Burundi: Gender violences multiply in Burundi and remain unpunished by CNDDFDD power

Burundi: Gender violences multiply in Burundi and remain unpunished by CNDDFDD power
The Seruka Center, which welcomes and supports girls and women victims of sexual violence states that it is not able to accurately say the total number of VBG victims (gender-based violence). He justifies this state of affairs by Burundian culture that makes such acts a secret subject between the two persons. Even if they are made without consent, girls and women do not want others to know that they have suffered such sexual violence for fear of losing their consideration. What the Seruka Center did not want to say is that the members of the Imbonerakure militia threatened the victims or their families to prevent them from saying a word, and especially to denounce the authors.
However, the cases of these VBG multiply in Burundi. The Seruka Center says it records, in urban centres where it has its offices, more than 100 cases of VBG per week across the country.
This information is transmitted to which of law, but substantial measures are not taken by the power to seriously punish the authors and thus discourage or terminate these crimes. It is because of this impunity that in recent days multiply the cases of girls and women who are slaughtered after rape. The examples cited include: a raped girl and tortured by a policeman named Mohmed Rugamba on Mututu hill in Bururi province; She died in the hospital. It was February 8, 2022. Ndamuhawenimana Emelyne was raped and killed, slaughtered, 9 February 2022 in Gahongore of the town and Province Bubanza. A girl named Divine Kezakimana who lived in a displaced site and had been missing 5 days before, was found dead after rape at the Karuzi Center on February 18, 2022. One week before this date, a corpse of a young girl named Xaviere Ningabiye, 19, was discovered on the Ndurumu River, in Buhiga commune from the same province Karuzi. These are only illustrative cases for the month of February 2022. The cases that have not been brought to the public’s knowledge are more than double. The authors are sometimes apprehended and imprisoned for a little while, just the time it takes to forget a bit the file and they are released or enjoy the facilities to escape because they are members of the CNDDFDD power party. The cases of teachers or school directors who impregnate students under their responsibilities are also legion, and the authors remain unpunished; Sometimes, death threats are uttered from members of their families so that they do not dare to file a complaint. That means that the numbers are never known with a smaller precision as the Seruka Center says.
And yet, Wednesday, February 23, 2022, the first lady Angeline Ndayishimiye received in Audience Maxime Houinato, United Nations Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa, accompanied by Damien Mama, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations system in Burundi and Janet Kem, UN Women’s Representative in Burundi. Mr Maxime Houinato said he was satisfied with the achievements of the First Lady of the Republic of Burundi in different areas, especially that of the promotion of women. And the latter did not fail to thank UNWEF strongly for its hardware and financial support to facilitate the implementation of women’s promotion programs and initiatives.
How to promote Burundian woman in such conditions? When the girl and the woman are violated daily, then killed by the members of the Imbonerakure militia without any reaction of the first lady, can we say that she really works to promote the woman? First his survival, then his physical and mental health, then promotion. Without these prerequisites, Angélique Ndayishimiye only has to cash the funds allocated by these donors for these so-called women’s promotion programs, no results will come out.
It is known that even the funds given by these partners to try to raise the standard of living of the woman and consequently the family in Burundi are solely allocated in associations of women members of the CNDDFDD, as if those that are not members of the ruling party have no right of life. After the opening of the Imbonerakure Youth Bank in Gitega on 06 January 2021 by Minister Ezekiel Nibigira, President Evariste Ndayishimiye has just launched the activities of another CNDDFDD Women’s Bank in the same province on March 3, 2022. He has What to put in his speech on March 8, 2022, International Women’s Day, which approaches.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that this so-called development that excludes all those who are not ethnic trend and who are not members of his party, this widespread impunity that is observed in all areas of the country’s life, especially among criminals who violate and kill girls and women, through the pursuit of gangrene corruption since 2005 and that the country remains at the bottom of the world, by selective killings made by its militia and zealous forces , used by the CNDDFDD, President Evariste Ndayishimiye is digging his own grave. Burundians who want peace, security and development for all should wake up and take things in hand before it’s too late.

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