Burundi: Minister Alain Tribert Mutabazi ridicules by declaring that there is no Burundian soldier on DRC territory

Burundi: Minister Alain Tribert Mutabazi ridicules by declaring that there is no Burundian soldier on DRC territory
It is the Burundian Minister of National Defence and Veterans who dared to lie before the media that there are no Burundian military in the DRC. Ridicule does not kill. But it is also understandable when we know that he works for the CNDDFDD power that is built on lies, montages and crimes (blood crimes and economic crimes).
Dare to say that no Burundian military is on the Congolese soil during this century, it is the equivalent to show a black object and say it is white. Burundian soldiers were sent to this country in the 1998 and the Government did so without saying a word to Parliament that should be informed before this deployment in accordance with the Constitution. The government was noting all the time there were no Burundian military in this country while many families lost theirs; They did not even have corpses to bury them and mourn. Among the facilities that each military should have, there was a large black bag in which it should be buried once fallen on the battlefield. Yet the government continued to say that no military was in Congo. Behind the scenes, the members of the government said that the enemy must be fighting into his last entrenchments. And it was in the DRC where the CNDDFDD had a rear base and solid positions, from which it received a lot of weapons and ammunition as well from the Congolese government and the different partner militias that were deployed in the region. When it comes to negotiations between the different countries and rebellions that went to war in this country, the Burundian delegation did not fall into the room, it remained in the hallway because the government did not officially admit that it had troops in this country.
Today, it is ridiculous, why not silly to think that we can lie to the opinion that there are no troops in the east of the DRC when every citizen, Burundian or Congolese, is capable of Take a picture and publish it on social networks. And Alain Tribert Mutabazi knows it well, but he lost the sense of dignity and integrity by working for the CNDDFDD. It will not be ashamed when tomorrow images of the Burundian military in Congo will be published around the world. These CNDDFDD soldiers and militiamen, with their high degree of mediocrity, would have already hoisted a Burundian national flag on the positions occupied in the DRC as if they were conquered territories. That’s what a Congolese National member of the name Mugomberwa Claude Misare said. This flag would be visible in Masango in Uvira territory. This national deputy deplores the accomplice silence of the Congolese government in the face of this situation. He would have addressed a correspondence to the National Defence Minister himself native to South Kivu, but he did not react. Imbonerakure and Burundian military, associated with May – May and Gumino militia and Twigwaneho have already begun to mistreat the Congolese population and loot their good. Hundreds of cows stolen in Congo would have arrived in Burundi. The national parliament member indicates that despite the complicit silence of the Tschisekedi government, they will not accept these nonsenses.
If it turned out that these illiterates of the CNDDFDD have committed this error to hoist a Burundian flag in another country as a conquered zone, will Alain Tribert Mutabazi have the courage to resign from the CNDDFDD government? The answer is No because even his leader, Evariste Ndayishimiye, keeps contradicting himself in his statements and he is still business. Do not ask for the meaning of honour to CNDFDD members. Incensed words from President Ndayishimiye’s mouth on the teachers’ file and their unions show that Burundi fell too low for having the leaders of this calibre. He needs to be released.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that he is the duty of all Burundians, in all their differences, to rise as a single man to get rid of this criminal power that only ruins our country and who tarnish the image of the country but also our image as Burundians

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