Burundi: Why CNDDFDD power always insists on the surrender of the 2015 suspected putschists that would be in Rwanda

Burundi: Why CNDDFDD power always insists on the surrender of the 2015 suspected putschists that would be in Rwanda
It is clear that the CNDDFDD power seeks pretexts to not let go of the members of the FDLR/ FLN who are on its territory and who always seek to destabilize neighbouring Rwanda. In its hypocrisy pushed to the extreme, President Evariste Ndayishimiye said, at his descent of aircraft from the DRC, where he participated in the 10th meeting of the regional monitoring mechanism of the Framework Agreement for Peace, security and cooperation for the DRC and the region, which took place in Kinshasa on 24 February 2022; That  » relations with Rwanda will improve because this country is ready to send us the putschists of 2015 to be judged  ». It was at the moment when a delegation led by the Minister of Justice had been granted on 24 February 2022 by his Rwandan counterpart in Kigali. In their maintenance, they mentioned the exchange of criminals that commit packages in one of the two countries and who take refuge in the other. The file related to the 2015 putschists who would be in Rwanda would have been treated in a more discreet setting by a restricted team. The release read after the meeting said only that both parties showed a political will to continue to discuss the issue. Yet this did not prevent President Evariste Ndayishimiye from reporting high and strong that Rwanda would be ready to give them back to Burundi
Rwandan President has already spoken on this issue: his country that keeps compliance with international rules, cannot send back to the country people that they have fled and who are under the responsibility of UNHCR. However, to hear them speak, the military clique in power in Gitega conditions any resumption of cooperation with Rwanda and especially the reopening of the border, to the delivery of the presumed putschists who are on its territory. This condition means, in the eyes of the law, to ask the impossible. And it is not done at random. Evariste Ndayishimiye seeks pretexts to block the culmination of the talks to maintain on its territory the FDLR/ FLN genocidaires that have been installed in the Kibira since they have been under strong pressure in the eastern mountains and forests of the DRC. They now enjoy the government’s logistical and financial supports via the Burundi National Defence Forces and the CNDDFDD Imbonerakure Militia. That people are blinded by the few positive actions that the CNDDFDD power pose as the delivery of some FLN fighters to Rwanda; These are only sacrificed elements (these are most times unruly elements) to succeed their project. Otherwise, the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye will never accept to kick out the country these criminals because they have signed long-term conventions for a long time in their project to provoke a regional genocide and constitute a strong Hutu empire in the Great Lakes region in order to could escape justice (both Rwandans and Burundians criminals).
Current location of FDLR/ FLN genocidaires in Burundi
These FDLR/ FLN genocidaires have always left the East of the DRC and entered Burundi to head for Kibira which is shared between Burundi and Rwanda. In Burundi, they are located on the side of the municipality Mabayi in Cibitoke Province. SOS Media wrote that on February 16, 2022, three Burundians were intercepted by Burundian intelligence services in possession of 09 grenades, 08 loaders filled, 02 tons of cassava flour and 01ton of bean. They were going to supply these FDLR/ FLN criminals in Kibira, located near Mukoma Hill, Mabayi Commune, Cibitoke Province, adds SOS Media. The population of the surrounding area reported to SOS media that traders continue to exchange foods against minerals operated in the Kibira by these Rwandan genocidaires. This means that they are still in the locality; And they benefit from the support of CNDDFDD power, despite sometimes, it makes small gestures like those to stop some of them or their accomplices to show that it has the will to collaborate with Rwanda in their hunting.
To try to hide the Rwandan patrols in the Nyungwe Forest, the power of Gitega advised them that some leave the interior of the forest on the Mabayi side to settle on the side of Bukinanyana, close to the dwellings of the population. With the complicity of the Imbonerakure of the square, they can easily dilute in the population and go for food themselves on the markets of the place without being easily identified.
This shows that Evariste Ndayishimiye and his CNDDFDD Criminal Laboratory cannot release these FDLR/ FLN genocidals. They will continue to play cat and mouse with Kigali without arriving with the results expected by the population of both countries: the reopening of the border to facilitate the movements of goods and people.
URN Hitamwoneza once again reminds the Burundian population that it has at the head of the country criminal rebels who do not care about their interest, which are not concerned about the development of the country; But who have the sole purpose of surrounding the riches that will allow them to protect themselves against prosecution for all the crimes they committed. As long as they are in power, the country will always be the poorest in the world, the Burundian Lambda will always wallow in misery. We still want to win a wink to the European Union and other bilateral and multilateral partners who think open the CNDDFDD power faucets. If you do not closely follow each dollar or euro given to this power to verify that it makes impacts on the well-being of the general population, all the given money will be used to strengthen the ability to nuisance their squadrons of death and you would have helped to kill Burundians; You will also be responsible for that.

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