Burundi: From the Burundian unity, there remains only a slogan.

Burundi: From the Burundian unity, there remains only a slogan.
Yes, the Burundians remember the national unity when arrives February 5 of each year. It is on that date that they meet (those who are outside the country who meet physically or via teleconferences) those who still believe in the unity of Burundians and who hope that one day, the Burundians will still be able to Once find the true unit that has characterized our ancestors for long periods, until the arrival of the settlers. It is also on that date that the CNDDFDD military clique, which does not grow at all in the Burundian unity, mobilizes some members of the Government and Parliament, to listen to pronounced circumstance speeches, just to show the opinion that there is national unity. But the unity they speak is limited only to simple speeches because in the daily lives of Burundians, it is the exclusion that is practiced by the leaders of the CNDDFDD who are today in power.
It was then this Saturday, February 5, 2022 that was celebrated for the 31st time the National Unity Day which hangs in the signing of the Charter of the National Unity adopted by popular referendum to the vast majority by Burundians in 1991. A party that was celebrated in the absence of President Evariste Ndayishimiye who had represented Burundi at the Meeting of Heads of State of African Union in Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia. The great speech of circumstance was pronounced at the National Unity Monument by the President of Parliament, Colonel Gélase Ndabirabe, at the time the Vice President Prosper Bazombanza, was in Gitega, political capital. To hear them speak, they recognize that there is no unity between Burundians. And it is rightly because the authority today, the leadership that should promote this unity only sing it when it practices exclusion. The principle of the military clique in power is well known: who is not a member of the CNDDFDD has no rights to the national cake. People do not realize that even among the members of the CNL party that has been proclaimed on second place by CNI in the 2020 elections, no one occupies a government function; except parliamentarians, elected by the people, who receive Burundian taxpayers’ salaries. We do not speak of Tutsis who have gradually been depleted by the CNDDFDD system as if they were revenge by expelling them from all the functions of the state and ruining all their projects. Today, power organizes regular ethnic censuses that even concern NGOs to hunt Tutsis who occupy technical positions or who have accessed by their skills; all this under the cover of the Arusha agreements they have violated for a long time. This is a power that practices the opposite of the Burundian unity by dividing the people between two blocks: those who must live in ephemeral peace in the country (CNDDFDD members) and those that need to deplete, kill or hunt the country ( No members of the ruling party).
President Evariste Ndayishimiye will always say in his speeches that there are no more divisions within the Burundian people; that there is a perfect unit between Burundians. This unit is only on the ends of his lips because he is the first to practice exclusion because it is him who names people in positions of responsibility. A liar, hypocritical president. Yet it is happening for the most fervent Catholic Christian. Misfortune to you, scribes and hypocrites Pharisees! Because you devour the houses of the widows, and that you do for the appearance of long prayers; Because of this, you will be judged more severely. Matthieu 23: 14
Since the CNDDFDD no longer believes in the Burundian unit and highlights revenge, the trend is rather to put a cross on the celebration of this holiday and introduce another in memory of what it calls the victims of genocide Hutus from 1972 and 1988 (1988 is the next target of Pierre Clever Ndayicariye in his mission entrusted to him by the CNDDFDD to exhume the rest of the bodies to say that they are Hutus killed by the qualified powers of Tutsis). Any advised observer would have noticed that the participation in the celebration of the 31th anniversary of the National Unity Day was too weak: that is to say that the CNDDFDD did not make mobilization, even forced, as it does during His prayer crusades or other party activities.
URN Hitamwoneza asks all the Burundians who remain convinced that Burundi is a country of all Burundians without exclusion and that we have the same rights and the same duties, to mobilize to chase power these racist and genocidal extremists who seek only their own interest by excluding others. With all the crimes they have already committed, their place should not be in power, their place is normally in the prison. Put together our energies and stop effective strategies that will be able to push them in their true place with fewer breaks. The Burundian unit and the development of our country is at this price.

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