Burundi: Soon, a FARDC, FDLR, May May, FDNB, Imbonerakure coalition , to finalize the genocide of the Tutsis in the Great Lakes region

Burundi: Soon, a FARDC, FDLR, May May, FDNB, Imbonerakure coalition , to finalize the genocide of the Tutsis in the Great Lakes region
It is not the first, the second or third time that Urnhitamwoneza launched an alert, not only to the international community, but also to the countries of the sub-region,  » that he is preparing  », in collaboration with CNDDFDD power, a large -scale genocide, in the Great Lakes region. History is unfortunately risked proving us right. It prepares! ‘’ It’’. Who? It is imprecise but, in general, it is the set of Hutu racist and genocidal groups that do not like to see the existence of a Tutsi human in the region.
There are groups that have already expressed this intention for a long time by trying to massacre the maximum of Tutsis possible without exterminating them all. They have started in Rwanda since 1959 and have evolved towards Burundi with attempts since 1965, 1972, 1988,1993, and 1994 (in Rwanda where Burundians participated in the genocide of the Rwandan Tutsis with the FDRL and the government of Juvénal Havyarimana ) and since 1994 to date in Burundi.
Indeed, these racist and genocidal Hutus have always gathered in political organizations under the coverage of democracy and development. This is notably the ARD (Alliance for the Strengthening of Democracy) bringing together parties like MRND, CDR, PECO, PARERWA, PADER in Rwanda and Palipehutu, Ubu, Frodebu, CNDD-Cnddfdd in Burundi. No need to recall the different human lives of Tutsi origin that have been massacred by these extremists for a long time; And they have never lowered guard until today to be able to jump on any opportunity to kill the maximum of innocent Tutsis. Note that on certain occasions, the Tutsis defended themselves; This undoubtedly caused Hutus deaths, sometimes innocent. Which is also regrettable. We say that the Tutsis have always been in the defensive because the attackers have always been these Hutu racists and genocidaires who have never been satisfied by the shed blood of the Tutsis, and who continue until today.
If the FDLR/Interahamwe and the FAR (Rwandan Armed Forces) were hunted by the RPF which was able to stop the genocide of the Rwandan Tutsis in 1994, where they are in the world, they still seek to destabilize Rwanda by several ways. Those who are in the DRC and Burundi are constantly launching attacks on peaceful Rwandan citizens in the south of the country. Fortunately, the RDFs are always vigilant.
In Burundi, since 1993, the country has never been in peace, the genocide is still like a sword of Damocles above the heads of the Tutsis. Whenever these Hutus genocidal racist organizations have had a plot of power, they have always planned the genocide of the Tutsis. The most recent cases are the Frodebu of 1993 whose extremist members committed the genocide of the Tutsis and seeing that they did not reach the objective set (exterminate all Tutsis), have metamorphosed into CNDD-Cnddfdd supposedly to defend democracy after the assassination of President Melchior Ndadaye, when all the time they only have to search and kill the Tutsis in the sites of the displaced, in schools, on the roads and in their homes. This is the fight that the CNDDFDD led with Humanity that Reverien Ndaikuriyo, secretary general of the CNDDFDD, spoke during his historical speech reminding his Militia Imbonerakure, that the CNDDFD is not a political party, but a state, Burundi. Since 2005, they have killed all Tutsi that they wanted without pursuit. Today, the time has come for this genocide to be executed, not only in Burundi, but also on a regional scale.
How ? Read the May 26 2022 press release from Major Willy Ngoma, spokesperson for the M23. This movement which claims only the implementation of agreements signed in 2014 with the Congolese government consisting in integrating some of its members in the defence forces like any Congolese citizen; A right which has been refused to them simply because they would be Tutsi origin.
The press release talks about Congolese soldiers of Tutsi origin who were burned alive, others executed by their brothers in arms, accusing them of collaborating with the M23. He also evokes the speech of the Commissioner General of the National Police of North Kivu pronounced on May 25, 2022 in Goma, asking the population to take machetes to defend the city against the M23 attacks. It is implicitly an order given to this population to kill anyone who looks like the Tutsis who would be in the city and its surroundings. The M23 also denounces a collusion of armed groups representing the Congolese face of the FDLR (CMC/FDP, APCLS and ANCDH/AFDP) with the FARDC in the war that the Congolese government imposed on it.
By refusing to implement the agreements signed with the M23; By accusing the Rwandan government all the time of supporting this movement; It is clear that Tshisekedi, under the solicitations of certain Western powers, would seek a pretext to provoke Rwanda and push it to enter this war with all the consequences that this involves.
Let us underline for all purposes useful that when bombs have been launched (by one does not yet know who and why) on the Rwandan population of the Musanze sector on May 23, 2022 doing a lot of human and material damage, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi was in Bujumbura to meet President Evariste Ndayishimiye. Among the unsaid of this meeting that we did not want to speak in our previous publication (for lack of certain evidence), is the support of the FDNB in its fight with the M23, with the intention of Kinshasa power to crush it completely (maybe a utopia).
It is up to you, readers, to understand that the FARDC allies to the FDLR/May who are already working with the soldiers and imbonerakure of CNDDFDD power and who risk harassing the power of Kigali, unjustly accused of supporting the M23, does not bode well good in recent days. Also remember that the FDLR/FLN are still present in the Kibira (separating Burundi and Rwanda) and still benefit from the support of Gitega’s power, and make shuttles between Burundi and the east of the DRC. Be sure they are not going to stay quiet, especially at these times when Rwanda is about to house the summit of Commonwealth countries. Provocations will multiply from all sides (Rwanda-DRC, Rwanda-Burundi borders). God only knows what will follow. Kigali authorities should be more lucid and political maturity to escape this trap, but also to safeguard sovereignty and dignity of their country.
URN Hitamwoneza once again asks the United Nations to ban its strength in the DRC, Monusco, not to put oil on fire in this war M23-FARDC and its allies, or to support part of the conflict, instead to put itself between the two and avoid this escalation of violence which risks causing another genocide in the region. To all the peoples of the countries that support this genocide to say NO to their leaders because if it is true that Tutsis will die in masse, this genocide will have unfortunate consequences on everyone.

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