Burundi: These empty barrels that govern us!

Burundi: These empty barrels that govern us!
These are the current leaders of the Burundi we are talking about here. It is in no way a kind of aggression, even less insult, it is the pure truth that a lot of Burundians do not dare to say out of fear, but that is what circulates in the heads of all.
In an exchange of ideas on the life of the country organized on Whatsaap groups by young people, of all trends, with Pacific Nininahazwe, President of Focode, people from the interior of the country that abroad ask the question of knowing If our leaders have normal mental health. Which is a question that anyone can ask themselves by listening to the speeches and declarations of the leaders of the CNDDFDD who direct Burundi.
We did not want to imitate Boucar Diouf who said: « These cranks who direct the world » or Pascal de Sutter, professor of psychology at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve, expert with NATO who has Written: ‘these crazy people who govern us »; Because we hope that our leaders could become normal again if they are returned to their real place. Today, we allow ourselves to join the idea of François Mitterrand who said one day: ‘’ Power is a drug that makes you crazy anyone. To this is added the total ignorance of the management of public affairs and the lack of intelligence (not to be confused with knowledge).
Pascal de Sutter says that megalomania, paranoia, betrayals and madness are very common traits in the high spheres of power. What about Burundi? We’ll get there. Here, the author believes that there are a lot of examples in the heads of people, but he was interested in the cases of George W. Bush, Silvio Berlusconi and Nicolas Sarkozy without talking about those who are already dead like Adolf Hitler and others. He also did not forget to talk about Vladimir Putine and his friend Donald Trump. Pascal de Sutter went to meet American specialists in the question and questioned the best world experts in psychology to write this book devoted to the cranks who direct or led nations. In their studies, they analyse’ses, dissects non-verbal, dissects facial expressions and studies gestures. They also question friends and adversaries to paint a reliable psychological portrait of the political figure. This is what should be done for certain political leaders of the CNDDFDD such as Evariste Ndayishimiye, Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe, Reveien Ndikuriyo, Gervais Ndirakobu alias Ndakugarika and others.
Enjoy yourself: what should we say about these sentences? 1-‘’ Burundians are not hungry because they have not yet eaten earthworms, snails, banana groves etc …; Words pronounced by a President of the Republic in response to a crucial question concerning the poverty which strikes a people whom he is supposed to direct, in this very difficult global economic context; 2-  » All these motorcycles come from hell  »,-‘we must protect and promote the work of fetishes, they are very important, they use the positive minds, myself I learned it University and I implemented it on land  »: Gélase Daniel Ndabirabe, president of the National Assembly who speaks. And the secretary general of the CNDDFDD to jump:  » The CNDDFD is not only a political party, it is a country, it is Burundi  » (ignores that CNDDFDD is an organization that is born, grows and disappears, but that Burundi will remain as it is? He forgot that Burundi is in a democratic system which should let the other political parties function freely?); And the Super Minister Ndirakobuca will tell cyclists and bikers to whom he had just prohibited circulating in town where they drew resources to bring more than two hundred thousand people to life, that they must swallow a bitter medication that he came from give them by force.
These are some extracts from their speeches and declarations, if not, they are not the only ones because these people speak all the time and sometimes, they even allow themselves to show their satanic smiles as if everyone appreciates what they say. A quote from French proverbs says that « it is the empty barrels that make the most noise »; Which simply means that it is the ignorant who speak most without saying anything concrete. We remain convinced that some of them, in mind President Ndayishmiye, even dare to talk about parachuted things that do not actually exist; A way to escape the important questions they have no answers, just to give hope to those who believe in it.
URN Hitamwoneza is not an opinion with those who ask that our leaders be subject to the research exams for mental pathology; It is visible because a normal, educated man cannot afford to pronounce such insanities. We regret that many Burundians, including even those outside the country, which are not subject to the terror of the military click in power, do not dare to lift their little finger to denounce them. These speeches are shame of those who pronounce them, of us all the Burundians without exception, of our country Burundi. Let us then stand up as one man to say no to these empty barrels who take us hostage. We have a lot of wise and intelligent men and women, of all trends, who can go well and lead us to lasting peace for all and to the desired development.

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