Burundi: A year passes, another starts, the CNDDFDD system never changes
When we do good, no need to change, except that change to do more good. But when we only hurt, religious morality requires us to change. There are only fools who do not change; Gilbert Cesbron said. These are the recent statements by President Evariste Ndayishimiye during his interview with journalists and the population on the Intwari Stadium who make us say that; Because we have the impression that members of the CNDDFDD system do not want to change.
Since this system is in power in 2005, he has never ceased to kill, to torture, to imprison innocent people, to force people accused of being opponents. Sometimes it’s the Tutsis, sometimes it’s the Hutus FNL or CNL. People keep the FNL killed in Muyinga by Colonel Vital Bangirinama in October 2008; those killed in Gatumba; Italian sisters killed in Kamenge; The hundreds of people killed for having dared to say no to the third term of former President Pierre Nkurunziza and others who have been abducted by the security services and whose corpses were found here and there in the country. The balance sheet is heavy. Human rights organizations say more than 300 people have been killed aware of the year 2021 that ends.
When President Ndayishimiye has been placed in power, even if he had cheated the May 2020 elections, many had the hope that things could change positively: more respect for human rights in Burundi. His attractive speeches increased this hope in many Burundians and within the international community. However, it has been noticed with disappointment that these good speeches masked planned crimes within the CNDFDD system and executed by the SNR, some members of the army and the police, and the Imbonerakure militia. Some human rights organizations such as the ITEKA League are moving a heavy balance sheet of more than 800 people since Evariste Ndayishimiye is in power in Burundi.
Let’s go back to the answers he gave to the journalists who asked him questions on December 29, 2021. What pushed him the most, when a journalist asked him a question about the fire from the prison of Gitega and the fate that was reserved for the victims. In the opinion of communication specialists, the anger with which President Ndayishimiye addressed this journalist shows on the one hand that the origin of the fire is not what was advanced by the government, the the balance of victims would be heavier and their burial was not done with dignity as Evariste Ndayishimiye said on the other side. In any case, the thesis that the prison has been burned by the information national service and that the balance sheet would be more than 300 dead people, would be the most likely. The story will tell us.  » Do not fear them; Because there is nothing hidden who should not be discovered or a secret that should not be known  » (Matthew 10:26). In Luke 12: 2-3, it is said that everything that is hidden will be discovered, and all that is secret will be known. That’s why all you have said in the dark will be heard in the light of day, and what you will have whispered in the ear of others in a closed room will be shouted from the top of the roofs. This means that all that the CNDDFDD system has done since it is in power will be revealed to the world revealed.
URN Hitamwoneza has given mission to seek and tell the truth about all the facts hidden by different powers that have succeeded in Burundi and pointing out, within the limits of the possible, blood or economic crimes. We do it to break with the bad habit of always globalizing to remain in the impunity of crimes. That’s why the country is that today ruled by people who have blood on the fingers. Small or large, rich or poor, nobody will prevent us from telling the truth; Even she hurts, we are convinced that she saves.
Whatever situation in Burundi is catastrophic (the Burundians are threatened by hunger, the diseases of which Covid19, the fear of being abducted and killed from one moment to another), urnhitamwoneza sends his new year wishes to all Burundian and to all those who follow us and support us. We leave you this quote from Lume:  » No matter the length of the night, the day always ends up getting up  ». Let’s be patients, brave and vigilant. The good will eventually overcome evil.

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