Burundi: The World Bank grants CNDDFDD power a donation of $ 150 million to maintain its Imbonerakure militia

Burundi: The World Bank grants CNDDFDD power a donation of $ 150 million to maintain its Imbonerakure militia
The document materializing this donation was signed on January 25, 2022 between the Burundian Minister of Finance, Domitien Ndihokubwayo and Véronique Kabongo, representative of the World Bank in Burundi. This donation equivalent to more than 500 billion Burundi francs is officially intended to raise the standard of living of more than 145,000 families, including returnees, throughout the country. In technical terms, they talked about  » reinforcement of the social protection system  ». This amount will serve in particular to finance the project called  » Cash for the Job  ».
According to the voice of America, which broadcast this information, this funding was decided in December 2021. The World Bank Group had approved $ 150 million funding to continue to support Burundi’s social protection sector. through the new « Cash for Jobs » project (Cash4Jobs). The objectives of this project are to strengthen the management capacity of social nets programs and to expand them to promote more effective coverage while facilitating access to employment for the most vulnerable populations.
The project aims to reduce poverty while protecting the vulnerable populations of Burundi through monetary transfers and support measures to improve human capital indicators. It will also promote economic opportunities through access to productive inclusion initiatives and jobs.
« Burundi Cash4Jobs  » is part of a series of projects supporting job creation in Burundi by giving priority to activities of economic empowerment of women and young people. In addition to the Skills4Jobs project, approved last June and is part of the Government of Burundi’s view to strengthen the resilience of communities and promote inclusive economic growth, « said Jean Christophe Carret, Director of Operations of the World Bank for Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and São Tome and Príncipe.
The Cash4jobs project, which will cover the 18 provinces of Burundi, extends some components of the project under support to the social security net « Merankabandi » (be like others) , which has targeted until now 4 provinces with satisfactory results. In addition to monetary transfers and activities to improve human capital, the project introduces support measures to job creation, strengthens the development of social protection delivery systems and ensures the integration of refugees and communities in national social protection systems.
The grant for the Burundi Cash4jobs project is granted by the International Development Association (IDA) and will be implemented over five years.
The World Bank Representative in Burundi asked the Burundian government that there was no favouritism in the selection of the beneficiaries of the projects that will be financed by this fund. It is not by chance that Ms. Véronique Kabongo asked. It was that she knew that the CNDDFDD power will privilege its members and especially the members of her Imbonerakure militia to strengthen their capacities by financially supporting their families. They will tell you that they constitute the majority of Burundian youth as if the others are not entitled to aid that go through the hands of the government.
URN Hitamwoneza is still worried that such funding granted to CNDDFDD power do not mainly go into funding activities that only reinforce human rights violations in Burundi. It would be very dangerous that the UN give funding that, in Finish, serve to violate the basic rights they have committed to defending around the world. If the EU has so far not resumed the granting of direct aid to CNDDFDD power, is that this organization sees that there is still no improvement in respect for the rights of the rights of the man. President Ndayishimiye is content to pronounce good speeches without effects. The EU expects concrete acts. The World Bank would have made serious mistakes it did not make serious studies or investigations into the final destination of this money so that it does not serve to finance the forces of evil. WAIT AND SEE. In the event that all the money would be used to build the capacity of Imbonerakure and their allies, FDLR/FLN present in Burundi and Eastern DRC, the World Bank will be responsible for the consequences of its acts.

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