Burundi: What was doing Benjamin Kisokeranio, one of ADF leaders in Burundi?

Burundi: What was doing Benjamin Kisokeranio, one of ADF leaders in Burundi?
His name is Benjamin Kisokeranio, he is presented as one of the founders of the ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) responsible for hundreds of thousands of people killed in Ituri in the DRC
And it is for this reason that they were described by the United Nations as a terrorist group. The ADF is also linked to Islamic State group, which has branches in many countries in Africa and elsewhere in the world
According to several sources, Benjamin Kisokeranio was arrested January 11, 2022 by the Congolese armed forces, FARDC in South Kivu in the Uvira region. The information was finally confirmed by Ugandan sources who said on the BBC Gahuzamiryango radio that he was arrested in Uvira returning from Burundi.
Questions that remain unanswered are: How long has he spent in Burundi? What was he doing in this country? Who would he meet? Is there any relationship between Gitega power and ADF? What kind?
Since it is difficult to find in the immediate accurate answers to our questions, we have the right to issue certain assumptions pending investigations that could reveal the truth about this critically important matter for the security of Burundi, the sub-region and around the world.
In the first case, anyone with a minimum of logic might be surprised to hear that a government can build relationships with terrorist groups such as ADF. And we could argue that their military clique in power in Burundi who dared to sign agreements with the FDLR / FLN known to have committed genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994 would have no qualms to do with the ADF only the benefit of a handful of men and women of the CNDD-FDD who take hostage the people of Burundi
If Rusesabagina was unlucky been in Kigali, Rwanda; his final destination was initially Bujumbura to meet Evariste Ndayishimiye and other members of the military clique. For what purpose? The answer is known to all. Therefore, it is not that Benjamin would not surrender in Bujumbura for the same goals. It’s just that a criminal and genocidal power always agrees with same ideology groups
The second assumption is corollary to the first. When the FDLR have felt forced into the eastern DRC, they moved their Staff in Burundi, they then moved the bulk of their troops in the Kibira forest in Burundi, bordering Kibira Nyungwe in Rwanda; this is where they have conducted several safety actions disruption Rwandan citizens of the southern province of the neighbouring country and brother of Burundi. Today the ADF are searched with a magnifying glass in the DRC by the Ugandan army, temporarily hide their Staff in Burundi is easy
For military strategists, a man of such a high rank in such an organization does not move for a simple pleasure to make pick Nick because he knows he takes a great risk. The great hypothesis is therefore to believe, with very little risk of being mistaken, that he left in Burundi for an official mission of ADF; And not any one: it is probably to make relationships with the authorities were not existing, either looking for multiform support if the relations already existed.
The second hypothesis, not least, is that it would have gone in Burundi just to temporarily get away from the attacks of the Ugandan army deployed in the DRC since the end of the year 2021 in the ADF operation zone to try to end this terrorist group; Especially since the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye does not see any inconvenience. He knows he is qualified as a terrorist group, but use it to satisfy his genocidal appetites would not interfere with it.
Urnhitamwoneza takes this opportunity to remind Burundians and the international community what we have always said: that the sub region is threatened with large-scale genocide. The coalition of all negative forces to trigger this crime is coordinated in Burundi by the military clique of the CNDDFDD in power. The Tutsis of Burundi and the Hutus of the opposition constitute the weak link of the whole chain which includes the Banyamulenge of the DRC, the Tutsis of Rwanda, Uganda, in short, of the sub region. Hutu extremists are unanimous that they must do everything so that Tutsis no longer fall under the head, if possible it is necessary to eliminate them and establish a powerful Hutu empire that would control the entire sub region without any obstacle.
To stifle in the egg this genocidal plan, simply destroy the staff of its planning: it is the CNDDFDD system. As long as he is still in power in Burundi, there will never be peace in Burundi and in the Great Lakes sub region each then to give his contribution to succeed in this mission.

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