Burundi: The reopening of the borders between Burundi and Rwanda would be conditioned by the assumption of suspected putschists

Burundi: The reopening of the borders between Burundi and Rwanda would be conditioned by the assumption of suspected putschists
This comes out of the statements by the Burundian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, at its recent media outing. Its purpose was to announce to the public that the European Union is about to lift the sanctions taken for its government since 2016. He did not specify the date, but he said that he has assurance that these Sanctions will soon be lifted.
Such hopes have long been nourished, but the wait has been long. Why? Because the military clique in power in Burundi has no desire to respect human rights. The corpses of the Burundians are always picked up here and there in the country, the enforced disappearances that have become commonplace, arbitrary arrests and imprisonments have multiplied. However, these acts of human rights violations are followed by good speeches of President Evariste Ndayishimiye when everyone knows the first responsible remain the agents of the state and his militia Imbonerakure who remain unpunished. The European Union is aware of everything and always waited for concrete acts, but in vain. What would have changed today for these sanctions to be lifted? It is to Minister Albert Shingiro to answer and the EU to prove it if tomorrow she decides to reopen the faucets for the CNDDFDD power.
Albert Shingiro also spoke about the relationship between Burundi and Rwanda. For him, there have been significant progress in the talks that have had places at a lot of levels; The last contact dated is that of the delegation conducted by Ezekiel Nibigira, Minister in charge of the activities of the Community of the East African States, Youth and Sport, which was received on January 10, 2022 by President Paul Kagame in Kigali; He was in possession of the message of Evariste Ndayishimiye, sent to his Rwandan counterpart. For Minister Shingiro, the great obstacle to ensure that relations between the two countries be good is that Rwanda still refuses to deliver the presumed 2015 putschists present on its territory to the Burundi Government.
Implicitly, he wanted to say that Burundi will not open his borders with Rwanda as long as the presumed putschists he claims are not yet put back by the power of Kigali. Yet the latter explains that these people, even if they existed on his territory, would be in the hands of UNHCR. There is also the question of why the power of Gitega claims only those who would be in Rwanda while he does not do it for those who are elsewhere in other countries? What would like to say that it is only a pretext, that the real reason is elsewhere.
The media output of Minister Shingiro intervenes at the time the border between Rwanda and Uganda had reopened as of January 31, 2022. This occurred only a few days after the General Muhoozi visit, son of President Museveni and head of the Army in Uganda. Yet the Burundian delegation conducted by Ezekiel Nibigira, had passed in Rwanda on January 10, 2022 before that of the General Muhoozi Kainerugaba on January 22, 2022; And the border with Burundi is always closed and it still for a long time can be.
Analysts believe that both delegations are different over several points of view. That of Burundi was led by a minister, a great historical leader of the CNDDFDD Imbonerakure militia and that of Uganda by a general, not any: Chief of the Army, Son and Special Advisor of the Ugandan President. Perhaps that for the Evariste President Ndayishimiye who did not send the General Prime Niyongabo or his deputy or other general, considers that it is his militia Imbonerakure which is more important in relation to his army or police. The story will show it to us. The example of Rwanda before the Tutsis genocide in 1994 shows how the Interahamwe militia played a decisive role in the genocide of Tutsis, at the time the army was on the pressure of the FPR fighters. Send this historic leader of the Imbonerakure to Rwanda would be an eloquent sign that he plans to do in Burundi what the Interahamwe did in Rwanda. WAIT AND SEE.
URN Hitamwoneza once again reminds Burundians to remain vigilant because the demon always stays on their side; He disguises themselves in an angel by tempting words, but he is always ready to drive the country straight in hell. In addition to joining the prayer to ask the the God who loves everyone without exception to crude under his feet this demon, do we also in the implementation of all effective strategies for us rid by all means. United, we will win.

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