Burundi: A president of the poorest country in the world to the settlers to beg money to get rich instead of saving his people in distress

Burundi: A president of the poorest country in the world to the settlers to beg money to get rich instead of saving his people in distress
It is Evariste Ndayishimiye that the most intimate calls Neva with a nickname of  » Kirogorogo  » (who speaks a lot and said of anything) inherited from the marquis. He was him who landed in Brussels on this 16 February 2022 morning to attend the 6th EU-UA summit to be held from 17 to 18 February 2022. This meeting intervenes at the moment when these EU member countries had just decided lifting of sanctions imposed to Burundi since 2016; Following massive violations of men’s rights as demonstrations against the 3rd illegal and illegitimate mandate of former President Pierre Nkurunziza in 2015. After the 2015 missing coup, President Nkurunziza no longer dared to leave the country to represent it in international forums. He has just been tours inside the country, playing football, cultivating fields and organizing prayer crusades and meetings to insult settlers in front of the Burundian population and especially its Imbonerakure militia to encourage them to more violence, far from the eyes of all external observers.
Throughout the current President Evariste Ndayishimiye held the position of CNDDFDD Secretary-General; Being the first controller of the Imbonerakure militia (as the other movements affiliated with the CNDDFDD), it only insulted Belgium and overall what the CNDDFDD called « settlers  », as if they would never need them. This is Evariste Ndayishimiye finds face to face with them today. Will he change speeches? Of course! Would not it be ashamed of everything he said about them in front of the public and still circulating on social networks and around the world? Probably not! A man without faith or law does not realize his mistakes and does not even be ashamed to contradict himself. As an African proverb says well;  » The camel does not see his bump  ». Being in power by a fragrant cheating of the May 2020 elections, far from the annoying glances of the international observers including the EU, he thinks he is the most intelligent and the strongest. That’s why he decides to order his men to kill the opponents as they want and when they want. That is why he also allowed themselves to insult the settlers who had refused money and did not preclude lying to the Burundian people that they are richer than these settlers, that the country is rich, that it is full of abundant mining resources, that our country is like a paradise. Yet, however, and it is unfortunate, this Burundi is the poorest country in the world.
Well, what Evariste Ndayishimiye says is ok: the country is rich, but it is the poorest because it lacks leaders who love him and who love his people; The CNDFDD’s military clique that takes hostage the Burundian people has no vision to develop the country, it has only filled their pockets since 2005. No step forward has been done since they are in power, the country only regressed instead of moving forward.
Today, we are the shame of the world with GDP below the 300 dollars’ threshold. This is the only country in the ranking of the 20 poorest nations of the planet to display a 269dollars GDP in 2022. South Sudan goes up on the second step of this sad podium, with a GDP per head of 313 dollars. Somalia complements this top trio, with a GDP of $ 369 per capita. Already notice the difference with the following two countries. Countries like the DRC has $ 622 from GDP, Rwanda with $ 832, Uganda with $ 1074 GDP.
The Burundian population cannot eat twice a day; Yet some CNDDFDD executives are richer than the country. Allain Guillaume Bunyoni in the lead, has only made money he owns; He organizes grandiose feasts with his wife with every small event wearing gold clothes and shoes, taking pictures and videos to publish on social networks as a teenager or reachable, just to make fun of Burundians. Yet thousands of schoolchildren sit down or on trunks of trees or stones in schools not covered with sheets. And the Burundian people continue to listen to the good speeches that these bandits continue to convey to the prayer, just to sleep people.
The EU will be able to unlock some euros for Burundi. But only the same figures will enjoy it. These are certain CNDDFDD executives and members of the Imbonerakure militia to reinforce them so that they can perform ease of criminal missions entrusted to them by Evariste Ndayishmiye and his lieutenants.
URN Hitamwoneza is once again asking for the Burundian people to open your eyes and watch attentively what members of the military clique make. Yes, the country has mining resources. But, they enjoy who? At this handful of men and women of the CNDDFDD in power. The rest of members of the ruling party receives crumbs and non-members are men to slaughter and throw in Rusizi. Burundi belongs to all Burundians; We will have to get up like a single man to say no to these Burundian settlers who fall asleep and enrich themselves when we continue to croup in total misery. Too much is too much, we will have to act by stopping effective strategies to get rid of these leaders and translate them to the competent jurisdictions to respond of all committed crimes.

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