Burundi: Bishop Gervais Banshimiyubusa could be a Burundian Desmond Tutu

Burundi: Bishop Gervais Banshimiyubusa could be a Burundian Desmond Tutu
He did not chew the words. He said the pure truth to President Ndayishimiye and his lieutenants gathered on the occasion of the prayer crusade organized by the presidential couple to thank the Lord as it has become the habit at the end of the year since the CNDFDDD. is in power.
It is known in Burundi that anyone who dares criticize CNDDFDD power, is the next day in the hands of the National Information Service, SNR. The continuation is known: torture and atrocious death; Then corpse in Rusizi or somewhere else. If it is discovered, the administration is responsible for burying it without any identification. This is the strategy.
In the image of Bishop Desmond Tutu who did not hesitate to tell the ANC of South Africa to power after the apartheid that he behaves in the worst way at the time of apartheid, Bishop Gervais Banshimiyubusa made a wink to President Ndayishimiye and the military clique in power; But in a diplomatic language, imagined, referring to the writings of the Holy Bible. It was during his homily at Gikungu, in the inaugural mass of the prayer crusade that will continue for 5 days to the field of Ets Kamenge. It was December 27, 2021.
Let’s go back to the Charges of Desmond Tutu to the Government of the ANC before analysing the homily of Bishop Banshimiyubusa.
On the occasion of his 80th anniversary, Desmond Tutu had invited the respectable Dalai Lama who had to hold the inaugural conference « Desmond Tutu for Peace ». He could not get a visa on the part of the government which, it seems, transferred to the pressure of China, which opposes each time it can to travel abroad of the price Nobel of Peace 1989, considered by Beijing as the leader of Tibetan resistance. We say that Desmond Tutu has oscillated between anger and bitter irony and said, « Our government is worse than the government of apartheid, because at least at the time we would expect » (at such actions). Then he added: « This lack of courtesy towards the Dalai Lama is amazing ». As everyone knows that there is no courtesy within the members of the CNDDFDD military clique, it is also true to say that this power is worse than the so-called military powers from putsches that Burundi has known, even worse than the time of colonization
Bishop Tutu also took place to the South African President Jacob Zuma, accusing him of giving up China’s pressure, the first trading partner of South Africa. « Mr. Zuma, you and your government, you do not represent me. You represent your own interests « .
Not only that he had a spoken frank, he was a fair man, honest, who could not in any way be silent before any injustice or violation of human rights. A true man of God.
Archbishop Gervais Banshimiyubusa almost say the same to President Ndayishimiye and his CNDD-FDD system who know in their little heads that eliminating physically (kill) all opponents is the best way to stay in power. This means neither more nor less, try to stay in power for their own interests and not for the interest of all the people of Burundi, not even for those members of their party CNDD-FDD. Organize a prayer crusade in these conditions please not God. Present Thanks to the Lord at the end of the year, after killing more than 300 Burundian during the same year is pure sacrilege. This is worse than a thief who, having pulled it off, go to the church to thank the Lord for having closed their eyes to the theft in committing incident. This is not the work of God, but of Satan, in the words of Archbishop Gervais Banshimiyubusa in his homily.
 » Therefore if you bring thy gift to the altar and there you may remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go first be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer thy gift (Matthew 5.23-24).
Before organizing crusades prayer to thank the Lord, the CNDD-FDD system should first ask forgiveness publicly for the tens of hundreds of families he has bereaved to date. Otherwise, their prayers cause nausea of Power All, love and truth. And the Apostle Bernard Ntungwanayo of Urnhitamwoneza organization, says in the program  » Ico Utari Uzi  » (what you did not know), on the online Inkinzo Fm radio, he does not understand how the president Evariste Ndayishimiye dare appear before the altar and communion knowing that its services continue to kill innocent Burundian and never reacts. At least for the corrupters and corrupted, he takes courage to denounce them publicly even if he does not act. He will not say a word to the death squads of the CNDD-FDD that kill every day Tutsi and Hutu-called opposition. Looks like they just do his will. The Apostle Bernard will go further in the Bible saying that those who dare to commune knowing that they hurt the people of God will suffer exemplary punishment sooner or later. Desmond Tutu also said to the ANC president:  » I warn you, one day we will start praying for the defeat of the ANC. You should be ashamed. I want to warn you: your behaviour has nothing do with the values we have defended  ». And the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Burundi should say to the President Ndayshimiye Evariste and his military clique that they will never present themselves in their churches to manipulate public opinion by their good speech when corpses are collected here and there in the country and that criminals like Reverien Ndikuriyo continues to arrogantly declare that he who dares try to disrupt security is directly killed by his Imbonerakure militia and that this is a good thing. He said it on behalf of the CNDD-FDD on power
URNHITAMWONEZA knows that God is love and he does rain in the fields of good and bad. He also leaves grow together voluntarily and tares to separate the day of harvest. Difficult to expect unknown date while the CNDD-FDD system continues to kill innocent people. We will do everything to denounce their actions by highlighting the truth and stop all possible strategies to hunt this power to translate them before courts to answer for their actions. We encourage in the meantime the men of God such as Archbishop Gervais Banshimiyubusa to tell the truth regardless of the consequences, because only the truth saves. The apostle Paul warns us that the end times, many Christians may depart from the truth in order to hear nice things. He recommends them to preach the Word in truth.
From our side, we say that all those who tell lies, who kill people or do bad thing to others in intention of getting benefits of the CNDD-FDD power will eventually shame and punishment of God’s love for all is waiting for them.

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