Burundi: When will the military click in power cease to humiliate Burundi in front of the countries of the region?

Burundi: When will the military click in power cease to humiliate Burundi in front of the countries of the region?
Many do not know it; The event has not been much publicized. It was a working visit to Mahama, at the refugee camp, a delegation from the joint mechanism of enlarged verification (MCVE). Object of the visit: Check if there are Burundian fighters in this camp and know why there are people who do not want to return to Burundi. These are at least the questions that these officials in the region asked representatives of the refugees they have met. They also maintained themselves with government representatives (Minema) and UNHCR.
Who asked for this visit?
If it is true that we do not know the programming of the visits of this organ, many actions and gestures push us to think that it was Evariste Ndayishimiye, president of Burundi who asked for it; It is him and his military clique who still unjustly accuse Rwanda of shelter putschists and combatants ready to disturb security in Burundi. It is for this reason that although Rwanda has opened its border with Burundi, Ndayishimiye and its CNDDFDD refuse, for their own unknown interests, to let the Burundians circulate freely and to exchange with their Rwandan brothers.
Are they afraid of the attacks of these alleged fighters? No.
The MCVE has just proved that these fighters are only in the heads of the Gitega authorities, which they do not exist on Rwandan soil. They visited the camp, they went around the camp, they interviewed people, they found no trace or any index of existence of combat activities or materials. They have only found simple refugees who are waiting for security to be guaranteed to return to their country. And they explained, supporting details, that the CNDDFDD system in power is always a great handicap for their return to the fold (number and names of people who have returned and who have been killed, missing, imprisoned, and others who once again fled the country after a short stay with them).
Evariste Ndayishimiye has already had the report of this mission
The answer he gave on the question related to relations with Rwanda and especially on the reopening of the border during his press conference on Monday, May 9, 2022 proves it.  » There was a disagreement, but We are condemned to live together, no hatred between Burundians and Rwandans  » (tweeter Iwacu Burundi). This shows that Evariste Ndayishimiye lacks pretexts to justify why he does not want to let the Burundians circulate freely in Rwanda and the Rwandans in Burundi. But, he will invent others because his big obstacle is not only to get rid of the Interahamwe and FLNs who seek to destabilize Rwanda and who have established their staff in Burundi and circulate there like fish in the water ; But also to leave the Burundians who actively participated in the genocide of the Rwandan Tutsis of 1994 appeared before the courts. It is then difficult to want to make peace with Rwanda when you maintain and protect people who have committed such crimes. All contacts and meetings that will not affect such important questions will only be a trunk and will never succeed in lasting positive results.
Are there still FDLR/FLN in Burundi?
The answer is yes. SOS Médias of May 9, 2022 writes that corpses of 3 Rwandan rebels and that of a Burundian were discovered on May 8, 2022 in Mabayi, on the Ngara sub -hill of the GAFUMBEGETI hill in the Butahana zone, it is in the Cibitoke province. The population has said that they regularly observe movements of these Rwandan rebels who leave the east of the DRC to head to the Kibira. The administrator of Mabayi confirmed this information and warned « certain residents who supply these Rwandan rebels ». In addition to that, 05 other decomposition corpses and Congolese military outfits had been found a week ago on the Bihembe hill of the Bukinanyana commune in the same province of Cibitoke. These men were also Rwandan fighters from the FDLR/FLN having their bases in the Kibira.
None could ask the question of where these corpses come from when you know that the government does not intend to drive these Rwandans from its territory. The answer is simple: these genocidal rebels have strong links with the CNDDFDD military click in power to the point that they do not even want to respect the instructions of peaceful cohabitation with the Burundian soldiers on the ground; Which sometimes causes clashes between them.
Urnhitamwoneza believes that the military click in power in Burundi is ridiculed by continuing to unjustly accuse a neighbouring country and brother of wanting to disturb the security of the country when it is this power which is the source of insecurity throughout the region of country of the great lakes. His collaboration with the FDLR/FLN, ADF with May May in the DRC and other groups that seek to destabilize Rwanda proves that peace is not possible in the region if these leaders, who also have blood on their hands , are not arrested and translated before competent courts. All Burundians must get up as one man to get rid of this power which only makes them impoverish and tarnish the image of the country on the African and international scene.

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