Burundi: Under other heavens, President Evariste Ndayishimiye should resign

Burundi: Under other heavens, President Evariste Ndayishimiye should resign
The lie, montages and impunity for crimes are the basics of governance of the CNDDFDD system in power in Burundi. At the moment when the greatest qualities to instil in children, the future of the country, should be the fact of  » telling the truth and nothing but the truth  », the current leaders of Burundi, starting by the President of the Republic, compete in lies and give a very bad example. Saying lies in front of the public, on the media, contradicts, does not shame President Ndayishimiye and all members of the CNDDFDD power system. People will always remember its first statement in Ngozi during a prayer crusade during which he asked all those who have some responsibility at the state level of Burundi to prepare to make a statement of their Goods before their entry into office in accordance with the 2018 Constitution that they have voted themselves. He was not ashamed to contradict shortly after saying that someone’s assets constitute a secret. A real economic crime
And when it comes to blood crimes, President Ndayishimiye swears with nurturing that nothing happened, that everything is white in Burundi, a real earthly paradise. When the RFI journalists asked him the issue of enforced disappearances, he swore that this phenomenon does not exist in Burundi; What rather people join the ranks of rebellion or go to Rwanda without warning their families and they say they are missing. However, Bishop Simon Ntamwana reminded him when opening the recent prayer crusade on January 20, 2022 in Gitega that people are kidnapped by the state services without knowing their destination, which leaves trauma. among the members of their families.
The case of the fire in Gitega Central Prison on December 7, 2021 resurfaces with the declaration of the NGO Human Right Wach (HRW). Many witnesses had since the fire claimed that the cause of the fire was not a short circuit caused by anarchic connections as Prosper Bazombanza said, Vice President of Burundi and that the victim’s balance sheet was more important. People were talking about more than 300 dead people. The government never wanted there light on this issue. It has rather buried the victims, far from the looks of the public and the total absence of their families. Those who dared to ask the corpses of theirs have been arrested and imprisoned for a moment to intimidate them.
The management of this file raised many questions: why the CNDDFDD power did not want to inform the families of the victims and why he decided to bury them at night? Why did not he draw up the survivors, dead and wounded so that everyone knows the exact situation of the prisoners?
At his public conference with the media at the end of the year 2021, Evariste Ndayishimiye stung an angry unnamed when a journalist asked him whether the victims of this fire were buried with dignity. And Ndayishimiye to scold it at first and say that everyone knows that they have been buried with dignity and that even a prayer has been said. How can a President of the Republic dare to say that people have been buried with dignity when they were thrown into common pits at night and without any member of their families? Is that what Evariste Ndayishimiye calls inhume someone with dignity? Ridicule does not kill. But,  » do not fear them; Because there is nothing hidden who should not be discovered or a secret that should not be known  » (Matthew 10; 26).
The NGO Human Right Watch requires that there be a serious investigation into this file because it has received testimonies from many people, including prisoners, who say that the victims evaluate between 200 and 400 people
The nervousness of Evariste Ndayishimiye at this public conference by answering the question of the journalist, the blur held by the power on this file, all this shows that either the cause of the fire, neither the balance sheet of the victims are only lies of CNDDFDD power.
URN Hitamwoneza agree with the opinion that independent investigations are conducted for the truth of the facts to be known to all and that those who will be responsible for this fire are punished in accordance with the law. That the victims are buried with dignity does not require other investigations, eyewitnesses have already revealed. President Evariste Ndayishimiye thus lied to the people and the international community. Under other heavens, he should resign. The Burundians led by a liar who is passing for a Catholic Christian fervent should say no to him and the criminal system which he came from. It is up to each one to contribute to save what remains to save for this country.

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