Burundi: Felix Tshisekedi has an interest in hunting on his territory CNDDFDD criminals as quickly as possible

Burundi: Felix Tshisekedi has an interest in hunting on his territory CNDDFDD criminals as quickly as possible
In one of our publications, we had already deplored the lie of Minister Alain Tribert Mutabazi, in charge of national defence and veterans who were nevertheless that there is no Burundian soldier on Congolese soil. It is too stupid in these years marked by the evolution of communication techniques, to think that the presence of a foreign force on another territory can go unnoticed. Every citizen, with his phone, is able to deny yourself in seconds by sending the world images that prove the opposite of the declarations of the officials. The time of the false secrets is passing; better to tell the truth.
At our last publication, Mugomberwa Claude Misare, MP Congolese, was already beginning to shout on the media that the Burundian military and the members of the Imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD, associated with may may, were mistreating the people that he represente. These insane CNDDFDDs would have even hoisted the Burundian national flag on their positions; Maybe they felt after the gravity of the error committed and removed it. The MP Misare said that he had addressed a correspondence to the National Defence Minister, which himself native to South Kivu, but he did not react. It is this silence accomplice of the Tshisekedi Government, which revolted the MP Mugomberwa and which pushed him to send a correspondence to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, with a copy to the presidencies of the DRC and Burundi, as well as all embassies in Kinshasa to alert the international community on the danger for its people that represents the presence of Burundian troops in Congolese territory
The accomplice silence of the Congolese government continues despite the correspondence of the National MP Misare. The new operational FARDC spokesperson in South Kivu denied the media that there are no Burundian military on Congolese territory. Major Dieudonné Kasereka that he replaced said they are aware of the presence of foreign forces on Congolese soil, but that they had not yet identified the country of origin. Maybe he has been replaced for sowing this doubt.
But some are trying to know the profit that the Tshisekedi Government draws from the presence of Burundian forces on its territory. Only the unfortunate consequences of his people are already visible: Congolese citizens among them Banyamulenge were slaughtered by the Burundian military and the Imbonerakure militia associated with May May; Hundreds of cows Congolese citizens have been stolen and conducted in Burundi. Why the Congolese Government would accept that foreign forces undertake to commit packages in his country? Why should he deny their presence on his soil?
When the Ugandan army has deployed the first elements on Congolese soil to combat ADFs, the Ugandan government has not directly accepted its presence in Congo. But, he ended up accepting it and the Congolese government did not deny it either. This means that there has been an agreement between the two countries for these military to go hunting ADFs. Why not do the same on the Burundian side? This is probably the reason for the deployment of Burundian troops in the DRC is unfounded. Fighting ADFs is a legal act in the eyes of the international community and Congolese and Ugandan citizens at the time they are described as’ terrorist forces’ ‘by the United Nations. Therefore, deploy forces into another country for increasing them probably does not require the approval of parliaments in both countries as requested by most African constitutions.
Not only that the Red Tabara are not terrorist forces (except for the only eyes of the CNDDFDD), but also that this force does not constitute a real threat to the Burundian government. This is probably what prevents Felix Tshisekedi to officially accept the presence of Burundian troops on its territory. And close his eyes for the Burundian military to do all they want on his citizens come from the fact that Burundi retorts him that he left Uganda deploying his men; That there is no reason to refuse them to go to hunt its enemies.
President Tshisekedi would be today between the hammer and the anvil: let his people mistreated by foreign troops at the moment when representatives of the people are starting to write correspondences to alert the Secretary-General of the United Nations and when the activists of civil society cease to denounce the abuses of these troops on Congolese soil, makes him think twice on its unofficial agreement given to the Burundi Government.
According to the Journal the potential, in its number 8256 of 03 February 2022, a EU-UA summit would be provided for in Brussels in Belgium dated 17 and 18 February 2022. The question on the situation of the Great Lakes region and particularly on the DRC will be addressed. Nothing prevents us from thinking that from here the holding of this meeting, Felix Tshisekedi has already summoned to the Burundian forces to leave its territory. It will not be for the first time, the Burundian military and Imbonerakure forces, have more than once been driven out of this country as they were illegally deployed.
Urnhitamwoneza knows very well that the Burundian and Imbonerakure military did not go east of the DRC to hunt Red Tabara. To attack the Banyamulenge after joining May May; loot their livestock and drive cows to Burundi; Go destabilizing Tutsis in the Lusenda refugee camp, does not mean to fight the Red Tabara.
The information at our disposal is that the military clique of the CNDDFDD in power took advantage of the presence of its troops on this Congolese soil to make easy contacts and sign serious additional agreements with the genocidal forces of the FDLR/ FLN to carry together, with their allied militias from South Kivu to finish with the genocide of Tutsis and opposition forces and finally establish what they call a very powerful Hutu empire. This would save them from any pursuit for the blood crimes they are responsible.
We once again ask Burundians to wake up and hunt this power that is coordinating regional genocide outstanding preparation. To the international community, the African Union and the Great Lakes region, we ask to do everything to stop this plan by taking seriously the situation in the east of the DRC and adopting rigorous pressure measures on the Military Click CNDDFDD in power in Burundi. Otherwise, no one says that it has not been informed on time on the preparations for this regional genocide if tomorrow it arrives at the execution stage. Forewarned is forearmed.

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