Burundi: Soon the diffusion of the names of some killers of Tutsis in 1993 Genocide on the online radio inkinzo FM (https://zeno.fm/radio-inkinzo/)

Burundi: Soon the diffusion of the names of some killers of Tutsis in 1993 Genocide on the online radio inkinzo FM (https://zeno.fm/radio-inkinzo/)
Who did what in Burundi? That’s the question that never had an answer. It has always been replaced by a pure and dangerous globalization  » Tutsi powers killed Hutus, Hutus killed Tutsi  ». This auto amnesty has generated total impunity.
If wars or killings between Batare and Bezi were not judged and punished; If those who have planned and executed mass killings in 1965, 1966, 1972, 1988, 1991, 1993 were never worried; If since 1993 until today the CNDDFDD criminals that are in power continue to kill innocents without any pursuit; Victims have to wait until when to have justice? In any case, it is not at the CNDDFDD that must be asked to do justice to Burundians, it cannot be both a judge and accused. In addition, President Evariste Ndayishimiye said so well that there is no justice in Burundi: the children cry, adults cry, the old people cry, the women cry, the President of the Republic himself Cry, investors cannot bring their capital to Burundi, for lack of justice. Let me cry in the place of all these people who cannot appear before you  ». Said Evariste Ndayishimiye before judges and magistrates.
Faced with this situation where the President of the Republic, the Supreme Justice, publicly recognizes that there is no justice in Burundi, the Urnhitamwoneza organization has taken the heavy decision to disseminate the names of criminals who killed the Tutsis in 1993, hill by hill, municipality by municipality. We have the lists of all the victims and many names of their executioners. This is the result of the investigations that have been carefully made right after this Genocide of Tutsis 1993 by the Frodebu (recognized by the UN in their report S/1996/682 of 22 August 1996) by local civil society organizations. The survivors spoke of the people they saw with their eyes. It is for this reason that we have no shame to broadcast them on our radio knowing that anyone is presumed innocent until judgment. This judgment we have been waiting for a long time to arrive and will never happen until the CNDDFDD system is still in power.
We then agree to take this risk to encourage any competent jurisdiction to take the issue of impunity in Burundi in hand. That is why, the one who will feel assaulted by the dissemination of his name has the right to seize an international jurisdiction; We will compare in front it. It may be the beginning of justice for everyone
We think it’s time, if it is not too late to get out of this silence and publicly denounce all the criminals so that the whole world knows them, to their families. Wherever they spend, everyone will know they have blood on their hands. We will not even spare those who are in power today because many of them were members of the Frodebu in 1993.They joined the rebellion saying to defend democracy when their really goal was mainly to continue killing the Tutsis rescued in the camps of displaced, on the roads and in the schools. This is the fight they led and who propelled them on power after negotiations.
We will not stop on the 1993 criminals, we will continue our investigations for one day, we can draw up a list of all those who have launched the Burundians since Prince Louis Rwagasore and his family, to the criminals of the system CNDDFDD who are removing, killing and throwing corpses of Burundians in the rivers. The lists of these criminals and their accomplices will be a day broadcast on our inkinzo FM radio (https://zeno.fm/radio-inkinzo/)
We ask for the contribution of any Burundian or any organization that would have information in this sense to pass them to us so that the long-hidden truth can be now available to both national and international opinion.

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