Burundi: Will we expect other corpses on Rusizi or elsewhere in recent days?

Burundi: Will we expect other corpses on Rusizi or elsewhere in recent days?
The answer to this question is directly yes. And it’s unfortunate for our country, Burundi. What is this affirmation based on? It is not in any case free.
Knowing the tactics of the CNDDFDD’s death squadrons, our statement is based on the kidnappings of some Burundians operated in recent days by the National Information Service, SNR. They are many arbitrary arrests that the Focode (Nininahazwe Pacific), he who has a program called  » Ndondeza  » (help me to look for) is worried.
The tactics is already known
The SNR members stop discreetly or publicly people (without any mandate and do not even tell them the why of their arrest), lead them into a secret place where theirs do not have the right to know. Or, they are the members of the Imbonerakure militia, police or army that perform these removal operations and lead people arrested at the SNR.
These arbitrarily arrested people are usually Tutsis or Hutus not members of the CNDDFDD. They undergo atrocious tortures in these secret places; Sometimes to make them agree to have links with armed groups, which, officially do not exist in Burundi (official speech of the CNDDFDD authorities).
After these tortures, a small number of these people will have the chance to be conducted in known prisons; But the vast majority are often found in a so bad health that they are killed; Then their corpses put in the SRN vehicles to go to throw them away from their places of origin. The strategy is that no one can identify them at first sight, otherwise, the administration is responsible for burying the corpses as quickly as possible. These are well-coordinated operations by the CNDDFDD system. How to explain that a person over 70 years can be unknown in the town Buganda de Cibitoke (there we speak of a corpse of an old lady over 70 years old found in the 3rd Avenue Gasenyi, commune Buganda in province Cibitoke the March 31, 2022)? It is simply saying that these corpses are driven in these places, not by men’s heads, but indeed by state vehicles.
Kidnappings that worry
March 31, 2022, Venant Ndayishimiye, Chief SNR in Cankuzo, arrested Norbet Hatungimana; Norbert Gasugumwa and Anatole Hakizimana; on 01Avril 2022 evening, he stopped Chadrac Sibomana. All these people have so far been held in unknown places and the reason for their arrest has not been communicated to the concerned during their arrest, or the members of their families. That worries everyone and especially their families and human rights organizations as a Focode who deplores the silence of Burundians in front of such arbitrary arrests. However, he does not forget that the Burundians live in an unnamed terror imposed by the CNDDFDD system in power, so much so that the one who dares to ask a question about the arrest is himself arrested without any other reason . People prefer to shut up, hearts broken because the great probability is to no longer review theirs; not even their corpses. Pacific Nininahazwe speaks of other many arrests that take place in Rutara, Mugamba and Cibitoke. This makes us think that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, many other corpses will be found here and there in the country.
URN Hitamwoneza would like to remember that these SNR officials and other state agents who are used by the CNDDFDD system to remove and kill innocent Burundians, wrongly accused or right to belong to other political organizations otherwise that the CNDDFDD (in order to stay alone in power and stay there); That this power will leave sooner or later, is that they will have to answer all these crimes before independent jurisdictions. If people do not say anything today and strongly support all the frustrations of the world, one day the explosion will be dangerous for this criminal system that has been hosting the Burundian people since 2005. We already say to Venant Ndayishimiye that if it happens something to these 04 people, he will be responsible. Today he will kill them and will not be worried because it is a mission entrusted to him by the CNDDFDD leaders to President Evariste Ndayishimiye; But when these people will not be there to protect it, he will have to answer alone. This is the same situation for all those who agree to execute such criminal missions.

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