Burundi: Burundian refugees from the Mulombwe camp return to the country chased by imbonerakure disguised in May May

Burundi: Burundian refugees from the Mulombwe camp return to the country chased by imbonerakure disguised in May May
It is a real hunt for Tutsis who is done in the South Kivu of the DRC. A real genocide that continues. Sometimes these are groups of May May, sometimes it is the Gumino group of Nyamusalaba, all associated with the Burundian military and the imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD deployed east of the DRC who hunt for Congolese Banyamulenge that they qualify Rwandan Tutsis and continue to make incursions into Burundian refugee camps to look for Tutsis claiming that they are banyamulenge that hide there.
What does it cause to deserve such inhuman and degrading treatment? Why are these groups looking for them to kill them?
The 244 Burundians who returned on 17 February 2022 testified on the VOA in Kirundi Kinyarwanda that these criminals found them in the fields and violated women, were flying their goats to shoot them down; Others intercepted them on their route to the fields. Some have been killed, others removed. They did not hide that they were looking for Tutsis and accused all these Burundians they are wick with the Banyamulenge; chased also to be Tutsis they qualify for Rwandans.
Here, we should not ignore that the FDLR genocidaires who committed the irreparable in Rwanda in 1994 are also hidden in this region; They continue the genocide of Tutsis with the intention of eliminating the maximum possible. In the attack on one of the districts of the Lusenda Burundian refugee camp on December 22, 2021, the refugees testified to have seen an Interahamwe FDRL among these criminals. During this attack, Tutsis were sought, accused of collaborating with the Banyamulenge. 13Janvier 2022, the Refugee camp of Lusenda was once again attacked; many objects were stolen, fortunately, there were no deaths.
On January 16, 2022, the media reported that Burundian and Imbonerakure militia deployed in the DRC and associated with the Gumino group of Nyamusalaba killed 10 people. On January 14, 2022, they had attacked Mulala and Kibogobogo and killed 3 people and wounded 5 others; On January 15, 2022, they had attacked Itonga and killed 7 people and injured 3. These attacks were conducted from their position in Kigeregere.
These criminals have reached the culminating point by stopping a civilian vehicle from which Congolese soldiers and brought down an FARDC officer by the mere fact that he is Tutsi Munyamulenge; He was savagely murdered without any defence; the others did not worry.
This criminal practice recalls the actions of the CNDFDD that is in power today when it was still the rebellion. Being unable to directly confront the army, these criminals were mere ambush on the itineraries to select and kill the Tutsis aboard the vehicles or they attacked displaced sites of Tutsis or schools not well defended. And these are criminals who should normally be in prison that returned triumphantly by the Arusha agreements and who today lead Burundi.
It is for this reason that these groups of genocidal who are in the DRC associate with the Burundian military and the militia Imbonerakure in the objective of hunting all that is called Tutsis in the region, with the intention to constitute What they call  » a powerful Hutu Empire  ». According to their strategy, this is the only way to eliminate justice and remain unpunished with the crimes they have all committed. It is in this logic that the CNDDFDD power easily grants the FDLR/FLN of the facilities to arrive in the kibira and to live there to easily attack the neighbouring Rwanda.
Urnhitamwoneza will never stop screaming to awaken all those who are still sleeping and who think can peace with these genocidal. Peace for all in the region is not desired by the FDLR/ FLN / CNDDFDD and all their associates scattered in the east of the DRC. We have then to do all the necessary and effective strategies to destroy these genocidal groups forever and allow the sub-region to live in peace and develop.

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