Burundi: Behind the search for Red Tabara rebels in the DRC would hide the project to stop the Honourable Rwasa Agathon, the CNL leader

Burundi: Behind the search for Red Tabara rebels in the DRC would hide the project to stop the Honourable Rwasa Agathon, the CNL leader
It all started in the form of rumours; But the information becomes more and more accurate. The deployment in the DRC of the military and militia of the CNDDFDD in power in Burundi without official agreement of the Congolese Government, would have two objectives: to seek the rebels of the Red Tabara movement and to arrest the Honourable Agathon Rwasa, President of the National Council Liberation (CNL), former FNL (National Liberation Forces).
Let’s start by the latter, otherwise the first has always been a speech of the CNDDFDD military clique to power to justify the safety expenditure used by the power while they are used to maintain the Imbonerakure militia responsible for the various acts of violations of the Human Rights in Burundi
According to a source close to the CNDDFDD, the project of arresting Agathon Rwasa is thus designed: in the DRC, they are preparing for 30 humans, including former members of the FNL; they will return to Burundi, tied up, and that they will be presented as members of a nascent rebellion of Rwasa Agathon in preparation in the DRC. Their preparation is to make them repeat what they will have to recite in front of the media and the courts once arrived in Burundi. At the same time, 5 lawyers have already completed the project of charges to stick to the leader of the CNL to finally find an opportunity to arrest him. The CNDDFDD system will then put him on the same list of terrorists like Alexis Sinduhije, Marguerite Barankitse, Francois Nyamoya, etc … Then will follow the process of removing parliamentary immunity to incarcerate him in legality, say certain circles of the CNDDFDD. Hussein Radjabu would be the right model, do they add. WAIT AND SEE as the English say.
And it is not because his project is unveiled that they will not realize it: the CNDDFDD system does not scruple when it comes to the montages to kill or imprison those they qualify for opponents because his only salvation lies in his retention without what the place of all his members would be in the prison seeing the crimes they have already committed. They will do all that finds up to the power in Burundi, even though it would be sacrificing all Burundians.
The deployment of military, police officers and members of the Imbonerakure militia in the plain and the eastern mountains of the DRC is nothing but an indictable act like the others. For what interest will these young Burundians die on Congolese soil without any law for their protection? What are they doing there? The search for Red Tabara Movement rebels would only be a pretext for hiding other ambitions of CNDDFDD’s criminal and genocidal power? By forcing the alliance between Red Tabara and the ADFs already described as a terrorist group by the United Nations, the CNDDFDD system would like to justify on the eyes of the world, forced disappearances, followed by the discoveries of many corpses of Burundians every day and everywhere in the country. It would be easy for the power of Gitega to say that it was a fight against terrorism like all the countries of the world lead it, starting with the most powerful.
It is for this reason that the CNDDFDD military clique strategy is to put the CNL in the same bag as the Red Tabara and qualify all together terrorist groups; One way, according to the CNDDFDD, to disqualify it completely on the political scene.
URN Hitamwoneza invites all Burundians to remain vigilant; That they do not let themselves be manipulated by the CNDDFDD’s military clique that plays its last card, at the risk of falling into the chasm. The international community should also make in-depth investigations into the final destination of aid to be granted in Burundi before their unblocking because the risk is great that the CNDDFDD system deceives the opinion that aid is intended for community development projects while in reality he wants to use it to support his death squadrons to continue to commit acts of genocide, crimes against humanity and many human rights violations under the pretext of defending the power in square. However, we will have to combine our efforts to stop all the necessary strategies to change this team that has always lost and push the country at the last place in all areas.

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