Burundi: What would be the real reason for the visit to Burundi of President Antoine Felix Tshisekedi of the DR Congo?

Burundi: What would be the real reason for the visit to Burundi of President Antoine Felix Tshisekedi of the DR Congo?
We allow ourselves to question the real reasons for this visit because the established program and the reasons declared on the media do not hold water.
Indeed, a president who takes care of the questions that undermine a country like the DR Congo on a daily basis should not spend three days in Burundi for advanced reasons.
« I’m going to inquire about what is very good here, especially in agricultural cooperatives, how it is organized, how the army is organized to take care of itself, » said President Tshisekedi, after a head- Head with his Evariste Ndayishimiye counterpart. He also indicated that his visit aims to be inspired by major projects carried out in Burundi. « Among these projects, there is the one who is very close to my heart, it is that of the railway which would leave from Tanzania and who would pass through Burundi to end in Congo and more precisely in Kindu. We also have a project to build a bridge between South Kivu and one of the Burundian provinces, « he said.
To tell the truth, is there in Burundi something that goes well in terms of development and defence that is well and that can inspire other countries? How can a poorest country on the planet be a model for the DR Congo? The two countries have bad governance in common, which means that their respective peoples remain in misery when they are rich in natural resources; Even if Burundi cannot compare itself to the big Congo.
Do the projects initiated in Giheta and Bugendana (where president Evariste Ndayishimiye s coming from ), like the Iraz which has closed since 1990, a field of the Vaso cooperative (soil valuation), a center for multiplying improved breeds of cattle of 50 Cows can move a president of a country like the DR Congo? Perhaps President Evariste Ndayishimiye would have invited him to talk to him about his personal flip-flopping, earthworm’s projects, (in violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Burundi, article 101). Otherwise, if there are successful projects in Burundi, would there be extreme poverty? Would there be such an unemployment rate? We remain convinced that even if there are governance problems, there are many more successful projects in DR Congo.
In terms of defence, how can the organization of the current Burundian army inspire President Tshisekedi? Perhaps its structure because it has not changed much. If not, an army divided according to the political origin of its members, an army without cohesion (people heard a major, second commander of a battalion in Somalia who fell before the enemy on his position attacked by Al Shabaab with more than 100 soldiers, leaving its leader on the spot), an unequipped army, not well trained and supervised (whose heads have rather become businessmen), can it really be an example to follow for other countries?
President Tshisekedi also talked about a large project that is close to his heart: that of the railway which would leave from Tanzania and which would pass through Burundi to end in Congo and more precisely in Kindu. « We also have a project to build a bridge between South Kivu and one of the Burundian provinces, » he said.
President Evariste Ndayishimiye had already talked about this project in the press and people are used to believing that it is the same declarations of intentions by President Ndayishimiye who are never materialized. Who should finance this great project very beneficial for all countries if it is really carried out? By the contribution of beneficiary countries? By bank loans? It is legitimate to ask such questions because our countries are lacking enough to bring their respective peoples to life decently which always languish in misery; Where would they find the means to finance this major project? Furthermore, would it be a priority today compared to the daily experience of the population who suffer a lot following the harmful effects of COVID 19 and the war in Ukraine which came to worsen the situation? Shouldn’t it be more necessary to look much more at the practical modalities of removing or lightening as much as possible to Visa and Covid Test costs which prevent the low people from moving between the two countries in order to seek their families? If they were not able to resolve these questions that haunt the lambda peasant of the DRC and Burundi, the visit of President Tshisekedi in Burundi will have just been a moment of Pick Nick.
But people should know that during such trips of heads of state, there are always unspoken. President Tshisekedi would have gone to Burundi physically meeting President Evariste Ndayishimiye to order him to withdraw from his country his soldiers and his militia Imbonerakure who keep committing abuses on his people (rape, torture and killings on the Congolese population, taking by force his cattle etc …). When Tshisekedi is gradually engaging in talks with all the armed groups present on your territory, it is inexplicable that he leaves an army of another country and a militia invade his territory and do everything that ‘they want to his people. Note that there is no official agreement that authorizes the deployment of these men in the DRC; This is why, neither the DRC nor Burundi, no one officially accepts these men of Evariste Ndayishimiye are present in the east of the DRC. To facilitate Felix Tshisekedi to put pressure on Red Tabara and FNL from Aloys Nzabampema, it is first necessary that the men of Ndayishimiye return to their country. This is the real reason that would have prompted Tshisekedi to physically went to Bujumbura on May 21, 2022.
URN Hitamwoneza rather advises Burundian soldiers to no longer accept unofficial missions which endanger them for the interest of leaders who only seek to enrich themselves. The Burundi Constitution provides for procedures to send a military force outside the country (art 255 and 256), but since parliament is almost 100% CNDDFD, power allows itself to violate it as it wants without worry. If Burundi really had a professional army, it should refuse such illegal missions.

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