Burundi: Is there a minimum of truth in all that Evariste Ndayishimiye said in his recent press conference?

Burundi: Is there a minimum of truth in all that Evariste Ndayishimiye said in his recent press conference?
No. Only naive can believe it. We read in their words a lot of denigration of the Burundian people, many lies, hypocrisy and contradictions.
Unseen and heard in Burundi. No authority, at any level, has never responded to people under his responsibility who cried famine, to go and eat earthworms, snails, flies and mushrooms. It is as if a child asked his father to bread and fish and give him a stone and a snake, as the Bible says.
What should be understood by this unfit language of a president? It seems that he puts all questions into perspective, and answer the media like someone who is joke, with unjustified and misplaced smiles. This shows that he has no serious answers to the relevant questions that concern Burundian citizens and he tries to get out of it by telling everything that comes to mind. Hence contradictions become many in his reactions and he does not even realize it.
To the thorny question related to the positioning of Burundi in the face of Russia which attacked Ukraine, he thinks that the Burundian people are silly and lies on the whole line. Has really the Burundi adopted a position of neutrality as Evarsite Ndayishimiye said in its press conference on May 10, 2022? Judge yourself: during the United Nations of the Resolution to the suspension of Russia of the Human Rights Council, 93 countries voted for the suspension of Russia, 24 countries, including Burundi, are opposed to this resolution and 54 voted abstain. Can we say that Evariste Ndayishimiye does not know that voting against this resolution means to support Russia and all that it does in Ukraine? Is this the position of neutrality he was referring to? We say no: he took a position for Russia and it is the Burundians who will pay the broken pots. Burundi will no longer benefit from the supports of the USA and EU countries. Admittedly, these countries will not completely abandon Burundi because they need to keep a foothold there, but no consistent support for its development. This is why as Evariste Ndayishimiye said, the EU wants to build schools (which is directly beneficial to the people), but these countries will no longer give the budgetary support they had promised CNDDFDD. Russia has just promised the CNDDFDD military clique to the power of fuel, fertilizers and drugs. There too, if Russia does not send them money to buy these products elsewhere, there is a lot of risk that these products will not arrive in Burundi. These are the first consequences of this bad positioning due to the lack of vision of the leaders from the eagle party
The question concerning the reopening of the border with Rwanda, President Ndayishimiye is categorical: no improvement in relations with Rwanda as long as the alleged putschists who are there are not given to Burundi. But, in an ironic language, he wants to be reassuring: ‘’ I am convinced that one day, the Rwandan president will call me to tell me to recover my men ’’. We would once again like to recall the opinion that the node of the question does not reside on the putschists (because they exist even in other countries), but the central question is the presence of FDRL/FLN in Burundi; who are accommodated and supported by the CNDDFDD power to disrupt Rwanda. Evariste Ndayishimiye will always find pretexts so as not to improve his relations with the power of Kigali, which would disturb these genocidaires who move today in his country like fish in the water. As for lying again to the people that one day the power of Kigali will call them to recover the putschists, we would like to remind him that all the presidents are not like him, who is not ashamed to say one thing and his opposite. There are serious leaders who make firm decisions and who are respected by making the law respected in all its rigor.
Let’s finish this register with the announcement of negotiations with Red Tabara and FNL Nzabampema made by President Ndayishimiye. Here, we also remind you that there will never be serious negotiations with the CNDDFDD system to change things in the sense of respect for the law to live together and the well-being of all without exclusion. That the sympathizers and fighters of these groups know it: their leaders will sit, if they have not already done so, with the representatives of the system in power to give them positions and you will be forced to come back in the same misery as the other Burundians not members of the CNDDFDD (who are unemployed) and above all, the squadrons of the death of the CNDDFDD will eliminate you one by one according to their goodwill. Also be aware that you will return with a lot of imbonerakure so that they are easily integrated into the defence and security forces. This is what the negotiations will consist of.
URN Hitamwoneza once again reminds the Burundian people, because he already knows, that he has no serious leaders at the head of the state; that it is led by hypocrites, liars, criminals and that it is time that it takes their destiny in hand. To President Evariste Ndayishimiye, we tell him that he is not respected, because he doesn’t respect himself in his speeches and his actions; that people only respect the function he occupies; that even the members of his party regret having imposed him on this chair and that from one moment on the other, he can be ejected if he is not eliminated. It’s a wink. But, do not suicide yourself Mr. President, you must first answer for all the crimes that you have always endorsed.

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