Burundi: Burundi on the edge of the abyss threatens the security of the sub-region

Burundi: Burundi on the edge of the abyss threatens the security of the sub-region
He is always the poorest of the planet; It’s Burundi. However, there is no shortage of anything in terms of resources that can raise the standard of living of the population. But, it lacks the essential: good leadership, good governance. This makes it always in permanent insecurity and risks causing insecurity or even a large-scale genocide, both in Burundi and in the sub-region of the Great Lakes.
The level of poverty of the population is today worrying
He always has a double language or he doesn’t know what he says. It is President Evariste Ndayishimiye who, today, lie to the population that Burundi is a rich country, that its future is more than certain, that it does not need aid of partners. Tomorrow, he changes his speeches and reports that the country needs multiform support to deal with poverty. In his speech during the labor festival and workers on May 01, 2022, President Ndayishimiye admitted that analysts of the Burundian economy said that the country is on red line because it exports almost nothing and anyway need to import but it has problem of currencies. To who is the fault? The answer is known to all; The CNDDFDD system is responsible for it.
In the program  » Ugona Iki  » of the radio  » umurisho  » of this May 01, 2022, Bob Rugurika and the former spokesperson of farmer president Nkurunziza, Leonidas Hatungimana, say that is the system CNDDFD which expressly depletes the Burundian population. This seems incomprehensible in the eyes of the ordinary people; But Bob Rugurika explains that this is a strategy used by dictatorial regimes so that everyone respects them blindly. The two guests base their arguments on unpopular measures taken by this system, the mismanagement of public affairs and embezzlement of public funds in favour of the only military click in power.
b. Insecurity has reached its climax since the coming to power of Evariste Ndayishimiye
According to Bob Rugirika captured on Umurisho radio, 576 people were killed in Burundi and 137 Burundians were missing since June 2020 until March 2022. The CNDDFDD system, armed and financed by the party continues to kill the Burundian population. The most recent cases are reported in the province of Cibitoke, 7th transversal, in Kaburantwa in the Buganda commune, near the Rusizi river where 4 decomposition corpses were discovered on April 27 and 28, 2022.
On May 01, 2022, 5 bodies in Congolese military outfits found on the Bihembe hill, Bukinanyana commune in the Cibitoke province. These corpses would be those of the members of the FDLR/FLN who erected positions in the Kibira in Burundi to launch attacks on the Rwandan population. They benefit from multifaceted aids and logistical support from the government of Evariste Ndayishimiye for a long time. It is for this reason that CNDDFDD power continues to claim that Rwanda sends him the 2015 putschists who are on its territory before opening its border with this neighbouring and brother country. Which is a pretext without any basis because Rwanda has always told him that these men are under the responsibility of the UNHCR and that he cannot violate international laws in the matter. Indeed, it is almost impossible that the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye will take the heavy decision to chase from its territory these Rwandan genocidaires because they have very solid links; He prefers to abandon relations with the Rwandan government; This clearly shows that he does not care about the well-being of its population who so much needs exchanges with their Rwandan neighbours, but its only sectarian interests.
c. Risk of large -scale genocide in Burundi and in the Great Lakes region.
In addition to the Imbonerakure militia and defence and security forces and an intelligence service almost 100% members of the CNDDFDD; The Evariste Ndayishimiye power wants to set up another force which will be under the control of the party, called FRAD: reserve and development support force. Analysts believe that the one is not a new strength, that it is simply to legalize the work of the imbonerakure. According to Bob Rugurika, it was the FDRL who advised the CNDDFDD system to put the Militia Imbonerakure into a new structure and integrate it into the defence and security forces; All this to protect them and have legal proceedings escape these elements which have committed unnamed crimes like the Interahamwe. The latter are prosecuted around the world because they have made this error of having not been integrated into any official structure of the State, they say. All this shows that the CNDDFDD power is preparing something worse. A large -scale genocide. It is only waiting for a trigger that can come from the inside or from the outside. From the inside, the dissatisfaction of the population, of any trend, following unpopular measures taken by the power which aggravates the high level of cleanliness, can cause an explosion. The military click in power will not accept to leave it, it will prefer to shed blood as much as possible from Burundian.
With the presence of Burundian soldiers and Imbonerakure militias in the DRC alongside the militiamen May May, FDLR/FLN, ADF, who also attack the Congolese Tutsis Banyamulenge and loot their cows; Added to this the maintenance of the FDLR/FLN in the Kibira and which make shuttles between the eastern DRC and the Burundi to attack Rwanda, the trigger can also come from this repetitive aggression in the sub-region if nothing n ‘is done as soon as possible.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that everything is ready for there to be a large -scale genocide (they kill one by one today) in Burundi. President Evariste Ndayishimiye could be a second Adolf Hitler. The latest historical criminal was a fervent Christian as Evarsite Ndayishimiye. He said he was protected by God for escaping several attacks; His fiery speech that amnesties the public also resembles that of Neva. What came out is nothing other than genocide of the Jews. Analysts say that Hitler was rather under the weight of the demon because the true God is a love God. So many economic crimes and blood crimes committed under the CNDDFDD regime are not the work of God, but that of Satan. The first responsible is President Ndayishimiye who risks suffering the same fate as Adolf Hitler. His men should be arrested wherever they go. Alfred Museremu should not move like a fish in water in Europe with all the blood crimes that weigh on his shoulders; These countries should arrest him and lead him under good escort before the ICC especially since the regime for which he works supports Russia in his assault against Ukraine and consequently, argues human rights violations. The lack of reaction of European countries means neither less nor more to support the impunity of crimes in Burundi.

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