Burundi: My greatest wish: that my country the Burundi resurrects with Jesus Christ.

Burundi: My greatest wish: that my country the Burundi resurrects with Jesus Christ.
He died my country Burundi! Yes, it exists on the map of the world; it exists by its geographical limits; But he is really dead as a Nation. A country still poorest on the planet when we know that its basement is full of many minerals, a country always green, a country with young and intelligent human resources. Nothing surprising! He has missed since 2005 visionary leaders; He had the misfortune to be led by Bushmen who had never had any notion of the management of a State; But who, on the other hand, have always been guided by the daemon of revenge, exclusion, genocide, corruption and research at any price of wealth, resulting in the permanent instability characterized by killings, enforced disappearances, Arbitrary imprisonment, regular departures for exile. That’s why my country has never been identified since 2005. Do not we have the reason to say that it is dead? A country where corpses of people are picked up daily here and there and where there are no investigations to identify and punish the culprits, but on the other hand where the administration is organized to make them bury them as quickly as possible in view to hide the search traces of the executioners. How can one be called a country where people are kidnapped by state services and disappear without them being allowed to have their destination at risk of suffering the same fate? What is this country whose so-called leaders increase all the riches of the country, and take unpopular measures that deplete advantage the directed without shame and multiply only the tantalized and promising speeches of a better future at the moment do not even ever eat twice a day; can no longer move due to lack of fuel; have neither electricity nor water, nor fertilizers without talking about drugs? It is the Burundi my country who died and who needs to resurrect.
The resurrection of our Lord is the victory of light on the darkness, of the truth about the lie, of the good on evil, of life on death. Anyone who loves my country wants to see one day the truth win over the lie that has been in my country for a long time and has become the method of government of CNDDFDD power. The corpses are collected in the country, and President Ndayishimiye says without fear or shame today that there are no forced provisions in Burundi and tomorrow, he claims that state services remove Burundians without saying What measures he has taken to stop this phenomenon. Ashamed montages are made by information services of Evariste Ndayishimiye to kill innocent or imprison them for interests of some influential personalities of the CNDDFDD party. In front of all this lie, Evariste Ndayishimiye always presents itself in the churches of the country, is a little Jesus of Burundi by caring the Cross. Yet he knows what is planning and what is done at the CNDDFDD criminal laboratory. When Jesus had risen from the dead, the great priests gave to the soldiers who kept where his body had been deposited, a strong amount of money to lie that the disciples have passed the night recovering his body while they slept. They accepted the money and they propagated the lie; But he did not hold because it was like « hiding smoke when there is fire  ». That’s what Evariste Ndayishimiye every day does. There is no way to hide the harm that its power makes to Burundian citizens on the whole and some categories of Burundians in a particular way. It is nice to announce its good intentions, the actions of its men demonstrate the opposite.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that Burundi will be resurrected the day when all criminals (blood crimes and economic crimes) will be conducted in court and will be punished to give way to the integrity Burundians (and they are numerous) at the head of the country. It is at this moment that we will really find the Burundi Nation and it will no longer be the last in the world as it is today. Woe to all those who accept the dirty money of the CNDDFDD to validate his lies or close his eyes in front of the harm he causes my country. They will suffer the same treatment.  » The one who is silent in front of an injustice is just as guilty  » (Ben Hamdouch Lailla)

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