simple resonance fund of a CNDDFDD criminal and bloodthirsty system, especially sooner or later, those who are skilled in qualifying such crimes will come to do it when you and the CNDDFDD that You have served will not have any words to say or be no longer simply.
The Commission that you chair has travelled all the hills of the country to search for and unwind the remains of the body that you are wrongly described  » Hutus bone killed in 1972  » at the moment you have no technical means of the know. Ridicule does not kill, Mr. President. Behind this work was also a mission entrusted to you by the CNDDFDD system: that of digging all the remains of the bodies of Tuts killed in 1993 by the Frodebu of which it came from. You have made it believed to have finished disappearing all traces of the Tutsis genocide made by the Hutus of the Frodebu (Report S / 1996/682 of August 22, 1996). You are wrong. You have systematically scrolled bones that have been designated to you by the CNDDFDD members prepared for this purpose because they knew where they threw these Tuts killed in 1993 when they were still members of the Frodebu, but, what you forget is that Urnhitamwoneza has, hill by hill, the lists of Tutsi killed and their executioners. The day will come where everything will be made within the reach of all public and you and your descendants will be ridiculous.
The Declaration of Pierre Claver Ndayicariye intervenes after Pierre Claver Nahimana, President of the Genocidal Party Frodebu, asked, in his press conference of October 15, 2021, that the CNDDFDD has finished calling « genocide of the Hutu  » the events of 1972 before the end of this year 2021. And it’s done. This is not a fact of chance or a simple coincidence; It is a planned program together just to see how to mask the genocide of Tutsis started in 1993 by the Frodebu and which was continued by the same elements processed into CNDDFDD and which continues until today.
At this press conference on October 15, Pierre Claver Nahimana stressed that the role of genocide qualification returns first to States and not to the United Nations. Nobody knows where does this affirmation shoot. And it went further by putting himself in the place of a state by describing these 1972 events of « genocide of Hutus  » in these terms:  » It is a genocide of the Hutus of Burundi committed by the politico-military power led by Colonel Michel Micombero at the time of the facts  ». That comes exactly the statement made by Pierre Claver Ndayicariye before the National Assembly and the Senate meeting in Kigobe in Bujumbura on December 20, 2021.
It is simply to say that it is a project designed and commonly executed agreement between the Frodebu and the CNDDFDD who share the liability of the genocide of Tutsis of 1993 and the years that followed until today. All this is done to: first silence all Tutsis by sticking them unfairly the so-called genocide of Hutus 1972; Then make us forget what triggered these mutual assassinations of Hutus by the Micombero power, then silence all those who request justice for the crime of genocide of Tutsis of 1993 and the years that followed to the present day; Genocide committed by Frodebu and pursued by CNDDFDD (which only changed name, otherwise the actors were the same initially).
URN Hitamwoneza remains determined to explode the entire truth on all events that have started Burundi since independence until today. All criminals will be well documented and forwarded one day to the authorized jurisdictions to meet their actions. He is funny to see a criminal judge another. In the meantime, their lists will be published in the online inkinzo FM radio while waiting for justice to begin its work so that everyone knows that we are governed by criminals when their true place is the prison. When to call Hutu genocide, the events of 1972, the Burundian people and the international community know that it is not the responsibility of CNDDFDD-Frodebu criminal power; that this declaration is zero and no effect. We regret that many Burundians are killed in bloody events that have been triggered by racist extremists who were only looking for personal interests or groups, and we will continue to ask justice to be done until anyone, whoever she be, who committed any crime responded. It is the only way that the own Burundians can put together and build a sustainable society and so desired social development.

Une réflexion sur “Burundi: That the CVR has the prerogative or not, it has just completed a mission entrusted to it by the CNDDFDD system

  1. La CVR n’a pas cette prérogative.
    C’était le souhait du pouvoir car même Ndayicariye n’a rencontré aucun problème par rapport aux crises cycliques qu’à rencontrer notre chère patrie


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