Burundi: Burundian justice always instrumentalized by the CNDDFDD military click in power

Burundi: Burundian justice always instrumentalized by the CNDDFDD military click in power
It’s already known from all over the world; President Evariste Ndayishimiye has implicitly said it: there will never be independent justice in Burundi as long as the CNDDFDD system is in power. At a time, this president sheds crocodile tears saying that he cries because there are no serious men and women to make real justice in Burundi. He even manages to ask the question of what is called this country where, from the average citizen to the President of the Republic, passing by foreigners, businessmen, who wanted to invest in Burundi, everyone complains that there is no fair justice (everyone cries, in the real terms of President Ndayishimiye). The answer was simple: it was Burundi under the yoke of the military clique of the CNDDFDD.
But, President Ndayishimiye asked the question knowing the answer; He gave it to another opportunity: ‘’ We cannot pretend to win a trial when complaining against abuses made by the government because he becomes a judge and party ’’. « Nemo Judex in Causa Sua » (No one can be both judge and part). Implicitly, he said that will only have fair justice that desired by the military click in power. It is also a message addressed to all the influential members of his party that they can do whatever they want, that there will be no legal proceedings because supported and protected by the CNDDFDD power. Will only be sanctioned who which will be released by the CNDDFDD system. This is the real message contained in the response of President Ndayishimiye.
The message was quickly understood and implemented by the prosecutor in the province of Cibitoke who released criminals who almost killed the named Jean Bosco Niragira. Everyone has seen their photo circulate on social networks with a lot of brands of injuries by machetes on their move and back; His eye and his fingers would also be damaged. He was tortured to the death stadium by people he knows well. He also filed a complaint and these criminals were arrested; But released afterwards. The prosecutor would have said that he injured himself. If this is true, this prosecutor would be more than Idiot because even a small child would not advance this reason to justify the relaxation of such criminals. If he is really a lawyer, he would have found other reasons to release them because he should execute the implicit message of President Ndayishimiye.
It is always the military clique that acts to give an orientation to all the files in court which concern the influential members of the CNDDFDD. The information disseminated by certain media does not hesitate to point the finger at General Silas Ntigurirwa to be behind this relaxation of the criminals who would be his loved ones. The on -site witnesses said that the deputy prosecutor who went to investigate the crime location was welcomed as a visitor in the living room of one of the criminals. And now for a few days of detention, they were released. This means that this is what was agreed with the families of these criminals with the investigator: since it is a case of fragrance, it must be accepted that they are imprisoned, they will be released afterwards. Thing said, thing done. They are free today. It would seem that the pressure of General Ntigurirwa was too strong that the prosecutor released these men on an incomprehensive reason for all. And the population says that such an act pushes people to do justice in the event of a fragrance of the genre.
URN Hitamwoneza had already said it in one of his statements which condemned this injustice with his last energy. In its declaration, the organization of combating the ideology of genocide and its implementation in the region of the Great Lakes said that these criminals could only be released if there is the hand of the natives of this province. It is a province that has the greatest number of influential generals and politicians at the CNDDFDD and who are in the high spheres of the State; It is also a cemetery province because this is where there are many corpses of people killed by state agents and members of the Imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD.
We once again say that Burundian justice will never be independent as long as the CNDDFDD system is still in power in Burundi. As President Ndayishimiye said: no justice, no peace, no development. What do the Burundians expect to change this system which blocks the proper functioning of justice in Burundi? Tomorrow may be too late.

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