Burundi: The image of the country that President Evariste Ndayishimiye presented in Rome is not that of Burundi.

Burundi: The image of the country that President Evariste Ndayishimiye presented in Rome is not that of Burundi.
In visiting the Holy Father, President Evariste Ndayishimiye gave an interview to Rome New Saturday, March 26, 2022, after his meeting with Pope Francis, who promised him to visit Burundi in 2023.
All those who have had the chance to listen to this interview have wondered if Evariste Ndayishimiye presented Burundi or another country on the planet. He spoke of a terrestrial paradise that is missing only of development (he mentioned that the only enemy who remains for Burundians is poverty). He does not know that the world knows that in our countries that do not lack natural resources, poor governance is at the basis of the poverty he referred. And Evariste Ndayishimiye is currently the headline of the CNDDFDD system that has ruined the country since 2005.
Let’s go back to the details. Ndayishimiye has presented a guaranteed country of security, peace, democracy, in good terms with its neighbours. It’s just what is missing for Burundi. Why we are entitled to wonder what country was he talking about.
Can we talk about security with corpses that continue to be picked up anywhere in the country and are buried by order of the administration without any identification? The ITEKA league gave, aware of this month of March 2022, a very heavy assessment of the only women killed since Evariste Ndayishimiye is in power: 153 women and girls killed; 3 missing; 186 raped; 9 tortured; 78 arbitrarily arrested. If so many women and girls have been victims of the atrocities of Ndayishimiye power, what would it be for men? A power that is not able to protect vulnerable people like women and girls does not normally deserve to visit the Holy Place.
How can we talk about peace in a poorest and most miserable country with a power that intimidates everyone, who takes unpopular measures such as traffic ban in the capital of motorcycles, bicycles and tricycles that brought food ration to more than 300 thousand people; A power that threatens to confiscate uncultivated lands from rural farmers to distribute them to Imbonerakure (CNDFDD militia)?
Can we expect peace when each member of the Imbonerakure militia, each NPS member or the army or police intelligence services can afford to remove someone and imprison him in a place Unknown, with the great opportunity to kill him and throw it in the river or bury it alive? What do Imbonerakure military and Burundians solders do east of neighbouring DRC if peace and security are guaranteed in Burundi? If Vatican News had asked as many questions at Evariste Ndayishimiye, would he have had answers to give? Just say that all this is only lies when he knows it’s the truth.
The good relations with the neighbours he was referring would be between Burundi and Tanzania who helps him to mistreat Burundian refugees to force them to return home while they are hunted by his Imbonerakure militia. It is probably also with the DRC that allows it to send militia and soldiers to this territory without any official agreement. This is not the same case with the Rwanda who opened his borders with all the neighbours, but only the Burundi refused to open the Rwando-Burundian border with as a pretext that this country has not yet delivered to Burundi the Putschists of 2015 who would be on his territory. The real cause is elsewhere; people need to understand it. It is that the power of Gitega cannot in any case agree to hunt the FDLR/ FLN on its territory. This is the big obstacle. As the good relations between the two countries require that these genocidaires are also hunted away from the Rwandan border, Evariste Ndayishimiye finds pretexts for the ongoing talks for some time do not lead to the agreements that would force them to chase these criminals who which the CNDDFDD system has signed conventions. A letter signed Secretary-General RNC circulates on social networks asking President Ndayishimiye to play the role of mediator between this movement and the Rwandan government. It is not capable of it. But, the letter shows neither less nor more the confidence that this movement has for Evariste Ndayishniye and his power; Him who understands the cause they defend and who is ready to bring them multiform support in their struggle.
Talking about democracy would be a utopia at the moment when social networks circulates the statement of the President of the National Assembly, Gélase Ndabirabe, who affirms without fear that all the administrative bodies of the State must be submitted to the CNDDFDD chiefs at all levels. Burundi is plunged into a non-name monopartism where any opponent is either killed or imprisoned or forced to exile. The example of the 5 members of the same family of Rutara, members of the CNL party, imprisoned said long. Three of them had fled to Tanzania the night of August 11, 2021 following the threats of members of the CNDDFDD militia; But, by order of the administration and the CNDDFDD party in Rutana, the Tanzanian police have arrested them, tortured, imprisoned and led on the Mugina border and handed over to the Burundian police (it is Jean Bosco Nsengiyumva, Oscar Icondayisavye and Eric Nibizi). They were driven to Rutana prison where they joined the other two (Jean Pierre Ndacayisaba alias Delenganya and Charter Nutakirutimana) already sentenced to 10 years in prison and 100 thousand Burundi Francs. This is the kind of democracy revealed by Evarsiste Ndayishimiye in Rome. He did not even be ashamed to say that the 2020 elections were free and transparent at the time the world knows that the CNDDFDD refused access to all foreign observers and that even the Catholic Church of which he has not ceased for a moment to boast the good relationship affirmed that there has been cheating; But they decided to shut up after the intimidation of the military clique who forced all the Burundians to accept a thief president. Here he continues to lie until to Vatican.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that it is time for this kind of lies to cease in Burundi; that all these liar criminals be put aside and the emergence of honest and clean hands emerge, only able to draw the Burundi from the gulf in which the CNDDFDD power has plunged it since 2005. To everyone to bring his stone to the Building; Everything is possible if we combine our efforts.

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