Burundi: Yesterday enemy number 1, would the Catholic Church miraculously become the beloved child of the CNDDFDD system?

Burundi: Yesterday enemy number 1, would the Catholic Church miraculously become the beloved child of the CNDDFDD system?
The question deserves an answer. To hear President Evariste Ndayishimiye during his interview in Rome News and at Bujumbura Airport on March 30, 2022 on his return from Rome where he met Pope Francis, it looks like the Catholic Church in Burundi became a partner privileged by the CNDDFDD system that has taken Burundi in hostage since 2005 (we weigh our words saying  » who takes hostage  » because the one who directs shows the right direction that leads to peace and development; what is not the case for CNDDFDD power). It looks like everything is rosy between the CNDDFDD power and the Catholic Church of Burundi or simply that the Church of God plays a certain complicity with a power of which its leaders are tainted with hundreds of thousands of Burundians since when they were in rebellion until today.
Where did this magic wand who changed in white, which was black yesterday? People have not forgotten what Gélase Daniel Ndabirabe said, current president of the National Assembly, on the Catholic Church in March 2016 when he was still spokesman for the CNDDFDD. We allow ourselves to remind you of a few sentences he delivered on the radio Isanganiro on March 28, 2016
 » The Church has soaked in almost all the crises that have taken the country since the arrival of the first missionaries – it served closely or far in the coups that the Burundi knew until our days and that some members of the Catholic Church contributed in the unfortunate history of Burundi – for example in 1972, Father Michel Kayoya was murdered under the blessing of some officials of the Catholic Church and Nobody has said nothing — Burundian Christians are disappointed by the behaviour of the Catholic Church in view of his position in the recent events that hit Burundi — the behaviour of a number of prelates From this religious confession of the Catholic Church since 2010 and especially since April 26, 2015, disappointed the Burundian democrats in particular and all the Burundian people in general — The Burundian Catholic Church wanted to sabotage the recent elections of 2015 and block the operation of the Truth-Reconciliation Commission through what it qualifies « inconsiderate activism » of some leaders of this religious confession — and all this was accompanied by inflamed communiqués during their homilies to suggest that the Catholic Church had more spiritual role but only political — The Catholic Church loses its main mission to preach the good news and is guilty of dividing Christians on ideological basis — The will to divide the Christians has been expressed sometimes openly sometimes half-word by some officials of the Catholic Church as well as the desire to oppose Christians to the various members of the political parties who pushed more than one to ask questions of the true mission of the chiefs of the Burundian clergy.’’ These are the own words of this man who does not stop ‘’spitting the fire « during these speeches.
From all the above, we say that even if the relations would be very good between the Catholic Church and the CNDDFDD power, they know ups and downs. After the 2020 elections, the Council of Catholic Bishops took the front to denounce the irregularities that characterized these elections. Unfortunately, he has not continued to put the truth in broad daylight, perhaps to avoid revolting the population, for fear of exposing it to the deadly brutality of the squadrons of the death of the CNDDFDD already prepared to mater anyone who would dare to do manifestation against the results manufactured by the CENI on the orders of the CNDDFDD. But that did not prevent the different Catholic bishops and priests from giving the podium to the CNDDFDD leaders, invested after cheating, to make their false propaganda’s within their churches.
On the other hand, we still heard recently Bishop Simon Ntamwana (close friend of Evariste Ndayishimiye) denouncing acts of intimidation and kidnappings perpetrated by the CNDDFDD power on the population who is not a member of their party . The President of the Catholic Bishops and Bishop of Muyinga also did not, during his homily in the Cathedral Regina Mundi, missed the opportunity to speak of the lamentations of the hundreds of Burundians struck by the unpopular measure of Minister Ndakugarika of prohibiting motorcycles, bicycles and tricycles to circulate on a large part of the economic capital Bujumbura. And the bishop to ask rather than the leaders do not lay on their positions, but that they put forward the well-being of their directed; What was not probably pleased to the Super Minister Ndakugarika and the military clique that seek rather to silence everyone on this file.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that even though Evariste Ndayishimiye believes to have convinced Pope Francis who accepted to visit Burundi in 2023; If he was intelligent, he should know that the Holy Place is gifted in diplomacy. They are aware of all crimes committed by CNDDFDD power. If he has requested only the state of the file about assassination of Michael Courtney, he implicitly asked for justice for these foreigners (the Italian sisters killed in Kamenge and others) and Burundians murdered by the CNDDFDD power since 2005 . And here’s our poor president who replies that it is the CVR that will take care of it. What a shame!
It should also be known that the Catholic Church is not a Church of Simon Ntamwana or any other bishop or individual, powerful can it be; It is the Church of God. And God does not like hypocrites, liars, let alone those who dare to take out life to a human being that he has created. Any Catholic authority that will be in addition to the truth will be against the will of God and will not have any place for the Catholic Church.
To meditate:  » but saying the truth in love, we will grow up to every point towards the one who is the head, Christ (Ephesians 4:15). Jesus said to him, « I’m the way, the truth and life. We do not come to the Father only passing through me. (John 14: 6).

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