Burundi: Gabriel Rufyiri blows warm and cold and finish to be ridiculous

Burundi: Gabriel Rufyiri blows warm and cold and finish to be ridiculous
Gabriel Rufyiri is this lifetime president of Olucom, the organization of fighting corruption and economic malpractices in Burundi. He returned to Burundi after 6 years of exile in Luxembourg in Belgium. He was part of the delegation of civil society sent to meet the President Evariste Ndayishimiye during his meeting with the Burundians of the diaspora on 19 February 2022 after his participation in the EU-Au-ACP summit (European Union-African Union-Country Africa Caribbean Pacific) which took place from 17 to 18 February 2022. Evariste Ndayishimiye has already had the confirmation of the suspension of sanctions imposed in Burundi since 2016 by the European Union.
During this meeting with the Burundians of the diaspora, the media first shown Gabriel Rufyiri to address the President, speaking him as a brother (he keeps saying that the president is not counted among The thieves in Burundi) of what is not going to the country in terms of corruption and economic malpractice (which was not new for him because he himself never ceases to denounce this plague without asking for concrete acts for the fight); Gabriel Rufyiri also appeared in the media near President Evarist Ndayishimiye when sharing a drink with his compatriots who came to welcome him to Brussels. People were right to say that Rufyiri was about to return home. This day was a golden opportunity for him to finalize with the President the negotiations of his return to the country, started since Evariste Ndayishimiye is in power. It is not free that we have always heard Gabriel Rufyiri and some other Burundians from exile, who yesterday said about the opposition, start throwing flowers to Evariste Ndayishimiye, nourishing the hope that he can make significant changes in the country. What has changed after almost two years of power? People like Anicet Niyonkuru and his supporters, Jean Bosco Ndayikengurukiye and Jérémie Ngendakumana who have already returned begin to regret and seek in vain routes of exit. It is to say that the Burundi of Evariste Ndayishimiye is not different from that of Pierre Nkurunziza because both evolve and conform to the CNDDFDD genocidal terrorist system guidelines
Any Burundian who is against the lie, who wants to find a Burundi characterized by the values of truth, freedom and peace has had goose bumps by looking at the interview of Gabriel Rufyiri at the Mashariki TV which circulates on social networks. We see an uncomfortable man in his answers and a journalist who is afraid to ask relevant questions.
First, Gabriel Rufyiri refuses to accept that he had exiled, without saying that he had gone on mission. But, he still says he was absent from the country for 6 years. And the journalist does not dare to ask him the question of why he spent as many years outside the country or if what pushed him to flee the country no longer exists. In its responses to the issues related to the fight against economic malpractices, he regrets that nothing is done in terms of the development of public infrastructure but that floors of private rises as fungi. He insists mostly about the good speeches, the good intentions of President Evariste Ndayishimiye. He radicalizes himself more advantage by saying that there is freedom of expression in Burundi, that there is direct and frank communication between the directed and their leaders when a press briefing jointly with the Faustin Ndikumana, President of Parcem to express themselves on the ban on motorcycles, tricycles and bikes to circulate inside the city Bujumbura had just been banned by the police just from his first minutes.
It is clear that Gabriel Rufyiri wants to whiten the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye to pick up his protection, but at the same time, he means high and strong that there is in Burundi of great thieves who are richer than the country, but without designer them by the finger to be put in court.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that Burundi lacks leaders committed to telling the truth and defending the interest of all Burundians without exception. Those who yesterday claimed fierce opponents, with percussive speeches against CNDDFDD power, find opportunities to approach the same power by relying on the sensitive rope of ethnism, to return to the country support this power that needs to show the international community that peace is total because political opponents, even some members of the so-called armed groups, are returning. These traitors first spend long hours in the SNR to deliver information on the names of the opponents, their locations and strategies before promising them positions they do not receive in Finish. Some end up returning to exile, others, and they are the most numerous, are denied the right to leave country and become real open prisoners. It is then understandable why the opposition both political and the armed opposition has never evolved, and the power that has always manipulated it through these traitors is asking them to return, playing especially on the ethnic side. Burundians should soon see this dishonest game of Ndayishimiye power to avoid falling into its trap and require rather that favourable conditions are met to allow all Burundians without exception to return to their native country.

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